February 23, 2023 7 min read

As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, it’s important to make sure that your bedroom is as cool and comfortable as possible. The right summer bedding can make such a significant difference to how you feel when you’re ready to head off to dreamland.

While you’ll definitely want something warm and snuggly in the winter, the same isn’t exactly true during the warm summer months. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best summer bedding, so you can enjoy a great night’s rest no matter how warm it is outside.

Refresh Your Bedding

ABefore we dive into which options are the best bedding for hot weather, keep in mind that your bedroom and bedding choices should change with the seasons.

Linen Quilts and bed sheets grey and sand Blue linen sheets

This is especially true for the two most extreme times of the year: winter and summer. While you definitely want to pile on the thick blankets and comforters during the frigid winter months, you’ll need your summer bedroom to be light, cooling, and airy. Consider washing and putting away your heavier winter bedding as soon as the temperatures start to get warmer at night. Summer is the perfect time to think about ways to refresh this space with cooler sheets and lighter blankets, and by choosing bedding made from the right materials

What kind of bedding is best for summer?

As the temperatures get hotter, you’ll want to choose bedding that is lightweight and breathable. If your bedding is too thick or too heavy, you may end up sweating and overheating.

  • Linen. Bedding made from linen and cotton is an excellent choice, especially during the hot summer months. These options are woven from natural materials that are extremely breathable. Using light, breathable summer bedding sets is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your body cool and comfortable. Try our beautiful, stonewashed linen sheets this summer to help you stay nice and comfy. Not only will these sheets make it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but they’re exceptionally soft and totally breathable. They’re also sustainable and durable enough to last through many summers ahead. Flax linen bedding is a great choice for summertime rest and relaxation since it’s moisture-wicking and absorbent, as well as antimicrobial. Linen is a natural insulator and a temperature regulator, so you can enjoy this bedding during the wintertime as well if you choose.
  • Cotton Percale. Cotton percale is another great option to use as bedding for summer. Check out our beautifully soft and comfy cotton percale bedding to give you a crisp, cool feeling that’s great for those hot summer nights. Organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals. This eco-friendly bedding will also help your body maintain its ideal temperature throughout the night. You can find this bedding as individual pieces or try out one of our gorgeous, crisp organic percale bed sets for a perfect match in your sleeping space. Cotton is extremely breathable and it provides you with excellent temperature regulation. It’s also allergy-friendly so you don’t need to worry about that while you’re slumbering, either. Cotton percale bedding combines the best of both worlds to provide you with a lightweight feel like linen and a smooth touch like cotton.
Linen quilt ans sheets

How can I make my bed cool in the summer?

Now that you know a little more about the right types of bedding for hot weather, let’s explore some other ways that you can help to make your bed nice and cool in the summer. Here are a few helpful tips that will inspire you to make your bed as cool as possible, even when it’s piping hot outside.

  • Lighter materials. Replace heavier pillowcases and duvets with something made of lighter, more breathable materials.
  • Softer colors. Visually lighten up your bed by choosing bedding in softer colors to create a feeling of calm and tranquility.
  • Lighter quilts or blankets. Switch out heavy blankets or comforters for lighter quilts or blankets made of cotton or linen.
  • Sleep without the cover on. If you love your duvet, simply sleep without the cover on so that it’s lighter and cooler.
  • LED bulbs. Replace standard lightbulbs with LED bulbs since they emit a lot less heat.
  • Fan. Use a ceiling or floor fan to help circulate the air in your bedroom, which will help your body temperature stay cooler.
  • Don’t sleep with socks on. Don’t sleep with socks on, and sleep with your feet sticking out of the bottom of your sheets and blankets to help lower your body temperature.
  • Don’t sleep with socks on. Don’t sleep with socks on, and sleep with your feet sticking out of the bottom of your sheets and blankets to help lower your body temperature.
  • Material. Check the material tag to ensure that you’re using the right type of sheets for hot weather.
  • Add layers of color. Add layers of color and texture to the bed with decorative throw pillows and blankets – remember that you can always remove these items right before bedtime.
  • Cooling mattress topper. Consider adding a cooling mattress topper to your mattress which may help to keep you cooler all night.
  • Pillows with cooling gel. Look for pillows with cooling gel inside that are specially designed to keep you nice and cool while you sleep.
  • Slatted Base. Choose a slatted rather than a solid base for your mattress, since the air between each slat will promote better airflow and circulation.
  • Humidifier. Use a humidifier if you live in a dry climate since the extra moisture can help you feel cooler.
  • Room-darkening. Add room-darkening, insulating window curtains to the bedroom to help keep the heat of the sun out of your bedroom.
  • Hot water bottle. Fill a “hot water bottle” with cold water, place it in the fridge, then slip it underneath your sheets at night.
  • Insulated Windows. Check to ensure that your bedroom windows are properly insulated so the cool air stays in, and the hot air stays outside.

