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Frequently Asked Questions About Or & Zon’s Sateen Duvet Cover Collection

Do you still have some unanswered questions about our organic sateen duvet covers? We’ve got you covered. Find answers to all of our most commonly asked questions below! If you don’t see your FAQ here, please contact us; we’d be happy to help.

Our sateen duvet cover collection is made from the highest quality long-staple cotton woven tightly in a one-yarn-under, three-yarns-over pattern. This technique exposes the maximum surface area of each thread to enhance the fabric’s softness. Finally, the sateen is treated to lock in those fibers and create its signature sheen.

We know you’ll fall in love after one night in a sateen duvet cover, which is why we made an entire sateen collection! Transform your bedroom with dreamy sateen sheet sets and complete organic sateen bed bundles, or buy each piece individually. It’s the luxury you deserve.

Satin and sateen are entirely different materials. While sateen is always crafted from natural, environmentally-friendly fibers like cotton, rayon, or bamboo, satin may include silk, nylon, or polyester. This textile can be extremely delicate and expensive if silk-based or unbreathable and cheap-looking if not. Meanwhile, sateen’s breathability, durability, and sheen are guaranteed.

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