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Brought home some brand new grey bedding, but don’t know how to style it? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about what colors go with gray bedding, which paints you should choose, and how to style grey bedding like a pro. So if you’re wondering, “What color should I paint my bedroom with grey bedding?” keep reading. 

What Colors Go With Grey Bedding?

Good news if you bought gorgeous new grey bedding: your potential color scheme is endless! As a neutral tone, grey can match almost any color. But what color goes with grey bedding best? It depends on the shade of your sheets.

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Identifying the Shade of Your Grey Bedding

There is a vast range of grey tones, so your first step is to identify where your bedding falls on the grey spectrum. This determines what kind of hues will pull your room together.

  • Charcoal. As charcoal falls much closer to black than white, it adds depth to your room. This natural focal point will darken your space but catch every eye. Choose lighter colors to balance the dark tone and prevent your room from feeling too small. A dark grey comforter that comes in a deep shade of grey will pair well with neutral shades or even metallic accents.
  • Medium Grey. Grey shades that fall more in the middle of the spectrum play well off darker or lighter accents. Or, you can mix and match both.
  • Light Grey. Light, almost white, shades of grey can handle a lot of bold complementary colors. Adding rich tones brings this type of bedding to life. Or, if you’re looking for a clean, minimalistic vibe, add other neutrals in lighter shades.

Finding the Undertones of Your Grey Bedding

Another crucial aspect to consider when discovering what colors go with grey bedding is the kind of undertones in your fabric. Of course, your bedding immediately looks grey, but what other notes are present?

To figure out your bedding color schemes, compare your sheets or duvet cover to a pure grey color (try using fabric swatches, paint samples, or a color wheel). Then, pay attention to the color temperature. Does it lean warmer, with red, orange, or yellow shades sticking out? Or does it appear cooler, with greens, blues, and purples taking over?

With this information, you can choose to balance the undertones with opposing hues (i.e., using cool accents to neutralize warm undertones) or stay within the same range to highlight that temperature (i.e., warm accents to highlight warm undertones).

What Color Paint Goes With Grey Bedding?

Charcoal Linen Grey Stonewashed linen bed sheets

So, what color paint goes with grey bedding anyways? Now that you know the shade and undertones of your fabric, we can get into the good stuff!

As we said, grey is incredibly versatile and can pair well with most colors. However, it’s crucial to consider that bedroom walls paint covers a lot of surface area, meaning it has a significant impact on the overall feel of your room. So, while bold pink may look great against deep grey bedding, consider choosing a softer hue like blush over a vibrant fluorescent to ensure the paint isn’t too overpowering.

But what color goes with grey bedding best? How to perfect your bedroom color scheme? Consider these stunning bedroom paint ideas to complement your grey covers, plus some tips on how to style grey bedding:

  • Light blue. Boost the serenity of a grey bedspread by pairing it with calming, pale blue walls. Almost every shade of grey blends seamlessly with light blue, but warmer undertones maintain a cozier atmosphere.
  • Blush. Soft, blush pink paint makes charcoal grey bedding anything but boring. This subtle, rosy hue adds a perfect pop of brightness without stealing the show. Mix in warm, medium grey tones, creams, and navy for a modern chic aesthetic.
  • Off-white. You can’t go wrong with light, neutral walls. They always work. Skip the true white, and instead opt for ivory, cotton, or eggshell tones. These ever so slightly tinted paints balance (or highlight) your bedding’s undertones — and prevents your bedroom from appearing too hospital-esque.
  • Sage green. Is there anything that sage green can’t do? It’s a dreamy choice for an accent wall that looks stunning against lighter grey bedding. Or, stick with a medium grey duvet, but include plenty of white accents. But if lighter tones are more your style, choose soft sage paint to contrast your charcoal sheets.
  • Other grey shades. If you’re still asking, “What color should I paint my bedroom with grey bedding?” we have one word for you: monochromatic. Grey might not have any true complementary colors, but playing within the shade family is always a home run. Add an accent tone, some plants, or embrace that minimalistic decor style.
  • Navy. Go bold with a navy accent wall to highlight your light grey bed covers. It’s regal, rich, and radiant. Introduce yellow or gold notes to tie the entire space together.
  • Beige. Warm beige tones play effortlessly with grey bedding. Painting your walls a light sand color will immediately transport you from the bedroom to the beach. Let your medium grey sheets shine in this color combo that works every time. A mix of beige and gray bedding can create a serene and airy feel

Still, don’t limit yourself! If you have other ideas for what color paint goes with grey bedding in your space, take some swatches home and see for yourself. Truth be told, most colors will work if you have the right accents.

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Tips for Choosing What Color Walls Go With Grey Bedding

Grey pairs well with so many colors that it can be tricky to narrow down your options. Here are some tips for deciding what color walls go with grey bedding in your home.

Swatch, Swatch, Swatch

Paint swatches are everything. Bring home samples of all the colors that catch your eye, then look at them beside your grey bedding. You might be surprised by the tones you love and shocked by those you don’t. Make sure you’re viewing them in the bedroom you’re painting, too! The unique blend of natural and artificial light in each room can drastically affect how your colors appear.

Consider Shades

Walls cover a lot of surface area, so keep that in mind when choosing what color paint goes with grey bedding in your room. Consider going a shade lighter or selecting a more muted tone to ensure your walls don’t overpower the room. Avoid any painter’s regret by painting samples directly on your walls. This will give you the best idea of what works.

Use Accent Walls

Are you in love with a paint color too bold for your whole room? Use an accent wall! Makeover the wall behind your bed with your color of choice, then choose a light neutral for the other three. Continue incorporating that accent tone in bits around the room, like a throw pillow or blanket. It’s an incredible hack on how to style grey bedding like a pro!

Look at Tones

Identifying the undertones of your bedding and paint colors can give you a sense of how they’ll look together. For example, matching two cool undertoned hues will highlight the blues and greens in both, but mixing warm and cool ones will balance them. Keep in mind that warm tones evoke coziness, while cool ones promote relaxation.

Match Your Style

Are you a monochromatic minimalist by nature? Or maybe a beachy boho lover? Don’t forget to consider your decor style when choosing what color goes with grey bedding in your home. Traditionalists may lean towards off-white or beige tones, while eclectic folks might embrace a bold, vivid hue.

Consider Lighting

Lighting changes everything. Move your paint swatches around all your walls, and check them out at different times of the day. The sun’s position during different seasons can also impact how your colors look, so explore how those rays impact your color palette.

Spruce It Up

Neutrals aren’t dull — they’re bases you can build on. You just need to know how to style grey bedding to make it pop. Dramatic contrasts, like charcoal duvets against off-white walls, are instant eye-catchers. Liven up your room with accent pieces too! Add a splash of color, play with texture, and don’t forget to layer your bedding with throw pillows and throw blankets. You’ll be magazine ready in no time.

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Final Thoughts on What Color Walls go With Grey Bedding

So, what color paint goes with grey bedding best? There isn’t just one answer! Nearly every color can pair with this neutral tone. You just have to find the right shade. Pay attention to how light or dark your grey bedding is, what color undertones it has, and then decide how you want to highlight or balance these traits. Play around with color swatches, and soon enough, you’ll find your perfect shade.