January 20, 2023 3 min read

Does choosing ethical sustainable bedding actually matter? Yes!

Switching to eco friendly sheets is a simple act with massive advantages. They’re better for the environment, your health, and your comfort! You’ll never go back.

There’s a never ending list of reasons to choose organic sheets, but we’ll keep it short and sweet for now. Let’s explore the top 5 benefits of switching to sustainable bedding and how to make the change.

Sustainable Bedding Is Better for Your Health

Worrying about your bedding’s safety shouldn’t keep you up at night. And when you choose the best sustainable bedding from Or & Zon, you’ll always sleep soundly knowing we have your health in mind.

Percale frosty green flat sheet Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Our collection of eco friendly sheets is Oeko-Tex certified, guaranteeing it’s free from toxic levels of over 100 substances known to harm human health. And what makes it even better? Sustainable bedding materials have tons of benefits themselves.

Interestingly, we gravitate towards warmth at night, cozying up under layers of bedding. This may seem strange, but it’s thought that raising our skin temperature actually lowers our body temperature. Still, trapping too much heat leads to a night of restlessness.

Our plant-sourced French flax stonewashed linens boast antibacterial properties, while our tightly woven cotton-based natural organic bedding collection resist dust and dust mites. Did we mention both are naturally hypoallergenic, too?

Organic Sheets Are Free of Chemicals and Toxins

What Type of Bedding Keeps You Cool? Best Bedding for Hot Sleepers

No one wants to rest their head on fabric filled with harsh chemicals and toxic substances. The sad truth is that many conventional bed sheets are filled with everything from petroleum plastics to harsh pesticides. All the more reason to pick the best sustainable eco friendly bedding!

Our natural organic bedding collection is always free from chemicals and toxins, making it safer on people and the planet. You’ll reap the health benefits of switching to sustainable bedding, and the earth will thank you for choosing textiles with a lower environmental footprint.

Bedding for Hot Sleepers

Sustainable Bedding Has Temperature Regulating Qualities

The best sustainable bedding is all about creating that Goldilocks-level of balanced perfection — temperature included. Not too warm, not too cold, just right.

French flax linen is known for its impeccable airflow and moisture-wicking properties that keep you cozy while letting you breathe. And the same goes for organic cotton! Tightly-woven, yet lightweight percale and sateen sets help maintain your ideal temperature all night long.

Organic Sheet Sets Are Softer

You can feel the difference when you sleep on the best sustainable bedding. Spend one night on our environmentally friendly sheets and I promise, you’ll never go back.

Soft sheets are only created through special care. Keeping the fabric’s natural long staple yarns intact is crucial for making soft, dreamy garments. So at Or & Zon, we always avoid harsh chemical additives during growing and production processes to maintain the integrity of our organic cotton sheets.

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, allergies, or you just love oh-so-cozy linens, you need to switch to ethical sustainable bedding.

Best Beddint for Hot Sleepers

Ethical Sustainable Bedding Lasts Longer

The benefits of switching to sustainable bedding only grow with time. Made from durable, natural fibers untouched by harmful chemicals, our eco friendly linens proudly stand the test of time.

Ethical sustainable bedding helps you live your greenest life. You’ll enjoy decades of comfort with these dreamy covers, but when you’re ready to say goodbye, our environmentally friendly sheets are completely biodegradable. It’s a win-win!

Where to Find the Best Sustainable Eco Friendly Bedding

Make the switch to eco friendly linens today with Or & Zon! Explore the best sustainable eco friendly bedding collections crafted from the highest quality French flax linen and natural organic cotton. Then finish it by accessorizing with our selections of sustainable soft furnishings for your home.

Artisan-made and complete with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, you can feel good about coming home to Or & Zon bedding. Start enjoying the benefits of sustainable bedding today!