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Choosing the right bed size for your needs is important when it comes to comfort and getting a good night’s sleep. While most bed sizes vary based on the name, you might be surprised to learn that there are three different king sizes available. This guide will compare Alaska king vs Texas king, Wyoming, and California king size beds to help you make a clear, informed decision about which one is right for you. We’ll discuss some key components of choosing between these bed sizes including their exact dimensions, comfort level, cost, suitability, and much more, so let’s dive in!

Understanding Bed Sizes

Before we dig into the details of a California king vs Alaskan king vs Texas king vs Wyoming king bed, let’s break down some information on understanding the different bed sizes available.

Standard Bed Sizes

The most common bed sizes include the twin size bed, twin XL, full, Queen, and King. Most people choose either a full, queen, or king for their master bedroom, mostly because they’re larger and ideal for couples or co-sleeping families. A twin bed is great for growing kids and pre-teens, while twin XL beds are ideal for very tall sleepers and young adults because of the extra length. Much of which bed size you choose may come down to things like price, how much extra space you have, and the overall room size.

Specialized King Sizes

While you’ve probably heard of a standard king size bed, there are also other oversized beds available including the Alaska king (or Alaskan king), Texas king bed, Wyoming king, and the more well-known California king bed. Each of these have their own distinct dimensions which differentiates them from the other. Overall, these king beds are designed to help you sleep comfortably due to their larger size, and they’re anywhere from eight to 33 inches larger in width compared to standard king size beds.

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Alaskan King Size Bed

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We’ll start with the Alaskan king bed and go over the dimensions, its comfort and suitability, cost, accessories, and more.


The Alaskan king bed size is the biggest bed size of all our king contenders, coming in at a measurement of 108 inches wide by 108 inches long, or 108” x 108”. For reference, an Alaskan king bed size in feet measures 9 by 9 feet total. This oversized bed is the exact same length and width, giving it a square shape. It’s also 24 inches longer than a California king mattress, making it a good option for tall sleepers.

Comfort and Suitability

Since an Alaskan king is larger than king bed, it’s a good option for co sleeping. This family bed size can easily accommodate up to six people who want to sleep together. You could even add your pet to the mix and still have plenty of room. Overall, an Alaskan king mattress and bed is great for tall people, families, and those who want plenty of room to stretch out.


  • This king bed is ideal for tall or heavy sleepers and couples with different sleep schedules
  • The Alaska king is also good for couples without kids who like sleeping with their pets
  • Its large size is good for stomach, side, and combination sleepers


  • You’ll need a huge bedroom to accommodate this massive bed size
  • Due to its dimensions, Alaska king beds are more expensive than other sizes
  • Finding bed sheet sizes to fit this particular bed is challenging
  • Because it’s so big, it’s difficult to move and may be too large for most people

Cost and Availability

Expect to pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for the Alaskan king, and that’s just for the mattress. The bed will also cost more than most beds, and you’ll likely need to look for this size at specialty furniture and bed stores. Prepare to pay additional money for bedding of this size, too.

Accessories and Bedding

Since these oversized mattresses and beds are so large, you’ll need to look for specialty retailers who sell this bed size exclusively. The same applies to Alaskan king sheets and other accessories. Most products for the Alaska king bed can be found online, since most brick-and-mortar retailers usually don’t carry them.

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Texas King Size Bed

They say everything is bigger in Texas, so let’s take a look at the Texas king size bed, which is also bigger than king size bed.


The Texas king is the second largest oversized mattress and bed on our list, coming in at 80 inches wide by 98 inches long, or 80” x 98”. It’s bigger than the Wyoming king bed size in terms of length, but it’s four inches narrower than the Wyoming king, and it’s also smaller than the Alaska king.

Comfort and Suitability

Texas king mattresses and beds are ideal for tall people, narrower rooms, but can easily sleep a family of four, or three adults comfortably.


  • Good for heavy sleepers and couples with different sleep schedules
  • Excellent choice for taller sleepers
  • Ideal for stomach, side, and combination sleepers


  • Narrow, yet still requires a big sleeping space
  • Large size makes it difficult to move
  • Costly and bedding is hard to find

Cost and Availability

A Texas king bed will cost you between $2,000 and $4,000 if you want something made of high quality. The issue is that finding reliable, trustworthy vendors that custom-make this bed size can be difficult.

