Throw Pillows

Tightly Knit And Stitched Together 

One of the factors that separate ordinary cushions from our decorative pillows is that ours have threading structures which ensure a resilient hold. Our pillows don’t only look good. Their intricately taut needlework make for tethers that are definitely long-lasting, too.

They won’t easily lose their “fluff” over a lengthy period of time. Their density remains intact for that sweet, sweet softness when you lay your head down on them. 

Said tight knight also means that those unsightly threading “runs” won’t hassle you at all. And less threading issues equates to the absence of re-sewing gaps together. None of that with our pillows.

Premium Quality 

We say this with confidence and certainty because our process involves hand-spinning and hand-weaving. No shortcuts here. Just genuine and pure made-with-love products that have been carefully yet elaborately created for you. 

Besides this, our organic, back-to-basics, hand-weaving allows us the time to inspect our crafts inch by inch. We don’t “okay” them until we’re absolutely sure that their quality is a-hundred-per cent on-point, from the inside-out. 

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll find that our pillows will retain their shape and colours even after repeated professional washing. Fabric disintegration and fading are issues you won’t have to face with these quality items.

Easy Accessorizing 

Interior designers around the globe all agree that one of the best and most practical approaches to revamping the look of your living room and bedroom is via accessorizing using luxury pom pom throw blankets and throw cushions. 

These plush decorative cushions will instantly add colour, texture, and depth to your couches and beds. These creative and bold statement pieces will reflect a radiant personality onto the look of any space in your home. 

Plus, when you decide to do some decor revamping per season, it’ll be super convenient and stress-free. Simply switch up your couch throw pillows with an array of other designs from our catalogue and you’ll be good to go. 

Excellent Neck And Back Support 

Apart from aesthetic purposes, these lumbar pillows are great in supporting your spine as you sit. Most types of sitting furniture hurt the back, especially around the hips, pelvic area, and lower spine. 

So, by inserting a throw cushion right on the S-curve of your back (and in between you and the chair itself), you’ll automatically be alleviated from muscle strain and stiffness on that part of your body. Talk about an economical means of easing those annoying chronic back aches caused by prolonged sitting. 

A Variety Of Materials To Choose From 

We’ve made it our aim to use varying materials for our various pillows to give each one their own distinct neutral colour and flair.Thus they will perfectly fit even with your stonewashed linen quilts. This material variety will also play well in providing you with a selection that will suit the type of furniture you’ll be setting these chic pillows on. 

From cactus silk, linen, 100% cream cotton, to Mudcloth fabric, and more, we promise you that such elements are what make our throw pillows for couch not only luxurious to touch and to the eyes. They are enduring, to say the least.