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Add A Touch Of Classy Decor with Our Luxury Pom Throw Blankets

This Moroccan blanket pom pom has an unmistakable exotic profile. It is exactly what you need to add that exotic style you’ve longed for in your space. Drape it over a chair or couch in your living room or fold it at the base of your bed, the result is the same- luxury, comfort, and coziness. It is stunning when used as bohemian bedding and luxurious when draped over a sofa for a boho chic touch. You can use it throughout the year, no matter the season. You can combine it with mud cloth pillows for additional warmth and texture. 

Unrivaled Uniqueness

Every pom pom throw blanket in our collection is exceptional. It is handmade in Morocco- a country famous for its stunning artisanal crafts. It is made from a blend of the best locally sourced cotton and custom tassels. The pom pom blanket comes in a diamond pattern and has gray-and-beige colors. The design was inspired by the traditional Moroccan style of making soft throw blankets that contain natural variations. This only adds to its chic aesthetic. It’s simply gorgeous.

Quality Craftsmanship

This throw blanket with pom poms was handwoven by Berber weavers and is rich in Moroccan history. It isn’t as archaic as it may seem to a lot of westerners. Or & Zon sews its pom poms and tassels on the throw blanket’s fringes by hand. It takes our dedicated employees 2 days to complete each blanket. Our work is informed by tradition and quality- two things that are deeply ingrained in ancient Moroccan artistry and culture. The end result is a Moroccan blanket pom pom that balances both beauty and utility in a simple yet sublime manner.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Our pom pom throw blanket is made from the soft threads of 100% locally sourced and hand-spun cotton. This not only gives it warmth and softness but also a long lifetime. If you are looking for a throw blanket that will last you decades, then you shouldn’t look further than this. It is also easy to care for as all it needs is a dry clean. Besides that, we only use sustainable material so you won’t have to worry about environmental degradation. We care about the environment just as much as you do.

The Perfect Size

This throw blanket with pom poms is available in Queen size. It measures 78 by 118 inches and weighs only 7 lbs. This means it can serve a variety of needs, whether you are looking to use it in your living room or bedroom. The package comes in a secure cotton Drawstring Bag from Or & Zon. We guarantee free shipping and fast delivery within 6 days. We also offer 30 days money-back guarantee without asking any questions. The pom pom throw blanket is available in Beige and Gray diamonds.

Luxury Bedding

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