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Customize Your Sleep

Every sleeper has their own needs. There isn't always a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the perfect pillowcase. That's why we offer three different materials available in your choice of color and size — because only you know what you really need. If you're craving something lavish and silky smooth, our sateen cotton pillowcases are ideal for you. However, if you're searching for an easy, breezy boho-chic vibe, try linen! Does something in between these two sound ideal to you? Organic cotton percale's lightweight lusciousness might be the one. After you choose your material, don't forget to select your favorite of our rich, earthy shades and your size of choice! 

Calming and Cooling

There's no better feeling than gently waking up in the middle of the night, flipping your pillow over to the cool side, and falling back into a deep slumber. However fantastic that pillow flip may be, there's no need for it when you're resting on our linen and organic cotton pillowcases. Thanks to the soft and breathable nature of cotton and linen bedding, you'll maintain the ideal temperature all night long. And there are more benefits than mere comfort. Did you know that better airflow leads to a higher-quality sleep? You'll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever when you choose cotton and linen pillowcases!

A Safe Place to Rest Your Head

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to pillowcases, but sadly, that's not always the case. Linens are often filled with nasty chemicals that you don't want anywhere near your head. Not ours, though! All of our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they pass rigorous testing that guarantees they're free from harmful levels of over 100 toxic substances. Plus, organic linen boasts antibacterial properties while tight cotton weaves like sateen and percale resist dustmites. Best of all, both are hypoallergenic so that all sleepers can rest soundly. 

Ethically Crafted

They aren't just pillow cases — they're also a push for change. At Or & Zon, we believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it: for both the people and the planet. That's why we exclusively partner with a family-run linen mill in northern Portugal that practices traditional weaving techniques. This fair-trade mill is part of the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization that pushes to make cotton production gentler on both workers and the environment. We're equally proud that our 100% French flax linen is naturally biodegradable and that nearly all plant parts are used in production. Both of these factors contribute to a reduced toll on the planet, which is always a win. 

Built to Last

There's nothing worse than falling in love with your new bedding, only for it to fall apart after a few washes. Luckily, that's never the case with our natural linen and 100% cotton pillowcases. In addition, our fade resistant fabrics only get better with time, so you can enjoy the same luxurious bedding for years and years to come. 

Easy to Care For

High-quality sheets don't always require meticulous care, and ours definitely don't. Instead, these luxurious sheets couldn't be easier to maintain! All you need to do is toss them in your washing machine with a mild detergent on the gentle cycle, then pop them into the dryer to tumble dry. That's it! Nope, you don't even need to bring out the iron. While sateen is naturally wrinkle-resistant, we aren't afraid to admit that percale and linen are crinkle-prone. But instead of trying to flatten out these creases, we believe in embracing the boho vibes of that laid-back, slept-in look.

Risk-Free Shopping

Online shopping can be a bit nerve-wracking even at the best of times. It's hard to predict whether that texture will be smooth enough or the materials will be as breathable as promised. We get it! We have no doubts that you'll love your bedding as much as we do, but we want to give you some peace of mind. That's why we offer free shipping and 30-day returns plus a 365-day guarantee. Your ideal pillow cover is just one click away. So what's stopping you now?

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