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Whether you’re planning a total bedroom transformation or you’re just looking to upgrade your current bedding, understanding the best color for bed sheets is vital. When you select the best color for sheets to suit your sleeping space, it sets the tone for the entire room. From classic neutral colors to bold hues, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. This helpful guide from Or & Zon will show you how to choose the best color bed sheets and provide you with some creative ideas for bed sheet color combinations and more.

Choosing a Color for Bed Sheets

From paint to flooring, the colors you choose are key to creating a particular ambiance and mood. This same concept applies to more than the décor in your home – it also applies to your bedding, too. In fact, choosing a color for bed sheets is key to helping you get a great night’s sleep.

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It also allows you to enhance the style of your bedroom and highlight any special features in the room. If you’re wondering, what color bed sheets should I get, there are several different options to consider. While some of the most popular shades like gray and white are versatile, there are other colors that could suit your unique style and personality better.

Creating Your Sleep Environment

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As you ponder, what color sheets should I get, remember that this color will help to enhance and create your specific sleep environment. Each color or shade reflects a certain feeling or mood. For example, crisp white sheets evoke a cool and casual feel, while other hues like gray or light blue contribute to a soothing, refreshing feel. You can also choose bold and dark colors to give your bedroom a warm, inviting feel. These colors typically help to create a more cave-like environment that’s perfect for restful slumber.

What is the best color sheets to sleep on?

You might assume that the answer to this question is pretty straightforward, but the best color sheets to sleep on depend on a variety of factors. Of course, aesthetics are important, especially when you’re trying to create a cohesive theme in the bedroom. However, the best color for sheets can also depend on what type of mood you want to convey and how you want to feel when you head to bed. In this case, choosing light, neutral colors tends to work best.

Blue sheets are associated with feelings of calm and serenity, while white sheets help you feel clean and cool. Shades of green remind us of nature and illicit a peaceful, tranquil feeling. Ultimately, the best color sheets to sleep on hinges on how the color makes you feel whenever you see it in the bedroom.

Is it better to have dark or light sheets?

While white sheets are still a popular option for a lot of people, some believe that it’s better to have dark sheets if you want a night of restful sleep. White or light-colored sheets go with everything, so they’re easy to match with your bedroom furniture and décor. However, dark sheets make many people feel cozy and warm, which may help to promote deeper, more restorative sleep overall. If stains or marks are a concern, then dark sheets also do an excellent job of hiding them much better than light sheets.

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Psychology of Bed Sheet Colors

Color plays an integral role in how you feel, and the bed sheet colors you select can actually have a psychological effect. Choose colors that are calming and soothe the mind before you head to bed. Loud, bold, or bright colors can make you feel uneasy and could have a negative effect on your sleep quality.

While the specific color of your sheets is ultimately a personal choice, it’s best to stick to soft, light, and neutral tones whenever possible. If you prefer printed sheets, then make sure they’re basic like stripes or small floral prints rather than something too busy and overwhelming. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of some of the most popular and best color bed sheets to choose from.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors consist of basics like grey, white, or beige. These colors are versatile which makes them an excellent addition to any style bedroom, and they also have some excellent sleep-promoting qualities.

Grey Sheets

Grey is a neutral, modern tone that’s favored by those who appreciate contemporary or classic bedroom styles. This color for sheets may help you to feel calm and relaxed thanks to its soft, simple neutrality. Think of having grey sheets as lying down on a cloudy, rainy day which should help you feel more relaxed.

Charcoal grey is a darker tone, while dove grey is lighter. Both of these shades look attractive in a modern bedroom as well as in virtually any other style space, too. If you want a luxurious touch, try grey sateen sheets that evoke a high-end vibe. Try our stonewashed linen sheet sets which include a gorgeous light grey color that bring luxurious softness and light, neutral colors together.

White Sheets

White is a crisp, classic color that adds a clean look and feel to the bedroom. Many people think of beautifully laundered, crisp ironed white sheets when they imagine walking into a luxury hotel room. White one of the best color sheets if you want your bedroom to have a clean and easy, breezy feel. However, because the tone is so crisp, white sheets tend to show stains and marks much more easily than almost any other color.

They’re also a bit more difficult to clean and maintain, especially if the material you choose doesn’t allow bleaching. On the other hand, it’s much easier to see any marks or discoloration so you can clean your sheets more often. When it comes to sleep quality, white provides a nice, neutral feel that could encourage calmness and tranquility.

