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For many couples, living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle is an important value that they share. Reducing our environmental and carbon footprint can help to ensure a safe and healthy environment for future generations to enjoy. If you know someone who’s planning to tie the knot, there are a myriad of quality eco friendly wedding gifts available to choose from. These gifts are not only sustainable, but many of these products are also healthier and longer lasting than traditional alternatives. Our guide will help you find out which sustainable wedding gifts are the best choice, and you’ll get a closer look at some of our sustainable bedding options that make some of the best eco friendly wedding gifts for the environmentally conscious couple.

What can I give as a wedding gift besides money?

While money is always appreciated, there are a plethora of creative, meaningful gifts you can give to the newlywed couple. Here are just a few popular wedding gift options to consider for bridal showers and the big day.

Wedding Bag on staircase Open door of a bedroom and wedding blanket
  • Bedding. Beautiful new bedding like a set of high-quality sheets, a duvet, quilt, or comforter is always appreciated.
  • Kitchenware. New kitchenware including small appliances, cookware, and sets of plates, glasses, and silverware makes a wonderful wedding gift.
  • Artwork. If you know the couple well, a beautiful piece of wall art or custom artwork makes a very memorable gift for a wedding.
  • An ornament. A “first Christmas together” ornament with the couple’s name and wedding date is a special gift they will treasure.
  • Serveware. Serveware like marble cheese trays and wood charcuterie boards make a fantastic gift for a wedding.
  • Personalized glasses. Personalized champagne flutes, coasters, and bar glasses make a great gift for the couple who enjoy entertaining friends and family.
  • Items for the patio. New outdoor items for the patio, including comfortable patio furniture, colorful pillows, and outdoor lighting are a fun gift to consider.

These are just a few examples of some of the most popular wedding gifts that you can give besides money. Now, let’s dig deeper into the many benefits and advantages of choosing eco friendly wedding gifts.

Giving sustainable wedding gifts helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Since most businesses that make and sell eco-friendly products are smaller businesses, you’re also supporting these small businesses when you make a purchase. Choosing gifts that are made from sustainable or repurposed materials means that you’re contributing to a cleaner, greener world rather than purchasing mass-produced items that contribute to pollution. Buying sustainable wedding gifts allows you to make a conscious choice to purchase things that are eco-friendly and won’t harm the air, water, soil, or animals. These items are not only good for the planet, but they’ll also make you feel good about what you buy, too.

Tips for choosing an eco-friendly wedding gift

Wedding blanket by a pool? Wedding throw blanket in a bedroom

Before you start shopping, here are some helpful tips for choosing an eco-friendly wedding gift:

  • Sport or a hobby. Think about what the couple enjoys, whether it’s a favorite sport or a hobby, then choose the eco-friendly version of items that they’ll enjoy. For example, if they love to go hiking or camping, give the newlyweds a set of sustainable camping cooking gear made from eco-friendly materials that they can reuse.
  • Organic materials. Choose items made of organic materials such as 100 percent organic cotton, linen, or bamboo, especially when it comes to soft goods like rugs, curtains, and bedding.
  • Recycled materials. Seek out products that are constructed of recycled materials or products that are compostable and biodegradable.
  • Eco-friendly companies. Research eco-friendly companies you can trust to ensure that the products you buy are made under ethical environmental standards and practices.
Wedding blanket

What are some environmentally friendly gifts?

The sky is the limit when it comes to finding the best eco friendly wedding gifts, but if you need some inspiration, here’s an overview of some popular choices.

  • Tickets. Instead of tangible goods, consider gifting the newly married couple tickets to an event that you know they’ll enjoy.
  • Gardening items . Encourage a sustainable lifestyle by gifting a set of gardening items like seeds, a compost bin, or some sustainably made pottery for houseplants.
  • Eco-friendly items. Stock the couple’s home with eco-friendly items like nontoxic candles or household cleaners made using sustainable packaging and ingredients.
  • Memberships. Give the gift of club memberships or enroll the couple in some fun classes you know that they’ll enjoy taking together.
  • Plant a tree. Plant a tree on the couple’s behalf or make a donation to an organization or cause in their names that they care about.
  • Slow fashion. Choose to give “slow fashion” items of clothing, shoes, and accessories made from eco-friendly, ethical materials like organic cloth, recycled materials, or vegan leather.
  • Energy efficient electronics. If you’re planning to give electronics, choose products that are energy efficient and that use as little power as possible.

