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Frequently Asked Questions About Or & Zon’s Cotton Percale Duvet Covers

Do you still have a question about our organic percale duvet cover collection that we haven’t covered yet? Keep reading: it might be an FAQ! Find answers below to our most commonly asked questions about our percale bedding. If you don’t see an answer to yours, please contact us. We’re happy to assist you in any way.

Using long staple fibers, a percale cotton duvet cover is woven in a grid-like one-yarn-under, one-yarn-over pattern. This tightly-knit natural fabric is incredibly durable while staying light and breathable. And it’s consistent. Unlike our sateen bedding, percale has the same look and feel on both sides of the garment.

Organic cotton percale duvet covers are significantly better for people and the planet than conventional cotton. Growing organic cotton requires minimal water, and synthetic chemicals use is restricted, making the crop gentler on the planet and safer for workers. And it all leads to softer, stronger percale duvet covers! 

Maintenance for your percale duvet cover couldn’t be simpler. Toss it in the laundry machine on the gentle cycle with like colors and mild detergent. Easy as that! No dry cleaning or ironing necessary — just feel it get softer with every single wash.

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