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From sheets to blankets and other linens, keeping everything organized can pose a real challenge. But knowing how to organize bed sheets will not only help to make your space look neat and tidy, but it can also help to prolong the life of your sheets and blankets, too. Proper care and storage will ensure that you protect your investment so you can enjoy your favorite bed sheets and other large bedding for years to come. This guide has some tips that will show you how to organize bed sheets and blankets the right way for a beautifully organized space and a great night’s sleep.

How do you arrange bed sheets?

Part of knowing how to arrange your bed sheets in the best way possible is by understanding the proper ways to fold them. When bed sheets are folded correctly, they’re easier to store in compact spaces like a linen closet, dresser drawers, or a storage bin. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to organize bed sheets correctly.

Steps for folding fitted and flat sheets

Due to their large size, folding your bed sheets can be an intimidating process. Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you fold both your flat and fitted sheets nicely and neatly for easy storage.

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  • Flat sheets: Start by folding your flat (and fitted) sheets right when they come out of the dryer to prevent wrinkling. Place the sheet on the floor so it’s easier to lay flat before you start folding. Begin by folding the flat sheet in half the long way, then fold it in half again, bringing the two corners together. Do this again a few more times until the sheet is approximately 11” x 14” in size.
  • Fitted sheets: Folding fitted sheets is a bit more challenging due to the curved edges and the elastic that’s usually located either on each corner or all the way around the edges of the sheet. Again, after you remove the fitted sheet from the dryer, place it on the floor and then fold it in half the long way, but this time, tuck one of the fitted corners into the other like a pocket. Fold it again until it’s small enough to fit in a linen closet or other type of storage. The key to folding fitted sheets is to tuck the corners into one another so they stay together neatly.

Tips for keeping sheet sets together

Once you’ve folded your sheets, it’s important to keep the matching set together so you can easily pull out both sheets when you’re ready to make the bed. You can stack both sheets together on top of one another or try folding the flat sheet around the fitted sheet before you store them. Another easy way to keep your sheet sets together is to store both the flat and fitted sheet inside a matching pillowcase. This way, you can simply grab the pillow case, pull out the sheets, and make the bed whenever you’re ready.

How to store sheet sets

There are several ways to store sheet sets so that they’re neatly in one designated place. Here are a few suggestions for storing sheet sets for easy organization.

  • Instead of stacking the folded sheets on a shelf, try rolling them together so the corresponding sheets stay with one another.
  • You can hang your sheets in a closet by using hangers with clips (usually these hangers are for skirts and pants) and keeping each set together on one hanger.
  • Use clear storage bins to keep your sheet sets stored. The clear material makes it easy to see which sheet set you need at a glance.

Where should bed sheets be stored?

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When you think about how to organize bed sheets, using the proper storage is key to keeping them clean and protected. This section contains some helpful information about the best ways and places to store your sheets.

Overview of storage options

While it’s completely up to you how and where you decide to store your bed sheets, here are a few options to consider:

  • Baskets: Store your sheets in woven baskets and place them on a shelf in your linen closet. You can add a label to each basket that has the sheet color, size, and material.
  • Underbed storage: If you don’t have enough space in a closet, consider using under-bed storage like a long, slender box with a lid.
  • Plastic bins: Clear plastic bins will make it easy to see your sheet sets and will keep each set separated.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags: Some people like to store sheets in vacuum-sealed bags, but this should only be reserved for long-term storage.

Comparison of storage options

Let’s take a closer look at the various sheet storage options available and the pros and cons of each.

  • Baskets: Using baskets adds a stylish touch to your storage and will make everything look attractive. However, depending on the material and type of basket you use, they could accidentally snag your sheets if you’re not careful.
  • Underbed storage: This method is excellent if you’re short on space, but you won’t get easy access to the sheets like you would in a closet. However, under-bed storage is a great way to keep your bedroom clutter-free, and it keeps your folded sheets out of sight until you need them.
  • Plastic bins: A plastic bin is a great way to store sheets, but it doesn’t promote good airflow. To combat this, look for plastic bins with small holes to keep your sheets smelling fresh. You can also gently poke a few holes in the plastic if you need to.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags: This storage option works well for seasonal storage or for long-term use. It also does a great job of saving space. However, when you store linens in a vacuum-sealed bag, it won’t allow for good airflow so your sheets and other bedding could end up smelling musty.

