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Stonewashed linen lends a beautiful vibe to any bedroom. If you’re wondering how to style a bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding, the process is easy with a few simple tips and tricks. Our guide will help you navigate the best ways to elevate your sleeping space using these beautiful materials to give your bedroom a cozy comfortable, laid-back look and feel. Read on to learn more about the many charms of stone washed linen bedding and how you can use it to give your space a fresh, new style.

The Charms of Stonewashed Linen Bedding

While all linen is definitely beautiful and luxurious, there’s certainly something to be said about stonewashed linen. This material offers a wide range of benefits that will make every night better. Let’s dive more deeply into the process of stonewashing and why it’s a great option for your home.

The stonewashing process

All forms of natural linen products are made from the flax plant, which is harvested and processed to make linen sheets, towels, clothing, and a variety of other fabrics. To make a stonewashed bed linen piece, the fabric is placed inside large washing machines and dryers that use a large tumble drum. The drum is filled with natural stones like pumice and volcanic rock, which gently “pounds” the linen. As the fabric tumbles through the machines, the stones create friction that gently separates the tightly woven fibers. The stone makes the linen exceptionally soft when the process is complete. It also gives the stonewashed linen a softer look in terms of color, since the stones wear away parts of the material.

The benefits of stonewashed linen

Here are just some of the many benefits of stonewashed linen:

  • This type of linen bedding has a softer feel than traditional linen and other materials like cotton, bamboo, or microfiber.
  • Stonewashed linen does not need ironing, so it’s very easy to maintain a beautiful look without extra fuss.
  • The look of stonewashed linen exudes natural style that transforms any bedroom into a relaxing, peaceful oasis.
  • Hot sleepers will appreciate stonewashed linen because it regulates body temperature, it’s very breathable, and wicks moisture away from your skin as you sleep.
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Choosing a Color Palette

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Part of knowing how to style a bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding is making sure that you choose the right colour palette. Here are some tips to help you select the ideal colors for your stonewashed linen duvet cover, fitted sheet, pillow case, and more.

Embrace muted and earthy tones

Choose stonewashed linen bedding in soft, muted earthy tones for a relaxed bedroom retreat. These soothing neutral colors are not only calming in nature, but they’re also quite versatile and will go with virtually any shade of furniture, accessories, and decor.

Harmonize with existing decor

Look for a stonewashed linen bedding set that harmonizes nicely with your existing decor. This means that you should choose sheets, pillowcases, and blankets that easily blend with the other colors in the room without clashing or looking too harsh. Choosing neutral, muted tones is the easiest way to ensure that your brand-new bedding meshes beautifully with the items you already have in the bedroom.

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Building Layers with Linen Sheets and Covers

Of course, part of styling a bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding is to create and build layers using a variety of pieces. Here’s how to build layers using beautiful linen sheets and covers.

Starting with the basics

Create an easy, natural style by beginning with the basics. Select the correct size fitted and flat sheet for your bed, and pick out a simple, basic color. Once those basics are added, you can begin to layer more texture by topping it with a warm comforter covered with a soft stonewashed linen duvet cover or quilt.

Layering the bed

Layering your bed adds warmth and comfort to the bedroom. Top the bed with an assortment of different pillows in various shapes, sizes, and colorways. Fold a woven blanket and place it at the foot of the bed to add yet another layer. Feel free to mix and match your stonewashed linen bedding by combining a variety of pieces in the same material, but also in various colors or patterns.

Pillow Arrangements and Shams

Your pillows play a major role in styling your bedroom. Here’s how to mix various pillow textures and style them by incorporating an assortment of different shapes and sizes.

Mixing pillow textures

Have fun blending an array of pillow textures and fabrics. These textures can range from classic linen to luscious, soft velvet, woven designs, and even a few decorative pillows enlivened with unique embellishments. Add as many pillows as possible to bring your bedroom a pop of playful personality.

Styling with different sizes and shapes

Style your bed using pillows featuring an assortment of shapes and sizes. Blend a standard pillow with some square pillows, elongated lumbar pillows, and round pillows for a fun mixture that lends an eclectic vibe to the bedroom.

Accessories and Accents

While your bedding certainly sets the tone, it’s also important to utilize the right accessories and accents to create a cohesive look. Keep cool and warm tones together so that everything has nice, seamless visual symmetry.

Choose complementary decor

Select decor and furniture that complement each other instead of clashing. This also includes choosing other complementary materials in the bedroom, like your curtains and area rug so that everything blends together nicely.

Utilizing lighting

Layer the lighting in your bedroom to give it an inviting feel. Install an overhead light fixture with a dimmer and add a pair of matching table lamps or wall sconces on each side of the bed for the nightstand. A separate small lamp on the dresser is another excellent lighting piece that adds more warmth to the bedroom.

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Maintaining the Cozy Aesthetic

Here are some quick tips to help you maintain that cozy aesthetic you’re aiming for when you style with stonewashed linen bedding.

Keeping it unstructured

Stonewashed linen is naturally more crumpled and “wrinkly”, so it has a relaxing, unstructured look. Use this principle in the rest of your bedroom by draping a throw blanket over a chair, choosing a thick shag area rug, and blending soft colors and muted patterns.

Regular upkeep and care

Taking good care of your stonewashed linen will extend its lifespan. Keep it clean by using a mild detergent and washing it on the machine’s gentle cycle. You’ll note that the softness of your stonewashed linen bedding only increases after every single wash.

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Final thoughts on how to style a bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding

Remember these tips to help you learn how to style a bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding. At Or & Zon, we offer a wide range of beautiful, quality linen products at pleasantly affordable prices. Explore our website to discover the perfect collection of bedding to make your sleeping space the most comfortable and relaxing place in your home.