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Beds come in a wide range of sizes, and the option you choose largely depends on your specific sleeping needs and the size of your bedroom. When it comes to a double bed vs queen bed, what's the difference between these two bed types? Before you start shopping for new bedroom furniture, a new mattress, and new bedding, it’s important to understand the details. Read on to learn more about what makes a double vs queen size bed so different and why it’s important to know.

Size Comparison: Double vs Queen Size Bed

What is a double bed, and is a double bed the same as a queen? Let’s begin our comparison of both bed sizes by comparing the dimensions of each. Queen-size beds are six inches wider than double beds, which are also called full beds. How wide is a double bed? These beds measure 54 inches wide, while a queen bed measures 60 inches wide.

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Another important difference between a queen and double bed is that queen beds are five inches longer than double beds. To be more precise, double beds are 75 inches long, and queen beds are 80 inches long, which can make a massive difference for tall sleepers. Overall, there’s a difference of 30 square inches between each of the two bed sizes.

So how big is a double bed vs queen? See the size chart for the exact details below.

  • Double bed dimensions: 54 inches W x 75 inches L
  • Queen bed dimensions: 60 inches W x 80 inches L

Space and Sleeping Comfort

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Now that you know the basic differences between a double bed size vs queen, it’s important to take some other things into consideration, like the total room size, or overall dimensions, of your bedroom. Always make sure you have ample room if you want to add a queen bed, since they’re longer and wider than a double bed and require a bit more space. Ideally, a double or full-size bed fits nicely in a guest room, children’s rooms, and college dorm rooms.

A larger master bedroom can easily accommodate a queen bed and likely even a king bed or California king bed. If you have the space and want more room to spread out, it’s best to add a queen-size bed or larger to your bedroom for maximum comfort. When it comes to a double vs queen in terms of comfort for couples, a queen-sized bed gives each of you 30 inches of space, which is much more sleeping space than you’d get with a double bed. If you sleep alone, you’re getting 60 inches of width and 80 inches of length to stretch out and move around.

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Bedding and Mattress Considerations

Aside from the double bed vs queen bed size in terms of dimensions, it's a good idea to look at the mattress sizes for each of these beds as well as various bedding options. (Hint: the size of the bed or bed frame for each has the same mattress size dimensions.)

  • The standard mattress size for a double mattress measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.
  • While a Queen size mattresses measure 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.

So, what about your bedding options and sizes? Sheet sizes for each bed type correspond with their mattress dimensions. However, you may notice that some bedding is listed as full/queen rather than each size separately. If you want a snug fit on your bed, choose sheets and other bedding specifically listed for a full or double bed rather than a full and queen together. If you don’t mind that your bedding fits a little bit looser, you can add a full/queen bedding set to your double bed. Always choose bedding specifically listed for queen beds if you have a queen-size bed, otherwise it could be too small. Carefully check the dimensions on the packaging to confirm you’re getting the right fit.

Popularity and Common Use Cases

When considering a queen vs double bed, you’ll want to consider several factors, most importantly, the size of your bedroom and if you’re sleeping alone. It’s usually common to choose a double bed for a child’s room, guest rooms, or bedrooms that simply don’t have much space. You’re more likely to choose a queen bed if you have a bigger bedroom, and if you’re sleeping as a couple. It may also depend on where you live, too. For example, many people in Europe prefer a double compared to a queen as a general rule.

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Price Comparison: Double Bed vs. Queen Bed

Due to the differences in size, double beds tend to cost less than queen beds. In general, you’ll likely pay between $100 and $400 less for a double or full bed than you would for a queen bed. The average price for double beds ranges between $500 to $800. The price range for queen beds is typically between $800 to $1,200. What you pay will vary depending on several factors including the brand of the bed, if it’s on sale, and what type of bed you choose (i.e., a platform bed versus a canopy bed, etc.).

Pros and Cons of Double Beds


  • Double beds help you save room, which is always great if you don’t have much extra floor space.
  • These beds cost hundreds less than a queen bed so they can help you save money if you’re on a budget.
  • They’re perfect for guest rooms, a child’s room, or vacation rental where you might use the room for other purposes the rest of the time.


  • A double bed can be too cramped for taller individuals.
  • Couples may find that a double bed makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep due to the small size.

Pros and Cons of Queen Beds


  • If you have a spacious sleeping area, a queen bed will fit nicely in the room.
  • Queen mattresses and beds are the most common size, so availability isn’t usually an issue, and you’ll get a wider range of options to choose from.
  • Since they’re wider and longer than double beds, you have more room to stretch out whether you’re sleeping alone or with a partner.


  • Queen beds are significantly more expensive than double beds, so your budget could take a bigger hit.
  • A queen size bed and mattress are much heavier, so they can be more difficult to move.
  • You’ll need more bedroom space, otherwise your queen bed can make the room look and feel cramped.

How to Choose Between a Double Bed and a Queen Bed

Both double beds and queen beds are great options, but there are a few things to consider before you decide which one is right for you.

  • Fist think about your individual needs and preferences in terms of how much room you need while sleeping.
  • Next, you’ll want to consider the layout and the size of your bedroom so you don’t end up with too much space if you choose a double bed for a large room, or not enough space if you add a queen bed to a smaller room.
  • Finally, weigh the costs of each size including the bed frames, mattress price, and bedding costs.

Final Thoughts on the difference between Double bed vs queen bed

The difference between a double bed size vs queen bed mostly comes down to size. Use the tips from our guide to help you evaluate your specific requirements based on things like how much floor space you have, what you’ll use the bed for, and whether you’re sleeping alone or as a couple. Look at your options carefully and be sure to browse the selection of high-quality bedding available at Or & Zon so you can add a luxurious layer to whatever bed size you choose.