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Linen is one of the best and most luxurious fabrics that money can buy. If you’re looking for ways to make your bedroom more luxurious, we have some helpful tips for you. Whether you’re buying a brand-new home, planning a remodel, or just want to refresh your sleeping space, read on for some helpful tips for creating a luxurious bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding to give this important part of your own home a reboot.

Selecting the Right Stonewashed Linen Bedding

The key to making your bedroom look and feel luxurious is to ensure that you’re choosing the right type of stonewashed linen bedding. This starts by selecting high-quality linens, and by making sure that you choose the right bedding pieces for the room.

Importance of high-quality linen

A beautiful, luxurious bedroom starts with high-quality linen. This natural material is made from the flax plant and features a soft, airy feel and naturally breathable, moisture-wicking qualities to help your skin and body stay comfortable and cozy. Make sure you choose organic linen to ensure that your bedding is of the highest possible quality. The absence of potentially dangerous chemicals and additives ensures that you’re making a great choice not just for the design of the room, but also for your health. Belgian linen and European flax linen are both excellent choices.

Choosing the appropriate bedding pieces

Every interior designer knows that it’s all about selecting the right bedding pieces. Whether you have a large or small space, make sure you include the pieces you need to give the room a luxe, layered look. Start with a soft fitted sheet to fit your mattress, then add a flat sheet in the same color for a cohesive look. Next, top your bed with a soft comforter protected with a stonewashed linen duvet cover. Cover your bed with cushy pillows completed with matching pillowcases. Toss some throw pillows in fun designs and different textures on top of the bed to finish the layered aesthetic.

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Choosing a Color Palette

Navy Blue Linen bed Sheets Light Grey Linen bed Sheets

The right color palette will make your bedroom feel calming and inviting. Here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect palette for your space.

Optimal colors for a luxurious and tranquil atmosphere

Consider these color tips to help you create a luxurious and tranquil bedroom atmosphere:

  • Choose neutral shades like beige, tan, or gray to give your bedroom a warm, inviting feeling.
  • White sheets are a modern classic that will make the bedroom feel spa-like. Top the bed with a darker-colored fabric blanket or duvet for a nice contrast.
  • Earthy tones such as sage green or terra cotta are versatile, light neutrals that easily work with almost every type of furniture and décor style.

Coordinating with room decor and existing elements

Look for linen bedding that coordinates with the rest of your décor and existing elements that are already in the bedroom. Neutral hues work best since they tend to go with everything, but don’t be afraid to try a dark shade like navy blue or darker tones of green and gray if you want to go bold. Deeper tones also add a sense of warmth and work well with most furniture and decorative items. Consider the wall and floor colors to help you select the right coordinating shades.

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Layering and Mixing Textures

Blending a variety of textures can also help to make the whole room look and feel luxurious. Keep these tips in mind when you’re mixing and matching textures in this space.

Benefits of layering bedding for a rich look

Top your linen sheets with other classic textures like a silk, cotton, or shiny satin duvet cover. Add a woven blanket to the foot of the bed for a nice visual contrast. Alternatively, try organic cotton sheets and use a stonewashed linen duvet cover to mix things up.

Mixing and matching different shades of linen

Try decorating your bedroom with different shades of linen. Not every piece of bedding has to match perfectly, so mix it up by blending similar colors together on various pieces such as sheets, blankets, and pillowcases, cushions, and covers. This also creates a nice, lived in look without being fussy.

Incorporating additional textures for depth and visual interest

Remember to incorporate additional textures on other pieces in the bedroom for visual depth and visual interest. Soft denim pillows are a fun choice or try adding a set of velvet curtains to give the room a chic, sophisticated vibe.

Adding Decorative Pillows and Cushions

How can I make my bed look glamorous? Try fun pillows and cushions to make the bedroom feel a bit more playful and unique. Here are some tips to help you add the right decorative pillows and cushions to this space.

Using decorative pillows to enhance the bedroom's aesthetic

Pick out a variety of fun decorative pillows that will enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic. A pillow in a woven texture with unique embellishments lends an eclectic air to the space, while more classic options like a solid-colored square pillow will pair nicely with seasonal covers and bolder patterns.

Selecting patterns, embroidery, and designs that complement linen bedding

Look for pillows and pillow covers that have patterns, embroidery, and designs that complement rather than detract from your stonewashed linen bedding. Always opt for pieces that are in a similar style or colorway so everything meshes together nicely instead of clashing.

Including Bedspreads, Coverlets and Throws

Topping your bed with comfy and warm bedspreads, coverlets, and throws is the perfect way to layer the furniture and give it a luxurious finishing touch.

Incorporating lightweight bedspreads or coverlets

Select very light bedspreads or coverlets that add just the right amount of substance, visual texture, and warmth. Not only will they give the room a luxe look, but they’re also an excellent layer of warmth in the winter. Switch out colors and prints throughout the year to keep your bedroom in season.

Adding throws or blankets for warmth and style

Lots of throws and blankets not only make the bedroom appear more luxe, but they’re also great for keeping you toasty warm at night. The more blankets you add to the bed, the lusher it will be.

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Final thoughts on tips for creating a luxurious bedroom with stonewashed linen bedding

Creating a luxurious bedroom is more than just about looks. It’s also about setting the tone to ensure that this space is as comfortable as possible for a great night’s sleep. Visit Or & Zon to discover our exceptionally high-quality stonewashed linen bedding, organic cotton products, and so much more. The right products will help you transform your bedroom and turn it into a luxurious room you’ll love for life.