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What Size Are Standard Pillowcases?

by Linkmillers on

When talking about sleep quality, you’ll typically hear about mattress type, pillow density, or sheet material. But there’s another factor playing into your sleep satisfaction: pillow sizing. If...

How to Know If Your Pillow Needs Replacing

by Linkmillers on

You may be surprised at how this can be a major make-or-break factor in bringing you comfort while you catch those Zs. And how being knowledgeable of the...

What Is the Best Material for Bed Sheets?

by Linkmillers on

We spend eight hours a night on our bed sheets — that’s 2,920 hours per year! It’s a pretty significant amount of time. So, of course, the material...

How to Style Your Bed: Bedding Ideas

by Linkmillers on

Have you ever walked into a bedroom that just oozes serenity? From playfully tossed throw pillows to a perfectly placed blanket at the foot of the bed, some...

What Are Throw Pillows Used For?

by Linkmillers on

Throw pillows are an essential aspect of home decor. They add personality and cohesion to your space — plus, you can show off your interior design skills. These...

How to Choose the Best Blanket for a Good Sleep?

by Linkmillers on

While blankets can add to the aesthetics of your room décor, your decision shouldn’t be solely based on how graceful they look or how soft they feel. A...

How to Wash Linen Bedding

by Linkmillers on

Linen is a durable natural fiber. Be it pillowcases, linen sheets, or boho quilt sets, they all are resistant to wear and tear, fading and shrinking even after several washes. Linen...

How to Keep Fitted Sheets From Coming off the Bed?

by Linkmillers on

When we buy new sheets or sheet sets, they often do not seem to sit correctly, resulting in them coming off the mattress when you toss and turn....

How to Fold Fitted Sheets?

by Linkmillers on

Folding a fitted sheet is possibly one of the most frustrating experience for many people. Smoothing out the elastic corners of a fitted sheet can be a struggle...

How Often Should You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

by Linkmillers Collaborator on

Are you amongst the types who love the smell and feel of stiff freshly ironed bed linen like me and are also blessed with the tropical sun? If...