Comparison of eco-friendly gift options

Unlike traditional gifts, eco-friendly options are always made using safe materials and sustainable practices that don’t harm the environment. Choose items that are recycled, repurposed, or that can be recycled later. Look for products crafted of safe, healthy materials such as soft bedding made of organic cotton rather than synthetic materials. Avoid buying cheap items that will eventually end up in a landfill. Instead, seek out items that are made of high quality and that are designed to last the couple for a long time

Cream cotton duvet cover

What is the best gift for a newly married couple?

You may wonder what the best gift is for a newly married couple. We have a few ideas to help you get inspired and guide you as you search for the perfect wedding gift.

Factors to consider when choosing a wedding gift

Before you start shopping, there are a few factors to consider when you choose a wedding gift. If the happy couple has a gift registry, start there and look at their list of wanted items. Once you decide which items from the registry you want to buy, look for an eco-friendly alternative to them whenever you can. It’s also important to think about the things the couple enjoys doing together. Instead of buying products, consider getting them tickets to a concert or a sporting event.

If they’re interested in cooking together, sign them up for some fun local cooking classes. If you want to buy the couple a luxury or big-ticket item, pool your money together with some friends and gift the newlyweds a “group gift” that you’ve purchased together.

Most importantly, seek wedding gifts that are personal and meaningful to the couple. These items will be cherished for a long time, and they’ll always be a reminder of your friendship or your love for them. You can also give gift cards for a nice hotel or some custom luggage tags if they like to travel. Brainstorm a few different ideas, then narrow down your choices so you’re happy about the purchase.

Personalized gift ideas for newlyweds

A personalized gift is something that almost every couple will appreciate. Here are some helpful ideas for personalized wedding gifts to consider.

  • A custom sign featuring the couple’s name, or a personalized art portrait of the couple both make a wonderful gift—just make sure that these items are made with sustainable materials by an ethical company.
  • Look for items made of wood that can be etched with the couple’s name, such as a custom lazy Susan or a personalized cutting board.
  • Create a personalized framed piece of art that features the couple’s favorite song or that features the day of their very first date.
  • A personalized stamp with the couple’s name and address that can be used for mailing cards and other items makes a wonderful, useful gift.
  • Purchase a custom picture frame, but make sure that it’s from an eco-friendly company. You can add a favorite photo of the couple or leave it empty for them to fill.
  • If you’re crafty, make your own handmade personalized wedding gift like a beautiful piece of handcrafted embroidery, a hand-sewn blanket, or a painting that you created yourself.

Recommendations for eco-friendly wedding gifts for newlyweds

Now that you have some ideas about the best eco friendly wedding gifts, keep these recommendations in mind. First, consider buying items that aren’t going to be thrown away in a year or two and opt for experiential gifts instead, like event tickets or classes. Next, remember that the items you buy should be made of organic or recycled materials whenever possible so that you’re purchasing a gift that’s made using sustainable practices.

Anything that can be re-used is always welcome, too, including cookware, glassware, or bedding (made from eco-friendly materials, of course). A personalized gift will almost always be appreciated more than a “basic” one, and it’s something that the newlyweds will likely keep for life. Refer to the couple’s wedding gift registry if you’re ever in doubt, then make sure that you look for a similar item made in an eco-friendly way instead.

Final Thoughts on The 7 Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gifts

Remember these tips and ideas to help you find the best sustainable wedding gifts for the eco-conscious couple in your life. With some careful planning and a bit of hunting, it’s easy to find eco-friendly products that the newlyweds will appreciate. You can always purchase non-tangible items like experiences, too. Always look for products that are crafted from organic and eco-friendly materials whenever possible so that you’re contributing to a cleaner, greener world for all.

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