Stonewashed Linen Fitted Sheets

Made of 100% French Flax Linen 

Unlike most cotton sheets that feel rough and thick when you first buy them, our sheets are made of 100% French flax linen. This linen is of the highest quality and at least twice as strong as mainstream cotton. 


Temperature Regulation 

French flax linen sheets are great to use all year round. These pre-washed linen fitted sheets come with a unique temperature-regulating ability to keep you cool in the summer. On top of that, these sheets will act as natural insulators to keep you warm in the winter. 


Easy to Wash 

You can easily throw them in the washing machine and tumble dry them; no longer waits for your favorite bedding to dry. French flax linen is so durable that you can wash these sheets multiple times a day, and they’ll still retain their shape. You can get away with having far fewer of these sheets and still have them last longer than getting several regular cotton sheets. 


Durable and Comfy 

Usually, having a strong, durable fabric would mean it feels like sandpaper and wouldn’t make for a great thing to sleep on. To avoid this from happening, we stonewash the fabric. This helps retain the durability and strength of the sheets while making them smooth and comfy. The stone-wash method adds a worn-in, soft feel to the fabric. Pre-washing the fitted sheets takes away any lingering chemicals that might be used during the production, making them ready for use straight out of the bag. The vintage wash gives the fitted sheets the edge over regular off-the-rack bed sheets because they mimic the feel of your favorite old sheets while being brand new. Getting comfort and convenience in a single go was never so easy!


Environmentally Friendly

The best part about these vintage washed linen fitted sheets is that they’re environmentally friendly. Since the fabric is derived entirely from the flax plant, which is used almost entirely during the weaving process, there’s almost no waste left behind. This also makes the sheets 100 percent biodegradable.

Stonewashed Linen Bedding