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Linen bedding adds beauty and refinement to any bedroom, but deciding how to use it in a creative way is crucial to designing a beautiful aesthetic. If you’re not sure how to mix and match stonewashed linen bedding, we have some creative tips to make it easier. This particular fabric imparts a cozy, lived-in look that gives your sleeping space a relaxed, laid-back vibe. Read on to learn more about some helpful tips and tricks that will make mixing and matching your gorgeous linen bedding a breeze.

What is stonewashed linen bedding?

While all linen comes from the flax plant, stonewashed linen undergoes a specific process before it’s brought to market. This process involves putting the linen inside massive drum-operated washing machines and dryers with large rocks and stones added. The friction from the stones gives stonewashed linen an incredibly soft texture and a naturally crumpled, slightly “wrinkled” look. It also causes the dye to look a little bit more distressed and gives this beautiful, comfortable bedding a unique look that’s different for each individual piece you purchase.

The unique qualities of linen fabric

Linen fabric has many unique qualities that other textiles don’t. First, linen is one of the most natural, sustainable fabrics available on the market, as it requires less water to grow the flax plants from which it’s made. This material is also naturally breathable, extremely soft to the touch, and very easy to maintain. It also has temperature-regulating properties to keep you comfortable all year round, regardless of the weather. You’ll stay cozy and warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer. It’s also hypoallergenic and doesn’t require ironing.

The environmental benefits of linen as a sustainable bedding choice

There are several reasons why choosing linen is a sustainable bedding choice, including:

  • Linen is more eco-friendly than cotton because nearly every part of the flax plant is used to make the fabric.
  • The manufacturing footprint of linen is much less than other textiles, and it requires very minimal processing.
  • Linen is 100% biodegradable since it comes completely from plants.
  • The flax plant itself is a very sustainable crop to grow, harvest, and maintain.
  • Making linen requires fewer resources than most of the other popular bedding materials on the market.
  • It takes approximately 20 percent less water and energy to produce linen.
  • Fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful substances and chemicals are involved in caring for flax plant crops.
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Selecting Linen Colors and Patterns

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How do you mix and match linen bedding? It begins by selecting the right linen colors and patterns. Here are some tips to help you create a stunning color palette and choose patterns that suit your interior design style.

Establishing a color palette

Every good design begins with a base color palette. Decide whether you prefer neutral colors and earth tones like white, ivory, beige, or gray, or if you prefer decorating with darker or more vibrant colors. Try to keep neutrals together for a calm, spa-like feel. For those who like things a bit bolder, select bedding that features darker tones like black, olive green, navy blue, or deep red. Remember, you’re not stuck with just plain white sheets when you buy linen bedding. This material comes in an array of beautiful colors that are designed to help you set the tone for your sleeping space.

Embracing patterns

While most linens are crisp and clean in terms of aesthetics, you can still have some fun by embracing the idea of blending different patterns together. For example, try prints on bedding such as thin pinstripes on sheets that can be mixed with a windowpane pattern on products like duvet covers or pillowcases. You can also mix and match almost any pattern with stripes for a fun, eclectic aesthetic. Look for linens that are sold separately so it’s easier to combine and layer a variety of patterns that you love.

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Coordinating Fitted Sheets and Flat Sheets

If you’re aiming for a seamless and more harmonious look, it’s important to coordinate your linen sheets as much as possible. The fitted sheet should be the “main base color,” and then you can add a different color or pattern for the top sheet within the same color family.

Creating harmony

Use a linen fitted sheet and a flat sheet within the same color family to create a harmony that keeps your bedroom calm and serene. Keep light neutral and earth tones together, and then add a comfy quilt or stonewashed linen duvet cover that brings the other layers together.

Mixing and layering

Feel free to have fun mixing and layering different textures together. For example, choose traditional linen sheets, then add a woven blanket or a soft stonewashed linen quilt on top of the bed to create contrast.

Pillowcases and Shams

Your pillowcases and shams are some of the most versatile pieces that are the easiest to mix and match.

Playing with textures

Look for shams with an assortment of fun textures that will bring visual contrast to the bedroom. If you’re adding a few extra pillows to the bed for decorative purposes, make those pillows the ones with the most uniquely textured covers.

Exploring sizes and arrangements

Have fun adding an assortment of pillow sizes to your bed. Blend long and linear lumbar pillows with Euro shams, and choose a few pillows filled with feathers to give the space a cushy, softer look and feel.

Duvet Covers and Comforters

Your duvet cover or comforter is the main attraction when it comes to your bedding. Here are some tips to help you mix and match linen bedding for these pieces.

Selecting a focal point

Pick out a comforter or duvet cover that has a bold look or a dark color to serve as the focal point of the bedroom. Opt for something in a lively floral pattern that brings the room a playful pop and a touch of personality.

Layering for versatility

Can you mix and match bedding? Absolutely! It’s better to layer your bedding to give the space a versatile, more eclectic vibe. Feel free to mix different fabrics together, play around with color and pattern, and layer your pillows and blankets. You can also swap out your bedding as the seasons change when it gets too warm or cold outside.

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Bringing It All Together: Styling Tips

Here are some ideas and styling tips to help you bring your bedding look together.

Building a cohesive look

Since linen comes in a range of colors, be careful about choosing hues that work nicely together to give the space a cohesive, seamless look. Examine different textures such as wool or flannel that you can easily layer with linen. Use other textiles like your curtains, area rug, or furniture upholstery to tie everything with the bedding for a beautiful, cohesive space.

Paying attention to proportions

Look at prints and patterns and pay close attention to their proportions. A “busy” floral pattern looks beautiful with solid colors, but it won’t play nicely with stripes or other patterns on a sheet underneath. Design a lovely bedroom by choosing the right mixture of proportions to give the space visual symmetry.

Stonewashed linen sheet set

Final thoughts on how to mix and match stonewashed linen bedding

Remember these tips to help you mix and match stonewashed linen bedding in a beautiful way. Our versatile stonewashed linen is extremely soft and gets softer after every wash to give your bedroom a comfortable, warm look and feel. Explore our website to discover more of our high-quality products today to enhance your sleep quality and your life.