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boho room decor

Or & Zon brings you fine living through superior collections for boho room decor. Elevate your home’s interior with nothing but delicate and sophisticated bohemian decor pieces. Perfect simplicity for any time of the year. It takes going back to the basics - the basics of carefully selecting the finest materials and sourcing directly from Mother Earth’s cornucopia of natural fabrics. We pride ourselves in our all-natural supplies for your bedding fabric needs.

Cultural And Traditional Weaving

Our processes are natural to their core. Or&Zon as a brand and as a bohemian decor store has an unmistakably distinctive mark - loyalty towards true savoir-faire. Real products made by real people, empowering our partners, artisans, weavers - supporting small independent studios run by amazing, hardworking, creative people.

From Morocco’s weaving traditions passed down from generation to generation comes a collection of artisan-made, pristine beddings that emanate culture and class. These are unique to each one of our products.

Most bedding manufacturers rely on synthetic materials and lifeless machines to accomplish their work. A combination that results in lifeless beddings. This is why we have chosen to turn our eyes towards traditional weaving. Full of life and passion, with inspiration against this artform’s backdrop of historical and cultural zeal.

If “exceptional” and “rare” are words you use describing your bedroom or any room in your home for that matter, there’s no denying that Or & Zon’s collections will radiate both, and go beyond your expectations.

Pillows, Beddings, Throws & Blankets, Etcetera

Bedding accessories are our game and we definitely play it with all the right moves. We are your one-stop premium shop for premium boho chic decor made with love, for your bed and bedroom.

Because we have it all. We really do.

Our selection of pillows is the ideal adornment for your bed, as well as for the rest of the pieces of upholstery in your living room and sitting area. In cold weather, our throws and blankets will keep you and your family safe and warm against harsh winds, without making you feel stuffy. And our beddings? They double as exquisite additions in refashioning the look of your room into one that’s modern and posh, yet agreeably inviting.

Just pure comfort from here on out, with a touch of a polished style.

Unique Pillowcases

Effortless Luxury

It’s not just our word but that of expert interior designer-decorators, who routinely say that the right beddings and home decor are cardinal in making-or-breaking the aesthetic of a room. It doesn’t need to take a full-on refurbishing to do so.

Hence, we can fill in the blanks for you with Or&Zon’s beddings, designed in that minimalist, boho-chic approach. They beautifully stand out, with colours and textures that have Earthy, bohemian tones. All for versatility and mixing and matching, which allows them to be easy to pair with different bedding accessories.

They also carry an urban charisma. Trendy and modern but still adaptable regardless of time, space, and season.

Sustainable Practices From Beginning To End

One other feature we are thrilled to share with you is that our procedures, from product-sourcing, fabrics, and to manufacturing, are sustainable. Our beddings are Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Our attainment of this manufacturer certification in Portugal is a testament of how our products are free of harmful substances.

By the way, watch out for our organic cotton beddings soon to be available to you!

A Heart For What We Do And Genuine Customer Care

Besides having an appreciation and a love for traditional weaving and natural resources, another pillar that makes up Or & Zon, your bohemian home decor store, is… you. Our loyal customers.

Creating nothing short of quality products is our responsibility and we are consistently committed to our vision. Over and above this, we are equally committed to making sure that you, our customers, not just receive quality items, but excellent customer service from us.

And as a little something extra just for you, we offer free shipping and return, within a whopping 365-day guarantee!

The Or & Zon staff are a mere chat and call away should you have queries about our business and our products. In case we’re not online, we will make sure to respond to you the very moment that we are.

Here at Or & Zon, your boho home decor store, beddings matter, and so do you.

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