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How can you determine which sheets are the best and the softest available online when you can’t feel them? Well, you need to know exactly what to look for! Don’t take chances when it comes to the coziness of your bedding — learn how to find the softest bed sheets so you can shop confidently. We’ll help you discover what goes into making the coziest cotton sheets so you can sleep restfully night after night.

Anatomy of the Softest Cotton Sheets

So, what are the softest sheets out there today? There’s no doubt about it: cotton is one of the softest bedding materials around. But not all cotton feels the same. While these plant-based, fluffy fibers are incredibly soft by nature, varying manufacturing processes create completely different textiles.

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What is the softest cotton and how does it affect the best, softest sheets? A few factors can impact what cotton sheets are the softest, including:

  • Weave. Weave patterns highly affect the look and feel of bedsheets. More structured weaves like twill make great upholstery but can’t compete with the gentle smoothness of some of the softest sateen sheets or percale cotton options available.
  • Growing conditions. Location, soil fertility, chemical use, and more can make or break a fabric’s quality before it’s even spun. Organic cotton tends to produce the softest cotton sheets since it’s grown without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Staple length. Longer staple cotton fibers fray and pill less than short-staple ones. Some cotton gets “combed” in production to remove those shorter strands, while other varieties, like Egyptian cotton, are naturally longer.
  • Thread count. Higher thread counts generally indicate that it’s one of the softest fabric for sheets, but there are some exceptions to the rule. It’s essential to consider the other factors of softness too without relying on thread count alone.

Does a Higher Thread Count Mean Softer?

Thread counts aren’t the be-all, end-all of softness: they’re just one component of many. So, it’s important to remember that the total of the softest sheets thread count is just one piece of the puzzle.

And even then, high thread counts aren’t the most reliable indicator of cotton that makes the softest sheets ever. Thread counts tell us the number of threads per square inch, and since thinner yarn is typically softer, high thread counts are often desirable. But each cotton weave has an ideal range. So, if you’re shopping for percale, aim for something in the 200 to 300 range or 300 to 600 for sateen.

When you shop for the softest sheet material, make sure you don’t aim too high. Any cotton sheets with over 800 yarns per square inch are likely worse quality than a lower thread count material. But for ultimate softness, look for a minimum count of 180.

What Are the Softest Sheets for Hot Sleepers?

Cotton is one of the best bedding materials for cool and soft bed sheets. Even the tightest woven cotton is loose enough to stay breathable, keeping you perfectly cool in summer yet cozy on chilly winter nights. The softest organic sheets are also breathable, making them perfect for both warm and chilly nights.

Warm sleepers love our percale sheet sets. Think of them like the linen of cotton — they bring you linen’s signature breeziness with the smooth softness of cotton for a real crowd-pleaser!

Organic Cotton Sheets Are Softer Than Regular Cotton

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When it comes to the softest bed sheet material, Organic cotton is a must. Of course, organic cotton varieties are safer for people and the planet, but did you know that avoiding those heavy chemicals protects the cotton plant’s integrity, too?

Skipping the harsh fertilizers and pesticides found in conventional cotton makes for longer-lasting, softer bed sheets. It also means there’s less pilling, making these soft sheets easy to care for in the future.

Find the softest bed sheets online by shopping our organic cotton bedding collection today.

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Get Lost in Softness with Cotton Sateen Sheets

What are the softest bed sheets available? Try elevating your sleep with luxurious sateen sheets. Sateen weave is a type of weave used in the production of fabrics, particularly in the manufacturing of bedding. This dreamily smooth bedding is nothing short of decadent! A one-yarn-under, three-yarns-over weave pattern creates sateen’s signature sheen and silky texture that’s simply irresistible.

To add even more softness to the fabric, cotton sateen sheets are finished off with a special treatment that locks in the threads and makes the sheets stronger than ever. Indulge in sateen’s gentle weightiness, lustrous look, and buttery-soft surface, and you’ll sleep like royalty.

Experience How Cozy Cotton Percale Sheets Can Be

Get ready to lose yourself in the simple pleasure of a soft cotton percale sheet set. Once you feel its crisp, smooth texture, you’ll immediately want to wrap yourself up in your brand-new cozy percale bedding. And the good news is, you can!

Thanks to percale’s lightweight nature, it’s breathable enough to snuggle in all night without breaking a sweat. But don’t worry, chilly sleepers: its temperature regulation will keep you toasty too. Percale sheets and linen sheets have similar chracteristics.

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