Stonewashed Linen Quilts

Our Linen Quilt Is King (or Queen)

Finding quality bedding can be unexpectedly tricky – unless you make Or & Zon your first choice. When you choose our linen quilt (queen size or king), be assured that you're getting a luxury quilt that will be enjoyed for decades to come. 


What Goes Into Our Stonewash Quilt?

Every Or & Zon stonewashed linen quilt is made of sustainable materials, including 100 percent French flax linen. During the production process, rock is used to pound the fabric to ensure it comes out as soft as possible. Each stonewash quilt is filled with poly batting. 


Easy Care For Genuine Linen Quilts 

Choosing a pre-washed linen quilt means that you can throw it on the bed straight out of the box and launder it in the washing machine easily. Our quilts dry quickly and never lose their shape and color. The poly batting fill acts very similarly, meaning the whole quilt will stay the way it was when you first got it while feeling so soft that you won't believe that you didn't have it for years. 


Natural Comfort in All Kinds of Weather

An Or & Zon stonewashed linen quilt has a unique, natural temperature-regulating feature that keeps you warm so that you can sleep snugly in the winter. It insulates your body heat during winter; in the summer, its high-absorption feature will direct all the sweat, moisture and heat away from your body, keeping you cool and giving you the perfect sleep every night.


All This & Biodegradable, Too

Your Or & Zon linen quilt has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. The French flax plant used to make the covers is utilized almost entirely during the production process. And since they're made from plants, the quilts are fully biodegradable. These genuine linen quilts will give you a great, comfortable sleep without leaving a carbon footprint. What's better than guilt-free sleep that's not only good for you but the Earth, too?


Frequently Asked Questions About Your Stonewashed Linen Quilt From Or & Zon

Have a question about our genuine linen quilts? Here are some of the common FAQs we receive about our products. If you don't see an answer to your question here, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.


FAQ: Who Creates Products for Or & Zon?

Our products are supplied by small independent studios operated by hardworking, amazingly creative people. By shopping at Or & Zon, you're supporting these artisans, who produce exciting, varied, original products for us with an attention to detail and levels of quality and care that simply wouldn't be possible if they were mass-produced.


FAQ: What Colors Are Your Linen Quilts?

To promote the natural look and feel of our genuine linen quilts, we offer four classic, simple colors: navy blue, charcoal, sand and light grey.


FAQ: What Is Special About French Flax Linen?

French flax linen is a top contender among designers and producers of home textiles. The cool climate in France provides a favorable environment for growing flax, which results in a fabric that's highly valued for its luxurious feel. Another reason for the popularity of French flax linen is the environmentally-friendly practices that farmers employ in growing their flax.


Find the Coziest Stonewashed Linen Quilt You'll Ever Own at Or & Zon

Every feature of our stonewashed linen quilt is an upside, from the quality materials to the meticulous craftsmanship to the ease of care. As soon as you welcome one of our genuine linen quilts into your home, you may even find you're wrangling with other family members for possession. Shop our selection and find your favorite stonewashed linen quilt today at Or & Zon!