Cotton Throw Blankets

Locally Sourced Cotton

Let us be the first to assure you that “synthetic” does not belong in our Or & Zon vocabulary. Just pure, plain, and modishly simple cotton linings that ooze authenticity in every way. We pride ourselves with being able to source materials as close to their natural and original form as possible. That, and we’ve chosen to go local, for a dash of uniqueness that goes against their overproduced commercial competitors. 

What this tells of our throw blankets for beds is that their surfaces are phenomenally exquisite in texture. Organic cotton materials are less harsh on the skin because of the absence of chemically treated and synthetic components. 

So, if you’re the type who’s searching for blankets which are ideal for your loved ones who have sensitive skin, these super-soft favourites are the ones to beat. 

Light, Breathable, And All-Season

Unlike bulky duvets, a couch throw blanket is lighter in weight. Add to that the fact that our products provide good breathability. Uncomfortable heat-trapping? You won’t have to experience that with these coverings. 

Not to mention, they’re season-adaptable. They provide warmth when harsh winds dominate the atmosphere. At the same time, you can still use them during summer and spring because of their air permeability.

Artistic Decor 

Whether you’re looking for a full queen bed cover design, a seat cover, or a couch adornment, an Or & Zon throw blanket won’t let you down. Besides being used for function, it’s also meant for fashion. Home fashion designs, that is. 

“Throw” a throw blanket on your living room seats and they’ll automatically enable said pieces of furniture to “pop”. Aesthetically speaking, of course. Referred to as throw blanket “draping”, feel free to fold and drape ours in different ways, if you really want to get creative with their appearance. 

Furthermore, their bohemian patterns seamlessly blend into any theme. Our blankets are everything from luxurious, everyday-casual, to rustic-chic.

Bye-Bye Moulds And Mildew

Using all-natural cotton materials implies that mould and mildew are less likely to emerge in between linings. Fungi and similar microbes proliferate in cold weather because moist environments make for excellent habitats. 

Thick comforters are vulnerable to incurring moisture even after only a short period of time. They, then, become ideal niches for such growths.

Not so with our throw blankets. Though they’re held together in tight knits, they allow the right degree of air circulation to prevent the sporadic mushrooming of said microorganisms. No more moulds and mildew. No more musty odours.

Low Maintenance 

Our throw blankets for couch come in a wide range of ornate weavings. And although cotton is generally a low-maintenance fabric. It is worth remembering that these blankets can be dry cleaned only.

By practising mindful washing, you’ll be surprised to witness that they won’t give you any trouble.

Apart from this, there’s no complicated ritual required in maintaining them. Their threading, colours, and structure will remain the same from day one onward. Wash-and-wear. Or perhaps we should say, “wash-and-use”.