September 07, 2021 5 min read

When the weather drops, the snow is blowing, and the sun goes down before dinner, curating a warm, cozy space is a must. Luckily, it’s easy to craft the bedroom of your dreams. A few extra blankets, fluffy pillows, and a touch of faux fur can transform even a small bedroom into a warm haven during those cold winter months. After you’ve added some seasonal decor to your space, you’ll be hoping every day is a snow day so that you can stay in bed a bit longer. 

Why You Need a Cozy Bedroom in Winter

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The winter months can be tough on peoples’ mental health. It’s tough to get outside in the chilly weather. Shorter days have you begging to curl up earlier, and let’s be honest — we all go into hibernation mode. 

So while minimalistic bedroom designs can certainly be aesthetically pleasing, they often lack that welcoming, cozy element that makes you want to hunker down for the evening. In winter, when you’re spending so much time inside, you’ll really appreciate the small details that add warmth and comfort to your space. 

On top of that, transforming your bedroom into a warm, inviting area can make you feel safer and more at peace. And everyone deserves a house that feels like a home — especially in winter.

Elements That Make a Bedroom Cozy

When you think of comfy bedroom ideas for winter, there’s a good chance your mind jumps to red brick walls and toasty fireplaces. However, we know it’s unrealistic to do a complete renovation to achieve those bedroom inspiration goals. So instead, let’s take a look at the simple elements that can make a space cozy (without having to rip out any walls). 


Natural textures are huge for cozy bedroom designs. Everything from wood to wool will add warm, inviting vibes to your space — and don’t be afraid to play around! Mixing and layering textures is always a great decorating idea, so grab a few extra blankets, knitted throw pillows, and anything else your heart desires! 

Warm Lighting

Skip the bright, harsh cool lighting and opt for warm-toned lamps instead. Just like our computer, TV, and phone screens, it’s best to keep all forms of blue light out of our bedrooms. This glow interferes with our sleep patterns, making it harder to relax and unwind. Instead, string lights, Himalayan salt lamps, and warm bulbs can help you achieve the cozy bedroom decor you’re seeking. 

Neutral Colors

Neutral color palettes always exude serenity and tranquility, which is exactly what you want when creating a cozy space. This doesn’t mean your master or guest bedroom has to be boring, though! Choose colors often found in nature like tans, muted greens, and stone shades to craft the ideal ambiance. 

How to Make Your Room Cozier This Winter

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Are you ready to put all those cozy room ideas into practice? Then, get ready to flex your interior design skills! Here are nine foolproof ways to make your bedroom so cozy that you’ll never want to leave. 

  • Grab an Area Rug

There’s nothing worse than waking up knowing you’ll have to face cold hardwoods the moment you get out of bed. It’s chilling! Instead, you can solve that daunting problem by picking up a cozy area rug. Not only will your feet be warmer, but a fluffy area rug is a great, subtle way to play with texture in your room for that ultimate cozy feeling. 

  • Skip the Overhead Light

You may have noticed that hotels often opt out of ceiling lights and opt for table lamps instead — and there’s a reason why. A bright overhead light fixture can be jarring, to say the least. On the other hand, a warm table lamp provides all the glow you need. Experiment with lampshades and low-wattage bulbs, candles, or Himalayan salt lamps to achieve that dreamy ambiance instead. 

  • Pull Out the Knit Throws

Throw pillows and blankets go a long way in the design world. They’re simple, practical ways to add a pop of color, texture, and personality to your bedroom. However, they’re extra perfect for winterizing your room. Mixing and matching textiles and textures transform a space into a lounge, inviting area that begs you to kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

  • Embrace Neutrals

A classic color scheme of warm neutral tones is naturally calming to the eye and should be used liberally in your bedroom. Experiment with natural shades and textures like linen, wicker, and even old books to achieve the cozy bedroom of your dreams. Basically, anything with bohemian home decor vibes will fit in seamlessly. 

  • Introduce Wooden Elements

You know that warm, relaxed feeling that overcomes you the moment you walk into a beautiful log cabin or lodge? You can replicate that at home! The earthy, natural textures of wood are instantly comforting and restful. Warm neutrals are like a hug for the eye, so incorporate wooden elements in your bedroom furniture where you can. Thrift a set of bedside tables or grab a new headboard — it’ll tie the room together. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

While warm naturals always work wonders in bedrooms, darker, rich paint colors also ooze coziness. So play around with deep shades when shopping for linens, plush pillows, or curtains. These winter vibes will leave you begging to stay in bed all day long — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

  • Add Life to Your Room

It’s always a treat to be around lively things in the dead of winter, so it makes sense to add some of that comfort to your space. Bring home some plants if you have a green thumb (or faux plants if not) and splurge on art pieces that inspire you. These bits of vitality go a long way during those blizzard nights.

  • Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is always your friend, but especially so in those blustery, chilly months. And since the days are so short this time of year, you’ll want to soak up as much as you can. Leave the blinds open for as much of the day as possible. Natural lighting works wonders for both your mental health and aesthetics. 

  • Invest in Quality Bedding

A bed is the pinnacle of your master bedroom — and you deserve the best. After all, this is where you’ll spend the evening curled up with a book or sipping a cup of coffee in the morning. As such, you should opt for a luxury boho quilt set that will make you excited to hop into bed each wintery night.  

Final Thoughts

When ozy haven for the winter months, be sure to incorporate tons of natural colors, diverse textiles, and soft lighting. Above all else, choose calming, comfortable decor that makes you excited to return home to your space every single day.