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Hand-Weaving Spotlight 

We are never shy about declaring that what distinguishes Or & Zon as a brand is our affinity towards all-things handmade and hand-woven. There’s a gracefulness to decorative throw blankets that’s an immediate invite in appeal and is what leverages our beddings to a whole other tier. 

The weaving team comprises highly skilled individuals who are hand-weaving virtuosos. Their tenure in this field and art has brought about a depth in the craft. Whether the patterns they come up with are a labyrinth of strings and strands or if they’re simple and pure, the outcome is ever-immaculate. 

Or & Zon’s decorative throw blankets for sofa surpasses any commercially manufactured bedding accessory. The dedication it takes to complete a piece along with the time spent in perfecting it (a minimum of two full days) is what sets us apart from run-of-the-mill brands.

Traditionally And Distinctively Or & Zon 

In parallel to our trademark weaving, our throw blanket line possesses a myriad of designs that you won’t find just anywhere. They are custom made and very specifically patterned according to ancestral and cultural influences. 

We believe that in going back to traditional roots, from Moroccan, Saharan, to Portuguese, and so much more, you will receive bed sheets rich in culture and life. And a tinge of bohemian panache to tie it all together. 

Your throw blanket doesn’t have to be elaborately embellished to be deemed exceptional and unlike the rest. This is why our coverlets range from detailed to simplistic, in an unpretentious manner. No over-decorating. Only basic sophistication for everyday-beddings to pair with your at-home throw pillow. 

Muted And Soothing On The Skin 

We don’t hide the fact that because we are meticulous in the materials we use for our items, we produce first-rate blankets. These super soft covers are dreamily lush, you’re going to want to envelope yourself around them throughout the night, and the day! 

Weaves are a tricky practice as the wrong materials and the wrong technique may render the product jagged and coarse to the touch. But we’ve perfected that duet so that both superb components and superb weaving methods intertwine to conceive soft linings that are meant for cuddling in. 

Strengthened Spun Fabric 

Because quality is our middle name, you can trust that our decorative coverlets have impeccable longevity. They won’t loosen and/or be chock full of snags after handwashing them, like how regularly weaved beddings do. 

Their fabric, threads, and tassels are flawlessly sewn inch by inch, for a truly sturdy frame on each side of the spread. This means that every part of the inner and outer linings are reinforced with coherent interlacings for an intensified thread-hold.

At the same time, these quality cotton fabrics will not clump up and form pills. Pills, which are also referred to as “fuzzballs”, will not plague these blue-ribbon overlays.

Innovative Home Decor 

Though our decorative blanket line has design options that will wow your eyes-wide-open, their neutral colours make them suitable for different bed and sofa shades and styles. 

Contemplating how to redecorate your room? Set our decorative sheets on your mattresses and they’ll magically revitalize your surroundings. 

If you’re feeling particularly creative, drape them over your couch for a stylish look. They’re double-purposed, too! During chilly days when you’re seated on the sofa, pull the “drape” towards yourself and voila! The decor returns to being a trusty coverlet.

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