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When it comes to bed sizes, a king size bed is often the biggest and best option. But what if you have two twin size beds, can you put two twin beds together to make a king? Before you go this route, it’s important to understand the differences between various bed sizes and how they might work in your space, as well as how they’ll suit your sleeping habits and needs. Read on to get the answer to the age-old question: do two twin beds make a king to find out whether it’s a good option for you.

Understanding Bed Sizes

What are the measurements of a twin size bed and other sizes? Bed sizes vary, and it mostly depends on how much space you have in your bedroom, how tall you are, and whether you have a partner who sleeps with you. Here are the standard bed size dimensions along with the typical uses for each one. The dimensions below are listed based on their width and length in inches.

  • Twin: 38” x 75” – Twin beds are the smallest size available, and they’re usually meant for children who are graduating from a toddler's bed to a “big girl” or “big boy” bed. They’re also a good option if you only have a small guest room or very limited space.
  • Twin XL: 38” x 80” – Twin XL beds have the same width as a twin bed, but they’re five inches longer to accommodate taller sleepers. This size is optimal for pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults, and they’re commonly used in dorm rooms for college-age students to sleep on.
  • Full: 54” x 70” – A full bed is great for adults, and it can sometimes be used for a couple. However, these beds are shorter in length and narrower than queen and king-size beds, so they’re ideal for adults who sleep alone. So, what is a double bed? This is the same thing as a full, just with a different name.
  • Queen: 60” x 80” – A queen bed is an entire 10 inches longer than a full bed, making it a great choice for full-sized adults. It’s also four inches wider than a full-size bed, so it’s a better option for couples, too.
  • King: 76” x 80” – If you need a bit more elbow room, a king bed is a great choice. A king-size bed is much wider than a queen, giving you a lot more room to toss and turn, even with a partner by your side.
  • California King: 72” x 84” – California king beds are the largest size available, and they’re perfect if your bedroom has plenty of space. Thanks to their big size, these beds are usually reserved for a master bedroom and couples.

Now that you know a twin bed length and width dimensions and the many other different bed sizes available, it’s important to make sure you select the right one based on your comfort needs and available space.

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Twin Beds vs. King Beds

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King and twin size bed dimensions differ mostly due to the width. Since a twin-size bed measures 38 inches wide, two twin beds placed side-by-side would equal 76 inches wide, which is the same width as a king bed. However, king beds are five inches longer than a standard twin-size bed, so this might not work if you’re on the taller side. On the other hand, a full twin bed in the twin XL dimensions would work better, since those beds are 80 inches long, equaling the same as a king-sized bed. If you want to convert two twin beds to king, using two twin XL beds is the better choice.

Much of your decision comes down to the overall dimensions, the sleeping capacity, and how suitable the bed is for your bedroom size. Here are a few pros and cons of each bed size based on comfort and functionality:

  • Twin beds: These beds are smaller in terms of length, so they’re great for smaller spaces. However, most full-grown adults will find twin-sized beds to be too short, although they work well for growing kids.
  • Twin XL beds: These twin-size beds are the same width as a standard twin, but they’re a generous five inches longer. Two twin XL beds put together will technically equal the same dimensions of a single king-size bed.
  • King beds: If you have plenty of space, a king bed is a smart choice. These roomy beds are great for couples and those who have plenty of extra floor space in their bedroom. On the other hand, you may find them to be too large for your bedroom size, so you might prefer a full or queen-size bed to save space.
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Can Two Twin Beds Make a King?

So, can you convert twin beds to king size if you put two of them together? Two twin XL beds placed side-by-side make great split king beds, but keep in mind that you’ll also need two twin XL mattresses to go with each individual bed frame. You’ll also need to consider things like different bed sheet sizes to ensure that they cover your new custom-made king bed property. For example, while king size sheets will likely fit just fine over the two twin mattresses (if they’re twin XL), there will be a slight gap between the two, which could make your fitted sheet come loose while you sleep. It’s also crucial to remember that two twin mattresses won’t fit a king size bed frame since you’ll still have extra space at the foot of the bed. But if you use two twin XL mattresses and bed frames together, it should work as a fine substitute for a single king size mattress. Putting two twin beds together to make a king is also a cost-effective alternative to buying a standard king bed and mattress.

    Practical Considerations

    Now, let’s look at some tips to make sure you know how to align and secure two twin size beds together to create a king-size configuration.

    • Two twin XL platform bed frames eliminate the need for a box spring, just make sure there’s no gap when you put the two together. Place a rubber pad on top of the frame to prevent the mattresses from sliding off.
    • Place each twin XL mattress on its respective frame and make sure they’re both the same thickness so the two are the same height. However, if one person prefers a different firmness level, you can choose each individual mattress based on your preference.
    • Once you connect twin XL mattresses, there’s still going to be a gap. A bed bridge, straps, or special foam fillers are available to help you fill it to provide an even, stable, and much more comfortable sleeping surface.
    • Check for lumps and use a mattress pad or mattress topper for a smooth, flat, level surface and a soft spot for a good night's sleep.
    • Even though these two twins make a king size bed, they’re still likely to slip and slide. Add a strap around the edges of the two mattresses together to keep them in place so they stay put throughout the night.
    • Now, you can top your bed with some quality bedding, like king-size linen or organic cotton sheets. Try European-size bedding if you want a little more fabric to tuck under your mattresses.
    • If you want more control over your sleeping preferences, consider placing two twin XL adjustable bed frames together. There is special bed sheets for adjustable beds available that you can use in this case.

    Benefits and Drawbacks

    Of course, there are some pros and cons to using two twin XL beds to make a king bed.


    • When you convert two twin beds to king, you’re saving money which is great if you’re on a budget.
    • Placing the two beds together gives you more customization options, like using an adjustable bed frame and two different mattress types, like a memory foam mattress for one side and a hybrid for the other.
    • This configuration is versatile since you can always separate the two beds if you ever want to, freeing up floor space in the bedroom or giving you a separate bed for a guest room.


    • You’ll need to be diligent in making sure that your two twin size mattresses stay together so they don’t keep slipping, causing an uncomfortable gap.
    • There might be limited aesthetic appeal if you use two twins over a single king bed, because not all designs and styles for bed frames are available in twin or twin XL.
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    Alternative Solutions

    Here are some other ways you can get a king-size sleeping space without putting two twin beds together. First, a trundle bed gives you more floor space during the day, and it easily converts into a large bed when it’s time to go to sleep. You can also try a thicker mattress for more comfort or use two standard twin beds that are adjustable, so each person gets to customize their sleeping position and preferences.

    Final Thoughts on do two twins make a king

    So, do two twins make a king size bed? Yes, if you’re using a pair of twin XL beds. As long as you have the floor space, use the same mattress thickness, and can keep the two beds secured together, it’s an easy way to get the benefits of a standard king size bed on a budget. Keep your specific needs and preferences in mind when choosing a bed size and configuration, and you’ll sleep soundly.