Accessories and Bedding

Just like European size bedding and accessories, you’ll need to look for specialty retailers and manufacturers that specifically sell bedding and other accessories for a Texas king size bed.

Wyoming King Size Bed

Now, let’s look at the details of the Wyoming king size bed.


The Wyoming king bed measures 84 inches wide by 84 inches long (84” x 84”), and it’s the smallest oversized mattress on our list. However, the square shape mattress is still wider than a California king size mattress.

Comfort and Suitability

This bed size is great for couples and there’s even some room to spare for your pets. If you don’t mind sleeping closely, it could fit a family of four.


  • Good for heavy sleepers, couples without kids, and pets
  • Works well for tall sleepers
  • Spacious enough to suit small and medium-sized families


  • Although larger than king size bed, it’s still expensive
  • Bedding for a Wyoming king is difficult to find
  • If you want to sleep with more than two kids and pets, it’s too small

Cost and Availability

Plan to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 for the bed frame and mattress, including special customization charges.

Accessories and Bedding

You can find sheets, mattresses, and other accessories for the Wyoming king size mattress from specific online mattress brands that also sell coordinating accessories.

California King Size Bed

While all of these beds bigger than a California king, the California king is still the most popular and easiest to find.


A standard king mattress measures 76” x 80”, but the California king measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long or 72“ x 84”, making it slightly longer and narrower than its traditional counterpart.

Comfort and Suitability

This bed is ideal for taller individuals, but because it’s narrower, it might not be the best option for couples who like extra room to stretch out.


  • Less expensive than most king size mattresses
  • A good choice for tall people or those with smaller bedrooms
  • Bedding for this size is easier to find


  • Might be too narrow for couples and families
  • When comparing an Alaskan king bed vs California king, the California king is much smaller
  • The longer length may make this bed more difficult to move and bring into a room

Cost and Availability

The average cost of a California king is between $600 on the low end and $3,000 on the high end, and you can find them at most major furniture and mattress retailers.

Accessories and Bedding

Since this bed size is much more common than the others on our list, you can usually find sheets, mattresses, and other accessories at most home goods and mattress stores.

Choosing the Right Bed for You

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right bed for you.

Room Size Considerations

Measure the size of your bedroom using a tape measure and write down the total length and width. Use this guide for the recommended bedroom size so you can determine which of these oversized beds will fit in your space:

  • Standard king size bed: 12’ x 12’ bedroom
  • California king: 14’ x 12’ bedroom
  • Texas king: 16’ x 14’ bedroom
  • Wyoming king: 14’ x 14’ bedroom
  • Alaska king bed: 16’ x 16’ bedroom

Personal Preferences

Consider your personal preferences including your unique sleeping habits and family needs. For example, if you have pets, you may want a larger bed. If more than two children are sharing a bed, consider a Texas or Wyoming king bed so there’s plenty of space for them to stretch out.


Remember that these large beds cost more than most standard bed sizes. Take your budget into consideration, and keep in mind that your costs will also include the mattress and accessories like sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, etc., as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the most popular and best-selling mattress?

The queen size mattress and bed are actually the most popular, best-selling bed size in the United States.

Does the standard king or California king have more surface area?

A standard king size bed actually has more surface area than a California king. A king bed has 6,080 square inches, and the California king has 6,048 square inches of sleeping surface.

Where can you find these oversized beds?

Due to their particularly large size, these beds are usually custom made or sold at specialty retailers. You may need to go online to find a company that sells extra-large sizes such as Alaskan king beds.

Final thoughts on Alaskan vs Texas vs Wyoming vs California king size

If you like to co-sleep or just need more space, these oversized beds are a great choice. Remember to consider the size and dimensions of the Alaskan king bed vs California king vs Texas vs Wyoming to help you decide which one is best for you. Feel free to share your comments, experiences, and questions down below, and explore the rest of our website to find the answers to many other questions, like what is a double bed and more.