Organic Cotton Duvet Covers

Irresistibly Smooth and Soft 

Texture easily makes or breaks a garment. If you’re sleeping on an uncomfortable sheet set, there’s no way you’ll be able to fall asleep — and the same goes for duvet covers. Luckily, our organic cotton and stonewashed linen duvet covers are smooth, soft, and oh-so-irresistible. Our bedding is incredibly temperature-regulating, too, so you can stay sweat-free in summer and warm in winter. Our boho bedding boasts the perfect mix of laid-back and relaxed yet modern and chic vibes. You may even find it becomes cozier after each wash: what could be better? 

Shop for Your Preferences

If you can customize pizza, sandwiches, and coffee to your preferences, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same with your bedding. After all, duvet covers aren’t single-use garments: you curl up in them for eight hours every night. That’s why we proudly offer both linen and organic cotton duvet covers. Linen bedding is the perfect textile for hot sleepers, while cotton percale is ideal for those wanting a crisp, smooth comforter cover. If you’re into silky, shiny textures, sateen cotton duvet covers are meant for you. 

Not only do you get to choose your favorite material, but you can also choose between various gorgeous, neutral tones that will seamlessly match any decor. Don’t forget to select the appropriate size too! We offer all linen duvet covers in queen and king varieties, plus you can cotton sets in full sizes as well. 

Naturally Safe for Everyone

Have you ever thought of the junk that might be hiding in your duvet? Unfortunately, there’s some stuff, like pesticides and other harmful chemicals, that won’t simply wash off in the laundry. Yuck, right? That’s why we exclusively use Oeko Tex certified materials in our bedding. Standard 100 by Oeko Tex guarantees that our textiles are free from harmful levels of over 100 toxic materials. Still, on top of that, our tightly woven cotton naturally resists dust and dust mites while linen holds antibacterial properties. And both are hypoallergenic! 

Made Responsibly and Sustainably

At Or & Zon, we believe everyone deserves a fair wage and a safe working environment. That’s precisely why we work with a sustainable, small, family-run weaver in Portugal who follows traditional practices. This linen mill is also a part of the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit dedicated to improving cotton production for workers and the environment. 


We’re also proud to offer linen bedding made from European flax: a renewable, biodegradable resource with minimal environmental impact. This naturally-sourced textile incorporates almost the entire flax plant, reducing unnecessary waste in the production line. 

Simple to Use

We know that so many people dread making their bed after washing their linens, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It’s as easy as placing your duvet insert inside and securing the opening by doing up the wooden button closure. Simple as that! Pair your duvet with cotton or linen sheets and matching shams for an easy, put-together look. 

Low Maintenance Care

Not only is it easy to make your bed with our high-quality duvet covers, but it couldn’t be simpler to care for them either. That’s right: you can machine wash your bedding. Remove your comforter insert, place the cover in the washing machine, add a mild detergent, and turn it onto the gentle cycle. Once it’s clean, remove promptly and tumble dry on low. 

Risk-Free Shopping

Are you a bit nervous that you won’t enjoy your duvet cover in person? While we have complete faith that you’ll love your new linens, we understand the hesitancy. That’s why we offer risk-free shopping complete with a 365-day guarantee, 30-day return policy, and free, fast delivery. So there’s nothing to hold you back now!

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