Recommendations for the best storage solutions for bed sheets

All of the storage solutions mentioned above will work well for bed sheets, but there are some other things you can do to keep your sheets looking and smelling their best. First, put your freshly laundered bedding on the bottom of the stack on the shelf, or at the bottom of the storage bin.

Always make sure you use the top set whenever you change sheets to rotate your bedding. Remember to keep bed sheets stored in an area with good airflow and good air circulation to prevent musty odors. You can also add a sachet or use a diffuser in the closet to help freshen things up. Add a small cotton washcloth with a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the closet or to storage containers for a clean, fresh, scent.

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How do you organize large bedding?

Now that you know the basics of how to organize bed sheets, let’s look at how to organize bed sheets and blankets of a larger size. Whether it’s a comforter, duvet cover, quilt, or a large sheet (like a king or California king size), it’s important to know how to keep them organized properly.

Tips for organizing comforters, duvet covers, and quilts

Keep these tips in mind to help you organize large bedding like duvet covers, comforters, and quilts.

  • Keep large bedding in a linen closet to allow the air to circulate so everything can breathe and stay fresh.
  • Once you fold large bedding, tie it together loosely with a ribbon or string. You can also loosely tie it together with a rope in a bundle so it stays folded and won’t come undone in the closet.
  • Whenever possible, leave some space on your shelving between each bedding item to help promote good airflow.
  • Never stack heavy items on top of comforters and blankets since it could crush them and cause them to go flat or create unpleasant lumps. If you must stack large bedding, store down comforters on top to keep them from getting flattened.
  • If you don’t have a linen closet, tie your large bedding together using a string and place it in a breathable fabric bag under the bed to protect it from dust.
  • Use a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed to store quilts, comforters, and duvet covers; just make sure you don’t stuff too much inside or it could cause the bedding to go flat.
  • If you have extra closet space, use heavy-duty hangers to hang large bedding in the closet.

Comparison of storage options for large bedding items

If you’re storing large bedding items, make sure that they’re used often to prevent dust and must odors. Using a linen closet is the best way to access bedding that you plan to use frequently, but under-bed storage works best if you plan to keep certain items stored over the long term. Always use a protective cover or bag if you’re storing large bedding for more than a few weeks at a time. Place dryer sheets inside the bag to keep your comforter or quilt smelling fresh.

How do you store large sheets?

To fold large sheets, you’ll follow the same steps listed above. Make sure that you fold them directly out of the dryer so they’re easier to manipulate and help prevent wrinkling. You can fold large sheets the same way, but make sure that you’re using baskets or bins that are large enough to keep them neatly in place. Otherwise, if your large sheets are cramped, it could create wrinkles or creasing.

Tips for keeping large sheets stored and organized

Almost all sheets and bedding should be stored in a similar way. Here are a few extra tips to help you store and organize your large sheets.

  • Keep large sheets stored in a white fabric bag and separate them with acid-free paper.
  • Store large sheets inside a larger pillowcase to keep them together and protected.
  • Avoid storing large bedding items in boxes made of cedar or cardboard, as these materials may cause your sheets to turn yellow over time.
  • Limit your storage to three sets of sheets per bed to avoid overcrowding in the closet. A good rule of thumb is to keep one set of sheets per person plus one extra set for guests or when your current set is being laundered.
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Final Thoughts on How To Organize Bed Sheets

With the right storage, it’s easy to know how to organize bed sheets and blankets properly. Remember to fold your sheets when they’re fresh out of the dryer and use storage methods that make everything easy to find while keeping your beloved bedding clean and fresh. The best storage will help to make your home feel neat and organized, and it will also make life easier for you, too.

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