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Luxuriously and Touchably Soft 

We, at Or & Zon, have realized that “softness” shouldn’t be limited to comforters, duvets, and pillows. Softness should be a chief characteristic of bed coverings, too. Why? Because they contribute to your overall experience of a snug and untroubled slumber. 

We’ve searched far and wide, and have thus, arrived at an assortment of fabric types that can elevate your quiescence when it’s time to grab some shut-eye. Or just to lay on your bed for a breather in between the day’s work assignments. 

From said assortment, we personally hand-picked fabric classes that offer gentleness and flexibility you won’t typically find in ordinary, cookie-cutter sheets. You’ve had far too many of those. Now, it’s time to put your name on a well-awaited set of Or & Zon fitted bed sheets. 

Let your skin do the talking and tell you that these beddings are so cushy, you’ll want to swaddle yourself in them and snooze away. 

Skin-Safe Fitted Sheets

Numerous factory-made, commonplace fitted sheets rely on synthetic materials for quick and cheap assembly-line production. Along with synthetic materials usually come non-hypoallergenic components which trap allergens--- substances that can cause your body to react negatively (i.e. skin allergies). But this is where we step in for fitted sheets that are skin-safe.

If you and your family tend to have allergic reactions to various types of cloths and/or fabrics, it is most likely because said synthetic beddings are highly allergenic. For those who have skin more sensitive than average, itch and rashes may be expected. Thus, resulting in sleep disruption. 

These are problems you will not have to go through with Or & Zon’s hypoallergenic fitted sheets. With plant derivatives that allow our products to prevent allergens and similar kinds of irritants from being captured within the sheets themselves, you can rest well and right. And so will your skin. 

Wear And Tear Resistant (Via Our Bed Sheet Care Guidelines) 

There are numerous sorts of synthetic fabrics that concede to the strikes of repeated use, cleansing and washing practices, exposure to light and dust particles, etc. 

Although we certainly understand that beddings age naturally, ours have characteristics that aid in slowing down this process. Quality is the most prominent among them. Since our linens have excellent thread count, they have a strength that surpasses that of ordinary cotton and comparable fabric categories. 

If you are in pursuit of sturdiness and a long shelf-life for your beddings, you’re on the right page. We will provide you with Or & Zon’s hassle-free instructions about how to clean, wash, and store our textured sheets. 

From there, you can be confident that their quality and make will endure, even to the point of exceeding expectations about bedding longevity, when compared with mediocre bed coverings. Let our fitted sheets for your king and queen beds prove to you that they are unquestionably durable and long-lasting.

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