Beige Sheets

While it’s also neutral, beige tends to look more casual and relaxed than white or grey. Beige sheets are great for kids’ rooms since they’re a bit less “fussy” than white and grey. This color is also very earthy since it’s quite similar to things you’ll find in nature, like rocks, tree trunks, and sand. You can easily incorporate this color of bed sheets into almost any style of bedroom thanks to the neutral hue. For those who love an earthy, relaxed vibe, beige is one of the best color for sheets available.

Keep in mind that beige doesn’t hide stains very well, so make sure you’re cleaning your beige sheets often. Always read the care instructions carefully to ensure that you’re laundering them correctly. As for the psychological effects, beige is a great choice if you’re looking for something relaxing and calming without being too modern.

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Colorful Sheets

Adding colorful sheets to your bedroom is a great way to give it some personality. And while neutral tones are usually the first choice people go to, adding some color to your sleeping space can also promote a great night’s sleep. Of course, the color you choose is important, so here are some of the best options to encourage a calming, peaceful bedroom and a good night of restful slumber.

Light Blue Sheets

Light blue is a lovely color that’s reminiscent of a beautiful sky. This color evokes a soft, calm feel that helps you feel like you’re sleeping on a floating cloud. This color is also very versatile and works well in a child’s bedroom.

It also works well if you want to add other bedding like a comforter, quilt, or duvet in a contrasting color. The light tone of blue will help to make the rest of your bedding, décor, and furniture pop. Baby blue or sky blue can promote feelings of calmness and serenity no matter what age you are or how your bedroom is decorated.

Dark Blue Sheets

On the opposite side of the spectrum is dark blue sheets, which tend to have a more refined, sophisticated vibe. This darker color can instantly create a feeling of warmth and calmness. Dark blue also pairs nicely with light colors like off-white, pink, or light grey for a beautiful contrast. It’s also a good choice for those who prefer a more traditional, classic bedroom style.

Another perk to dark blue sheets is that it hides stains and marks much better than most lighter, more neutral colors. The deep blue hue also encourages feelings of deep slumber and a calm, serene feeling.

Olive Green Sheets

Olive green is a nice, earthy tone that works well if you prefer a touch of green over beige. This versatile color looks beautiful in modern bedrooms and rustic sleeping spaces. Olive green sheets also work well in children’s bedrooms.

This earthy shade is evocative of a warm forest or a calming hillside. Similar to dark blue, olive green also tends to hide stains better than some other options. It’s a warm tone that can help you to feel calm and relaxed at bedtime, making it yet another of the best color sheets to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Printed Sheets

Opting for printed sheets can be tricky since certain patterns are louder or “busier” than others. While a fun print is always appreciated, it’s best reserved for the comforter or duvet cover. As for your sheets, choose delicate prints like pinstripes, small floral patterns, or a simple plaid. Stay away from loud, overwhelming patterns that could interfere with your ability to get a good night’s rest.

Accent Sheets

Accent sheets can incude something in a contrasting color. For example, a darker color works well for a flat sheet that goes over a lighter fitted sheet. When choosing accent sheets, just make sure that they complement the rest of your bedding so everything looks coordinated and seamless. You can also use a printed sheet as an accent sheet to contrast against a solid color. Two different colored sheets (such as a light and dark blue) also works well.

Bed Sheet Color Combinations

There is no rule that your bed sheets have to match perfectly. In fact, some color combinations work quite well together and will give your bedroom a unique, customized aesthetic. Here are some of the best color for bed sheets if you’re planning to combine different hues together.

  • Dusty rose sheets look incredible when paired with olive green.
  • For a bold contrast, try white sheets and match them with a black comforter and black pillowcases.
  • Light and dark blue sheets always look nice together and form an attractive contrast.
  • White sheets look beautiful with virtually any color ranging from neutral tones to bolder, darker hues.
  • Beige and dark blue look stunning when you pair them together.
  • Try sage green sheets and coordinate them with off-white sheets for a soft, earthy look.

Best Color Sheets to Hide Stains

While it’s almost impossible to hide stains completely, certain bed sheet colors do a better job than others. Overall, darker tones and shades of grey seem to do the best job of hiding stains.

What color sheets hide dirt the best?

When it comes to hiding dirt, choose earthy colors for your bed sheets. Brown, beige, olive green, and shades of these colors all tend to work quite well. Remember to launder your sheets regularly regardless of whether or not the dirt and stains are clearly visible.

Final thoughts on the best colors for bed sheets

When it comes to choosing the best colors for bed sheets, remember to choose tones that suit the mood and your overall bedroom style. Neutral and light tones seem to work best if you want to create a tranquil, peaceful oasis, while darker colors encourage warmth and a cave-like feel. You’ll find a wide range of options to choose from at Or & Zon including our ultra-soft stonewashed linen bedding available in a range of soft, calming colors to make your sleep experience the best it can be.