May 19, 2022 5 min read

Throw blankets and beds go together like summer and linen sheets. They just make sense together. Decorating with throw blankets instantly elevates your interior design game, and it’s incredibly easy to do. We’ll take you through how to put a throw blanket on a bed, why throw blankets for bed styling are necessary, and how to choose a throw. So cozy up in your favorite blanket and read on!

Why Should You Decorate Your Bed With Throw Blankets?

Throw blankets are an essential item in every home designer’s toolkit. They work in every situation, with any aesthetic, in all types of bedrooms. It’s a no-brainer. There are endless reasons why using throw blankets for bed decor is always a good idea.

Here’s why you should start decorating with throw blankets:

Close up of a Grey Throw Pillow Throw blanket packaging bag by stairs
  • Add depth with layering. Layering your bedding with a throw blanket immediately creates aesthetically pleasing depth. You don’t have to be a pro to make your bedroom look like a snapshot from a style magazine — just layer up.
  • Easy access for chilly nights. Woke up cold in the middle of the night? It’s all good. Just pull up that throw blanket lying on the foot of your bed. No need to turn on the lights and rummage around for that extra blanket in your closet. It’s right there already.
  • Contrast your covers. Throws are small but mighty eye-catchers. You can easily add a pop of color or texture that breaks up and complements your current decor. It brings excitement and contrast that can change the entire vibe of your bedroom.
  • Make your bed more welcoming. A beautifully styled bed is way more inviting than a messy mattress. Cozy throw blankets have seriously soothing vibes perfect for taking you out of work mode and into a relaxed state. The calming energy of seeing your gorgeous throw blanket adorned bed will prepare you for a deep sleep.
  • Polish off your style. Sometimes we just need that one thing to complete our space, making it all come alive. Using throw blankets for bed decor does exactly that. Need more boho vibes? Choose a tasseled cotton throw. Seeking fun, eclectic energy? Look for a colorful, funky pattern.
  • Space-saving storage. Do you already own a ton of throw blankets and just don’t know where to keep them? Forget the closet or basket in the corner of your room. Lay it on your bed instead!

So now that we know why you should use throw blankets, let’s discuss how to decorate your bed with throws.

How to Put a Throw Blanket on a Bed

Moroccan Throw Blanket by Pool Pom Pom throw Blanket on a Bed

Wondering how to put a throw blanket on a bed? Well, there isn’t just one answer! There are tons of ways your blanket decor can help your personality shine. From polished folds to effortless messy-chic vibes, there’s a technique for everyone.

Keep in mind that your mattress and throw sizes can affect how these styling methods look. Trust your gut to add (or subtract) folds or adjust placement as needed. Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating your bed with throws.

Add a Throw Blanket to the Foot of Your Bed

Most people think of this method when considering how to put a throw blanket on a bed. It’s a classic. Fold your blanket in thirds lengthwise, and place it at the foot of your mattress. Then, either set it right at the edge or slightly above.

Use a Throw Blanket to Cover Your Covers

Throws are typically smaller than standard-sized blankets, so they won’t cover your entire bed. You can use this to your advantage by skipping the folding and laying your throw flatly on the mattress. For the most visually appealing results, place the blanket a third of the way down the bed and let the throw slightly hang off the bottom.

If you have a large blanket or small bed, you may need to fold the throw once. Or, use a large throw like our pom pom throw blanket as a cover for your bed! This method is a great way to show off a gorgeous patterned garment.

Drape Your Throw Partially On, Partially Off

Probably one of the most popular throw blanket on bed ideas, this equally classic and exciting styling technique for throw blankets is a fresh take on the “foot of the bed” approach. Start by folding the throw blanket in half horizontally. Then, fold it into thirds lengthwise. Finish by placing it about two-thirds down from the head of the bed, letting part of the blanket drape off the mattress.

Place Your Throw Blanket on a Diagonal

The name says it all: this look involves placing your throw diagonally across the bottom edge of your bed. You’ll want to make at least one horizontal fold, but you can also add a lengthwise one. It’s entirely up to you. Then, drape it over one of your bed’s bottom corners, roughly at a 45-degree angle.

Just Throw Your Blanket on the Bed!

Decorating with throw blankets doesn’t have to be complicated. Throw blankets are aptly named: they look good when casually tossed over furniture! So, do exactly that. Pick up your blanket by pinching it somewhere in the middle, then toss it down. Feel free to make tiny adjustments, but remember we’re going for messy-chic here. It shouldn’t look too perfect!

Moroccan Throw Blanket on bed

Choosing Throw Blankets for Bed Styling

Choosing the right throw blankets for bed styling is just as important as knowing how to put a throw blanket on a bed properly. But what should you be looking for when shopping? Consider the following:

Use Blankets With Texture

Decorating with throw blankets is a fantastic way to add some texture. Like color, mixing and matching materials offer a welcome contrast. Use this as a chance to experiment!

Textural differences also alter the vibe of your space. Chunky cable knit throws pair well with cold weather, for example. On the other hand, faux fur brings funky energy.

Consider Your Decor Color

You should always consider color when finding the right throw blanket for your bed. Accentuate your monochromatic palette with a like-colored throw or use an accent shade to tie the room together. Take a peek at a color wheel if you need some inspo. Just beware of clashing colors (unless that’s the eclectic look you’re going for).

Find a Throw With Pattern

If patterns intimidate you, you’re not alone. But throws are the perfect outlet for conquering that fear. Decorating with throw blankets allows you to experiment with designs in small doses. Folding your blanket also offers more subtlety. Or, you can skip the repeating geometric print in favor of a woven blanket with a stunning print that you’ll be itching to show off.

Consider the Thickness of Your Throw Blanket

Raise your hand if you’ve passed on a dreamy-looking blanket because the thickness wasn’t right for you. It really does matter! We primarily consider the throw’s warmth (for obvious reasons), but thickness affects folding and style-ability too. Even one fold can turn a chunky blanket clunky real fast. So consider that a thicker throw may limit your decor options.

Don’t Forget Blanket Size

Throws are typically smaller than standard blankets. That’s what makes them unique. Still, their measurements do vary and it’s important to consider the size when decorating your bed with throws. Another important variable is the size of your mattress. Since throws don’t usually cover the whole bed anyway, you can play around with your blanket’s sizing. However, the measurements can impact how various styles translate.

Final Thoughts on Best Bedding for Hot Sleepers

Learning how to decorate a bed with a throw blanket isn’t a science — there are no wrong answers. Decorating with throw blankets is a simple way to elevate your style while infusing your personality into the space. Choose from any of our methods or come up with your own way to use throw blankets for bed styling.