March 01, 2022 5 min read

Do you ever look at your bed and just feel…uninspired? We’ve all been there. Luckily, there’s a simple solution: layering your bedding. And you don’t need to be a master of interior design to do it like a pro! 

Layering your bedding is an easy way to add dimension to your space. It truly is exactly as it sounds: building up layers with accessories to elevate your entire space. All it takes is some strategically placed throw pillows and blankets to create that “Wow!” factor of your dreams. 

But is it really that different from just making your bed normally? Yes, it is. A messy mattress with a single pillow and jumbled blankets laying about isn’t going to get anyone excited. Instead, take the time to decorate a space that you’re genuinely happy to come home to. Think of it as an act of self-care.

And that’s not the only reason you learn how to layer bedding. Layering your bedding has serious benefits: both aesthetically and practically. 

  • Feel good about where you lay your head. You might feel neutral about your bed right now. Or maybe even good. But layering your bed can make you feel great about it! Pride points are always a win. 
  • Making your bed. It’s no longer a chore to roll your eyes at. You’ll wake up excited to put your beautiful sleeping space back together perfectly. Check that off the list! 
  • Show off your space. Next time you’re hosting overnight guests, a housewarming party, or your family dinner, feel free to leave the door open. People will be captivated by your stunning spread, and the compliments will start flowing.
  • Come home to a lovely place. You’ll always start and end your day under your carefully curated bed layers. No matter what happens in between, you get to retreat to this space that’s thoughtfully yours.
  • Extra bedding when you need it, where you need it. Say goodbye to venturing into the linen closet for extra blankets or pillows on a restless night. Everything you need for a cozy sleep is already on top of your bed. Practicality at its finest. 
How to Layer Bedding: The Basics


Ready to learn how to layer bedding? Great! Before we deep dive into placement and tips for choosing the right pieces, we need to go over the basics. 

What does layering bedding even entail? It truly is as simple as it sounds. This decor style is all about creating depth. Take your bedding essentials, then add all the accessories you like! Minimalist or maximalist, there are a ton of ways to do it. Here are the most common bedding elements involved in layering:

  • Sheets
  • Duvet or comforter
  • Blankets
  • Quilts
  • Coverlets
  • Bed pillows
  • Throw pillows

Use these accessories strategically to compose dreamy visuals. You probably already own most of them! So now it’s all about how to pair decor like a pro. 

There’s more to layering than placing pillows on top of quilts. Consider all the other ways you can add depth to your space. 

Here are some decorative elements to pay attention to when learning how to layer your bedding:

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Quantity
  • Material

Everyone’s layering masterpieces will look completely unique. That’s the beauty of it! But really, you have a ton of wiggle room. 

Choosing the Right Bedding for Optimal Layering

the Right Bedding for Optimal Layering

Creating depth is key to a gorgeous layered look. Do this by playing around with various elements of design. Too much of the same can be boring, while too much contrast can be overwhelming. It’s a delicate balance. 

But don’t worry! We’re here to help. So, let’s get into some shopping ideas when learning how to layer bedding like a designer. 

Pick a Palette

Color palette is likely the first thing you’ll consider when shopping for linens. It’s often the star of the show! And when it comes to layering bedding, it’s pretty crucial. Choosing your color scheme (and sticking to it) allows you to play with other decorative elements like texture, patterns, and sizes. When in doubt, go for complementary shades or various tones of the same color. And earth tones are always a win in our books. 

Be Bold

Many elements make up a perfectly layered spread. So why not let one piece be the star? Choose a bold accent piece — like a patterned pillow or rich-toned blanket — and let it shine. 

Variety Is Everything

Too much same-old gets boring pretty quickly. But variety takes your setup from sleepy to spectacular. Textured elements guarantee depth without being over the top. Try pairing light materials like linen with cozy ones like wool. And don’t forget about throw pillows! Grab a few different sizes or mismatch their cases for an easy eye-catcher.  

But Keep It Connected

Variety makes your space interesting, but too much can just be chaotic. Instead, find common ground throughout your layered bed. Perhaps you repeat the same pattern in different tones or choose various sized pillows that are all the same shape. It doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy — just related.  

Stay True to Your Style

If there’s one thing you should know about how to layer bedding, it’s that your vibes should always come through. It is your bed, after all! So if you’re into boho chic decor, toss on those breezy linen quilts. But if you love a silky luxe feel, don’t forget the sateen sheets

Creating a Designer Look with Your Bed Layering

Designer Look with Your Bed Layering

Ready to get to work? Now that you have all of your pieces picked out, it’s time to decorate. This is how to layer bedding for a designer look — no prior experience needed (although your friends might try to contract you out). Let’s get to it!

Be Generous With Pillows

If there’s one thing every interior design magazine loves, it’s pillows. And so do we. Pillows add a ton of depth naturally — they literally create volume! Even the most basic white bedspread immediately elevates when you add pillows to the equation. 

Work in Thirds

All visual art uses the rule of thirds. Picture your bed is split into thirds. When it comes to design, the bottom third of your mattress is just as important as the top third. Don’t let your pillows steal the show! Place a folded blanket or quilt near the foot for a picture-perfect moment. 

Odds Are in Your Favor

Always, always, always add elements in odd numbers. It’s way more natural to the eye. When choosing how many pillows to include, patterns to use, or blankets to toss on top, keep this in mind. 

Be Intentionally Casual

A bit of imperfection can make your layered bedding look even more perfect. If you have boho-chic style, casually draping a throw blanket on your bed makes for a dreamy atmosphere. Hey, they’re called throws for a reason! Plus, wrinkled linens never hurt anyone. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easier than it seems to learn how to layer bedding like a designer. Create depth, play with size, shape, color, and texture, but most importantly, have fun with it. Make it a space that you’re excited to come home to every night and one that you never want to leave.