Is a quilt or comforter better for summer?

You might wonder whether a quilt or a comforter is a better choice for the summertime. If you sleep hot or tend to feel hot at night, then in most cases, a quilt is the better choice. Quilts are still quite soft and warm, but they’re usually much thinner than comforters yet they will still provide you with the right amount of insulation you need. And if you love to layer your bedding, then a quilt makes it a lot easier.

Due to their colorful designs and lightweight construction, you can easily add several blankets to your bed along with a quilt without making it look too bulky or overdone. A comforter is great for the winter, but it tends to be much thicker and heavier, making it a bit too much for a lot of people during the summer. When it comes to choosing bedding for hot weather, you may want to ditch the comforter until it gets cooler outside. It’s important to note that a quilt isn’t necessarily “better” than a comforter or vice versa. But using a quilt in the summer is ideal if you tend to get really hot at night and prefer something a bit thinner and lighter to help you stay cool as you sleep

Frosty green bed sheets Grey Percale Bedding

What type of sheets keep you cool at night?

The best summer bedding sets and sheets should be made of lightweight, breathable materials like organic cotton or linen. Look at the characteristics of each material to help you decide which one is right for you. It’s important to ensure that your “base layers” like your sheets and mattress cover are as cool and comfortable as possible. If you get chilly during the night, you can always add another layer by throwing another quilt or blanket on yourself. And when it comes to creating a gorgeous bedroom, our stunning stonewashed linen bedding is an excellent choice. This super-soft, breathable bedding will instantly elevate your sleeping space while also keeping you comfortable all night long.

You want to choose summer bedding that helps you remain cool, especially if you’re affected by the temperature. With linen and cotton, you can regulate the heat exchanged between your skin and the air. This ensures that you remain comfortable no matter what time of year it is. Choose sheets with the right weave to provide excellent airflow, too. Proper airflow can contribute to better, more restful sleep. Our linen bedding is made from the fibers of the flax plant which has natural moisture-wicking and thermoregulation properties.

Organic percale cotton sheets are excellent for keeping you cool and comfortable at night, too. Percale has a nice, matte finish that provides you with a crisp, cool feel whenever you slip into bed. And these summer sheets get softer with every wash while maintaining a smooth and durable composition. Percale cotton is lightweight and breathable, which makes it a perfect option for hot summer nights as well as those toasty winter evenings when you have the heat cranked up. And because they’re made from 100% organic cotton, these sheets are free from toxic chemicals, which makes them a great option for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. They also collect a lot less dust than some other materials, while the tightly woven fabric may help to keep dust mites from getting into your sheets.

Final Thoughts on the best summer bedding for hot weather

Remember these tips to help you choose the best bedding for hot weather. You don’t need to sweat and toss and turn all night, as long as you have the right bedding to keep you comfy and cool. Explore our website and check out all of our amazing products today to give your bedroom a luxurious look and a cool, comfortable feeling that will last for many summers to come.