Mudcloth Pillow Covers

Hand-Dyed With Organic Colors

Or & Zon mudcloth pillow cover is hand-dyed with organic color sources, such as leaves, branches, and plants, to create a new color base. Next, the fabric is laid out in the sun to dry before natural paints sourced from fermented plants are used to inscribe traditional African designs on it, all hand-painted. As an added step for a few designs, the artists use bleaching agents to brighten up the unpainted areas, creating a stark contrast between light and dark colors in the design. Take your pick from our range of modern duvet covers to add a finishing touch to your room design

Handmade in the US

Our African mudcloth pillow covers are handmade in the USA. Each fabric is created with a lot of attention to detail to make sure they look as authentic as those from traditional African villages. They can also serve as a great addition to your textured duvet covers creating the perfect combination of style and modernity. They feature an invisible zipper on the top side of the pillow cover, allowing your pillow inserts to slip inside easily. As this fabric is loosely woven together, it’s recommended that you get pillow inserts that are one or two sizes bigger than the pillow cover itself. 

Flexible and Comfortable

The fabric’s handmade and vintage nature allows it to stretch very easily. A bigger pillow insert will give it that perfectly filled, plump look that most people are after. But, if you want to keep things looking as traditional as possible, it’s better to let the pillows slouch a little for a more comfy and cozy feel, just how they’re supposed to be per the nature of the fabric.

Washing Advice for Mudcloth Pillow Covers

Although these pillow covers are easy to use and work in pretty much every color scheme, they also require care. You cannot throw these in the regular washing machine. If you do so, you might cause the mudcloth fabric to unravel. If you spill a little something on the fabric, it’s recommended you spot clean or dry clean only. If it’s time to clean beyond that, dry cleaning is the only safe option. A little mindfulness will make a massive difference in how long the pillow cover lasts.