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Cozy, Yet Breathable

Finding the perfect lightweight blanket doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Each linen quilt set is temperature regulating, making it ideal for cold sleepers and night sweaters alike, in winter or summer. 

And this breathability doesn’t mean they aren’t every bit as cozy as traditional quilts. No sacrifices here! 

Our collection of quilts meet “Goldilocks standards:” not too light, warm, or heavy — just right. 


Better with Every Wash

Unlike other textiles, linen gets better and better with age. Each wash helps this fabric grow softer, and don’t worry about breaking them in! 

These 100% French flax linen quilts are stonewashed to provide a comfortable, perfectly cozy texture from the moment you bring them home. No stiffness here! 

It’s not just the cover that’ll last you a lifetime either. Our beautiful quilts are stuffed with Oeko-Tex certified 100% poly batting that’s not only built to last but is also safely made. 


Traditionally Woven, Sustainably-Made

At Or & Zon, we’re always proud to partner with responsible, sustainable weavers. That’s why each linen quilt is crafted traditionally in Portugal by a family-run mill and is filled with love. 

Because we love people and the planet, we choose eco-friendly materials wherever we can. 

Flax linen is a fully biodegradable, renewable resource. Plus, the linen-making process uses almost the entire flax plant, minimizing waste. And since our products are woven to last, your quilt will stick around for years and years to come. So how much greener could it get? 


Naturally Hypoallergenic

Sensitive sleepers, rejoice! Plant-based flax linen is naturally hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. On top of that, the smooth, stonewashed texture and high-quality material eliminate any itchiness you might associate with cheaper linen you’ve felt. 

But we don’t stop there. We exclusively use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified European linen in each quilt kit, ensuring our fabric is free from harmful levels of over 100 toxic substances. 

You can rest easy knowing we take your health and safety seriously—no need to lose sleep over where you lay your head. 


Available in a Variety of Colors

No matter what your aesthetic is or who your style inspirations are, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to add some personal flair: our lightweight linens come in a variety of colors

Choose between our beachy Sand, ashy Charcoal, serene Light Grey, and rich Navy Blue quilts. Pro tip: each one harmoniously matches all other Or & Zon bedding.

Any of our natural earth-toned shades can blend in seamlessly with any decor while bringing a sense of cohesion to every space. 

All the while, these quilts’ effortlessly gorgeous style is perfectly bohemian. The richly textured quilted surface contrasts the linen’s laid-back tousled look creating the perfect blend of cozy and chic!

Don’t love the crinkled boho look? No problem. Run a warm iron over your linen, and those wrinkles will disappear in no time. 


Choose the Right Sized Quilt for You

Whether you share your bed with your pet, partner, or enjoy the space solo, you know that too small blankets can ruin your sleep. There’s no need to fight for the covers here! 

Chose between a king or queen, and we guarantee our true-sized quilt will keep you fully covered all night long. 


Effortless Maintenance

Luxury bedding doesn’t always lead to complex care routines — not here, anyway! We don’t expect you to handwash or dry-clean your linen quilts. Our maintenance is much simpler than that. 

Instead of adding another time-consuming chore to your list, you can just toss your quilt in the washing machine. Then, add a mild, liquid laundry detergent, turn it to the gentle cycle, and relax. 

You may notice your fabric shedding at first, but that’s okay! It’s only because linen is a natural fiber. After a few washes, this should stop, and your quilts will remain flawless for years and years to come.



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