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If you've been on the hunt for soft linen bedding that’s also high in quality, versatile stonewashed bed linens come in a wide variety of beautiful colours to enhance your bedroom. Stonewashed linen products have an unsurpassed softness and provide your sleeping space with a comfy, lived-in look. Not only is this type of bedding softer than many other fabrics like synthetics or cotton, but it also exudes a relaxing aura thanks to the variety of colours available. This guide will explain how to choose the right color of stonewashed linen so that you can find the perfect hue to complement and enliven your sleeping space.

What is stonewashed Linen?

All linen is naturally derived from the flax plant, but stone washed linen undergoes a unique process that uses real stones made of pumice and volcanic stones that are added to large, industrial-sized drum washing machines and dryers. When the stones come into contact with the fibres of the fabric, it creates friction that results in unique “distressing” of the material. This process is what gives the stonewashed linen fabric its signature softness and classic, crumpled texture and casually wrinkled look. The process used to make stonewashed linen also affects the way the material holds colour. Instead of consistent colouring throughout the product, you’ll notice that stonewashed linens tend to have a distressed look with more colour variations.

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Choosing a Color for stonewashed linen bedding

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So, what colour is linen? Natural linen that is undyed is typically called “linen gray”, but it does have variations depending on how the flax crop was grown and processed. Woven linen fabrics that are undyed can typically feature a natural linen colour that ranges from soft shades of beige and oatmeal to ivory and ecru. Before you select a color for your beautiful new stonewashed linen sheets, duvet cover, or pillowcases, let’s take a look at what some of the best colors are when choosing the right option for your abode.

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What are the Best Colors for stonewashed linen?

Is it better to have dark or light stonewashed sheets?

There are several things to consider when choosing the best linen colour for your stonewashed linen bed sheets as well as other products like soft, warm duvet covers or pillows. If stains are a concern, you may want to choose a darker colour. However, if you have a small bedroom, light sheets can help to make the space look and feel more open and airier. Choose light hues if your bedroom is small and you’re not too worried about marks or having to wash your stonewashed linen sheets very frequently. If you need to hide marks and messes (like in a child’s room), then darker colours like green or blue might be best.

Neutral Colors (grey, white, beige)

Neutral colors such as grey, white, and beige go with practically anything. You can choose these colours to match the bed and other furniture in the room or to create a nice visual contrast. For example, white bed linen gives a bold, contrasted aesthetic against darker-coloured furniture and decor. These neutral tones also help to create a more sophisticated, slightly more formal look. Lighter sheets in colors like white or beige feel crisp and clean, lending your bedroom a more luxurious vibe.

Colorful Sheets

If you prefer something a bit more colourful, opt for brighter and bolder coloured sheets. Choose something with tiny geometric patterns to add a fun and playful pop to the room. Colourful sheets are a perfect choice for a child’s bedroom or a guest room where you want to add a touch of personality. Using colour can also make any bedroom feel warm and inviting versus the starkness of plain white. When you’re looking for colourful sheets for everyday use, make sure they’re not too bright or imposing, as this could interfere with sleep quality. If you like the idea of neutral colours but prefer something a bit bolder, try olive green or a mid-tone blue to bring in more colour without making things feel too overwhelming.

Linen Sheets Color Combinations

How do you pick linens in various colour combinations? This luxurious fabric makes it easy to get restful beauty sleep, so here are some tips to help you create a beautiful colour combo:

  • Choose a lighter-coloured fitted sheet and select something slightly darker or on the complete opposite end of the spectrum for the flat sheet, such as a black-and-white or red-and-blue combo.
  • Since neutrals go with almost anything, feel free to mix and match a variety of neutral tones together to make your bedroom look and feel more relaxing.
  • Look for stonewashed linen bedding that goes with other fabrics in the room like your area rug or window curtains to create a coordinated, seamless look.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix different fabrics with your stonewashed linen bedding, such as organic cotton or regular linen.
  • If you’re choosing printed linen sheets, balance things out by topping them with a solid comforter, quilt, or duvet cover.
  • Create a gorgeous two-toned look by combining lighter and darker colours together, such as a light and dark blue or a light and dark green or grey.
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Final thoughts on how to choose the right color of stonewashed linen

What is the best colour for linen? The answer really depends on your own personal taste and style. Remember that darker colours work best if stains are a worry, while light and neutral hues elevate your most sophisticated spaces. Keep these simple tips in mind to help you decide which beautiful colour your next set of stonewashed linen bedding should be. At Or & Zon, you’ll find a wide range of beautiful, great quality products including our linen bed bundles to help you design the ultimate bedroom. Explore our selection today to discover the ultimate bedding products designed to improve your life.