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Folding a fitted sheet is possibly one of the most frustrating experience for many people. Smoothing out the elastic corners of a fitted sheet can be a struggle for many. Folding these sheets is undoubtedly difficult, but there are certain tricks and methods to fold fitted sheets like a pro. In this post, we'll walk you through all those techniques:

Benefits of Folding Fitted Sheets

There are multiple benefits of folding fitted sheets, including the following:

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  • Organizes linen closet: Properly folded fitted sheets not only look neater but also maximize space in your linen closet. It also helps the sheets to flatter, making sheets stacking easier.
  • Looks better: Wrinkly sheets are not attractive. Smooth and properly folded hosiery is more beautiful and makes a room look nicer.
  • Eases bed dressing: Dressing the bed is much easier when working with a folded sheet as you do not have to deal with bumps and lumps.

Methods to Fold a Fitted Sheet

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When it comes to perfecting the art of folding fitted sheets, there are many tricks in the books to ensure smooth and wrinkle-free folding.

The following are some popular methods to fold fitted bed sheets..

The Real Simple Method

This method comes from the iconic Real Simple magazine. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Place your hands inside the sheet's shorter edged pockets and flip the corners inside out.
  • Turn the sheet around so the corners' elastic faces you and place your hands back inside the pockets.
  • Bring your one hand towards the other and place the corner over the other pocket.
  • Grab the other end of the sheet and slide your hand into the upper pocket so that you are holding the sheet lengthwise.
  • Again, have both hands meet one another and then flip one pocket over the other.
  • Lay your sheet on a flat base and proceed to fold down the curve at the top to create a rectangle.
  • Fold the rectangle lengthwise and then into thirds while ensuring that the creases maintain tightness.

The 30-Second Folding Method

The 30-second folding method comes from blogger Kristina Burn. Her approach starts with laying your sheet lengthwise and placing both hands inside the two bottom pockets inside out. Tuck the bottom two pockets into the top two pockets, lift it up and shake it to eliminate any bumps. Lay the sheet down elastic side up and smoothen it out. Then, fold the top part into the middle part as you smooth out any creases.

Fold the bottom part over the middle part and the last fold. Run your hands along the sheet to smoothen it out. Fold the sheet's outer edges into the rectangle's central part so that they meet. Fold into another half, and you are done.

The Martha Stewart Method

Martha Stewart is a common household name, especially when it comes to home organization. The Martha Stewart method is an easy way to fold a fitted sheet.

Start by placing your hands inside one of the sheet's shorter edged corners. Proceed to move your right hand towards your left and then drape the right corner over the left.

Lay the sheet down on a flat base and follow the same steps with the bottom corners, i.e., bringing the right corner over the left one. Straighten the sheet into a rectangle and tuck in any elastic edge. Hide the edges by folding them in and flatten the sheet.

Once the sheet is flattened into a rectangle, smoothen out the creases, and you are done.

The Marie Kondo Method

Marie Kondo is another common household name well known for her organizational skills.

Marie's way of going about a fitted sheet is one that promises order and serenity. Start by laying your fitted sheet on a flat surface or bed with the elastic seams facing upwards. Smoothen out the edges with your hand, keeping the fabric as flat as possible.

Bring the bottom side up over the middle part of the sheet and then flatten it to form a straight edge. Follow the same steps with the top by bringing it down and over the central part of the sheet and the part you folded previously.

Tuck the edges and elastic in neatly to create a long rectangle. Then fold the sheet in half, smooth it out, flip it over and tightly roll it up. This small roll can now be easily stored in your linen closet.

The U-Shape Method

The U-shape method is one of the oldest ones in the books.

Start by holding your sheet lengthwise, placing your hands in the upper two pockets. Flip the pockets inside out and turn the sheet so that your hands hold the opposite corners. Place your hands back in the pockets and bring them towards one another.

Bring the right corner of the sheet over your left so that you may tuck the left corner in neatly. Place your right hand inside the pocket you made, and then move your left hand down the next corner. This results in the formation of a U-shape with the sheet's elastics.

Lay the sheet on a flat surface and smooth it all out. Starting from the top, fold the sheet thrice to form a long rectangle. Flip the sheet over and fold it thrice horizontally, resulting in a compact square folded fitted sheet.

The Women's Day Method

This method comes from another magazine: Women's Day. Here is how to fold a fitted sheet using the Women's Day method.

  • Lay the sheet on a flat surface lengthwise with the elastic facing up. Place your hand inside a bottom corner and push it out to show the inside seams. Bring the corner over the other bottom corner and tuck it in neatly. Follow the same steps with the top two corners.
  • Repeat the process by tucking the corners from one side of the sheet into the other, forming a small rectangle with all four corners on the side.
  • Bring the bottom edge of the sheet up and fold it over the middle, making sure to smoothen it out as you go.
  • Fold the side with all the pockets into the middle part of the sheet, followed by the other side.
  • Fold the two ends together to create a neat rectangle and then, once more, to form a square.
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Is Folding Fitted Sheets Worth it?

Many people question if this entire ordeal of folding fitted sheets is worth it as it can be quite a time-taking endeavor. The techniques explained above help you save more time in the long run. These methods make things easy, neat, and more organized. So, is folding fitted sheets worth it? Well, yes, it is!

Oh, by the way, you are looking for another alternative method, here is a simple one: the idiot's method.

  • Lay the sheet flat on a surface with the elastic side up.
  • Fold the bottom up horizontally.
  • Proceed to fold the left side into the middle and do the same to the right side, folding it over the left side.
  • Finally, fold the top part into the middle and then bring the bottom up and over the fold. Smoothen out any lumpy or wrinkled seams as you go.
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Final Thoughts on How to Fold Fitted Sheets

Folding fitted sheets may seem like a hassle, but you can quickly fold fitted sheets with the tricks and techniques explained above. When folded, the sheets stay neat and wrinkle-free and are easier to store.  Once you find the folding method that works for you, an organized linen closet will no longer be a far-fetched dream. If you wish to stock your linen closet with premium quality fitted sheets, check out Or & Zon's collection.