June 02, 2021 6 min read

Have you ever walked into a bedroom that just oozes serenity? From playfully tossed throw pillows to a perfectly placed blanket at the foot of the bed, some beds beg to be slept in. 

Bedrooms are the most personal places in any house, and entering yours should feel like coming home. The key? Dreamy bed styling.

Want your room to feel like a page from a modern interior design magazine? Or is cozy boho chic decor more your style? No matter what your style vision is like, we’ll teach you how to dress a bed like a pro.

Like all home decor, bedroom design requires a bit of creativity, a touch of personal flair, a whole lot of fun.

Best Bedding Design Solutions

There’s no unfixable bedding problem. Whether your room feels too small, too cluttered, or like something’s just not right, we have the answer for you.

 how to style a bed

Consider these tips from interior designers to improve your bedding design game in no time:

  1. Be thoughtful with pillows. A decorative pillow or two adds depth and liveliness to your bed dressing, but excessive amounts can feel cluttered. Remember that you’ll lay on your sleeping pillows, but the others may end up on the floor. Aim for a balance between functional and comfortable.
  2. Throw on some white bedding. White linens are essentially the universal bedding solution. Does your room feel too small? Swap to white linens. Do you want a cleaner feel? Try white linens. There’s a reason why hotels use them — and you should use them too.
  3. Match your headboard and mattress sizes. Your headboard should make your bed appear complete. If it’s too tall or short relative to your mattress height, it can create an unbalanced feeling. It’s a simple detail with a big effect.
  4. Pick a color scheme. Whether you’re into solid shades or funky patterned duvet covers, your bedding needs to be consistent with the room’s color scheme. This coordination brings cohesion to the bedroom. Don’t worry — accent pieces are still entirely welcome (just make sure that they match).
  5. Position your bed in the middle of the room. Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and it deserves to be treated as such. Let that king bed shine by placing it right in the center. This positioning catches the eye so it can soak up that well-deserved attention.
  6. Mix it up. Is your bed dressing a bit too perfectly matched for your liking? Switch it up a little! Try introducing different patterns that stay within your color scheme for a funky yet tasteful take.
  7. Play with texture. Textured elements add cozy vibes to a bedroom. Consider including a fun pom pop throw blanket or a tasseled pillow to your bed for a more inviting feel.

How to Style a Bed


You don’t have to be a professional stylist to design your bed like one!

bed dressing

Follow these simple steps to elevate your bedding to the next level. By the time you’re done, your bed will be begging you to hop in.

1.    Mattresses Matter

It may seem basic, but your mattress is the foundation of your bed. It can make or break the quality of your sleep. Everyone’s preferences are different, so go with what feels good to you. A good mattress doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it should be comfortable.

2.    Choose a Bed Skirt (or Don’t)

Bed skirts aren’t necessary for everyone. In fact, they can hide some elements of your new stylish bed frame — and we wouldn’t want that.

However, if your bed frame has legs you’d rather hide, or you like to take advantage of the storage room underneath, a bed skirt provides excellent coverage.

If you choose to include one, match it to the rest of your bedding. To place it, lay the bed skirt underneath the center of your mattress so it hangs off uniformly.

3.    Add Some Extra Comfort

A genius way to spruce up any mattress is by adding a mattress topper. This cushiony layer provides a soft, comfortable feeling that’s more enjoyable to sleep on. It’ll take you from lacking to luxury.

4.    Sheets Please

Crisp, clean sheets are a necessity when it comes to bedding. If you’re going to splurge on any piece of your linens, go all out on your sheet sets.

A standard sheet set includes a fitted bottom sheet, a flat sheet, and a couple of pillow shams or pillowcases.

5.    Top It With a Duvet

Your duvet, comforter, or quilt takes up the most area on your bed — so of course, it’s important! You can infuse a lot of personality into your room through your duvet or comforter set for this reason.

Choose a fun pattern if it’s up your alley. If not, go with a classic solid print. There are even lots of monochromatic textured options for some simple yet stylish looks. The bed cover ideas are endless!

6.    Throw on the Pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect accessory to any bed. They tie the whole room together by adding dimension, cohesion, and comfort to the space. Here’s your chance to tie in accent colors, patterns, and all types of texture.

7.    Don’t Forget the Blanket!

Laying a folded blanket near the bottom of the bed is the ideal finishing touch to any well-styled bed. Not only does this have a practical function, but it also beautifully balances out the pillows near the bed’s head. Polished is an understatement.

Other Tips and Tricks

Consider these other tips when piecing together your bedding design:

  •   Add a pop of color. In a room full of neutrals, a little color can go a long way. Toss an earth-toned blanket near the foot of your bed, or pick out an accent color in your favorite color. It’ll add a lot to the space!
  •   Patterns are your friend. Don’t shy away from introducing patterns into your bedding. To maintain cohesion, use similar patterns in different sizes and keep them within the same color family.
  •   Play into accents. Let that beautiful accent piece make a comeback! If you have an ornately trimmed headboard, look for a patterned pillow with similar shapes or a comforter with similar edging. Use restraint (it should still stand out from the rest), but incorporating its features adds balance to the space.

How to Layer Your Bed Like a Stylist

Does your bed look...fine, but just not like the pros? How to layer Bedding?

The trick is to work in layers. Layering your bedding adds depth and detail to the focal point of your room. Follow these tips to make your bed look like you pulled it straight out of a magazine.

Play with Size

An essential aspect of adding dimension to your bed is playing with various-sized decor. Throw pillows are the best ways to do this.

Experiment with square, rectangular, and round throws. Play around with the dimensions of each to create more depth to your pillowscape.

Stick to Your Color Scheme

Maintaining a consistent color scheme throughout your bed and bedroom will make the area feel polished and balanced.

Pick tones that you’re drawn to — earth tones or jewel tones, for example — and stick within that wheelhouse.

Add Texture

Textured pieces amp up the coziness of a bed. From velvet to pom poms to cable knit, using different materials in your bedding design will make you want to dive right in.

Work in Odd Numbers

The idea of working in odd numbers is a classic rule in decor, design, and art in general.

Composing your pillowscape or accent pieces in odd numbers (three or five is usually most suitable for a bed) is much more attractive to the eye than even numbers. Let the odds draw you in!

Final Thoughts

Bed styling doesn’t have to be reserved for the pros. Consistent color schemes, textural elements, and perfectly placed pillows can level up your bedding situation big time.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through as you style your bed. After all, it is the most personal space in the house!