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Frequently Asked Questions About Your StonewashedLinen Quilt From Or & Zon

Have a question about our genuine linen quilts? Here are some of the common FAQs we receive about our products. If you don't see an answer to yourquestion here, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Our products are supplied by small independent studios operated by hardworking, amazingly creative people. By shopping at Or & Zon, you're supporting these artisans, who produce exciting, varied, original products for us with an attention to detail and levels of quality and care that simply wouldn't be possible if they were mass-produced.

To promote the natural look and feel of our genuine linen quilts, we offer four classic, simple colors: navy blue, charcoal, sand and light grey.

French flax linen is a top contender among designers and producers of home textiles. The cool climate in France provides a favorable environment for growing flax, which results in a fabric that's highly valued for its luxurious feel. Another reason for the popularity of French flax linen is the environmentally-friendly practices that farmers employ in growing their flax.

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