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A futon is a type of furniture that looks like a couch or loveseats, but it folds down to create a comfortable bed for small spaces. Most futons have a cushion on top that can also double as a mattress once it’s folded flat. If you’re a futon owner, finding the right futon sheets is important, especially if you’re planning to use them as a space for guests to sleep. There are some common confusions and challenges many futon owners face when finding the right sheets for futon furniture. Most importantly, people aren’t sure which futon bed size they have or what size sheets they need. This guide will provide you with the right information to help you find the appropriate size futon bed sheets for various futon sizes, so let’s jump in.

Understanding Futon Sizes

What size are most futons? Let’s start our guide by going over the various sizes and some standard futon size measurements and dimensions. It’s important to note that the exact measurements of your futon might differ slightly depending on the manufacturer and style. The two most common futon sizes are full and queen, but there are some king futons available as well, although a California king futon is rare. Note that these dimensions represent the futon’s frame size and not the futon mattress measurements.

  • Full futon frame dimensions: 72 x 75 inches – The full-size futon makes a great couch for everyday use. A bi-fold full futon has three seats while a tri-fold has two seats. This option can sleep two adults comfortably.
  • Queen futon frame dimensions: 77 x 80 inches – A queen futon is the best everyday bed, and bi-fold queen futons have four seats, while the tri-fold has two seats. Like the full-size, a queen-size futon can comfortably sleep two adults.
  • King futon frame dimensions: 76 x 80 inches – A king futon is a great sofa as well as a comfortable bed. This size gives each person the same width as a twin bed and usually includes two half-width box springs.
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Choosing the Right Sheet Size

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Choosing the right futon mattress sheet size is crucial to providing a soft, comfortable cover for your furniture that promotes comfortable sleep. It also adds an attractive look and will protect the futon from damage. Make sure your futon cover or sheets have a nice, snug fit so they stay in place. If your futon sheet size is off, it can affect sleep quality and the overall appearance of your furniture. Make sure you’re measuring the length and width of the futon cushion or mattress correctly before you buy new futon sheets.

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Sheet Size Recommendations

So, what size sheets fit a futon? Now that you’re more familiar with the futon’s frame sizes, it’s time to go over the different dimensions of common futon mattresses. Can you use a fitted sheet as a futon cover? Yes, you can cover futon with fitted sheet for a nice, snug fit. A futon fitted sheet is designed to fit the coordinating size futon based on specific dimensions, so let’s go over some common dimensions. Remember, it’s still best to measure your futon mattress just to ensure your new bedding is a perfect fit.

  • Full size futon mattress size: 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen futon measurements for mattress: 60 x 80 inches
  • King futon bed size mattress dimensions: 76 x 80 inches

Note that there are some slight differences in these futon sizes versus the frame. For example, full size futon dimensions have a much larger frame than the mattress itself. Again, always refer to the exact measurements of your queen, king, or futon full mattress size to find the right fit. Once you have that information, refer to it when shopping for a futon fitted sheet. This is the most important size sheet since it has elastic on the corners to make tucking the sheet around the futon’s mattress easier.

When it comes to flat sheets, it’s always a good idea to purchase a complete bedding set. This is the best way to ensure that all of your futon mattress sheets will correspond to the futon’s size. As for pillows, feel free to pile them on or leave them off your futon until someone wants to sleep on them. Most standard sheets that come in sets will also include a matching pillowcase or two. Remember to take a closer look at the thickness of your futon mattress, too. If the mattress is on the thicker side, we recommend you purchase a fitted sheet with deep pockets which has a bit of extra fabric to cover the entire mattress.

Tips for Finding Compatible Sheets

While most standard sheets should fit most futons, not all sheets are designed to fit on a futon. Depending on the shape and size, you may need to purchase specialty sheets. Here are some tips to help you find sheets that fit non-standard or custom-sized futons:

  • Consider purchasing trundle bed sheets for your futon. These sheets are shallower than regular sheets which works well for most futon mattresses.
  • Choose a couch cover made of stretchy fabric if you have an irregular futon size. This also doubles as a nice cover when you use the futon as a couch without having to change the bedding.
  • Always check the manufacturer's specifications or feel free to consult with a bedding expert if you need more tailored, customized solutions.
  • Consider using sheet straps made of elastic to help hold your fitted futon sheet in place. This also keeps the sheet from sliding around while you or a guest is trying to get some sleep.
  • Don’t forget to consider the material of the best sheets for your futon. Look for soft materials like organic cotton or linen that will keep sleepers comfortable all year round.
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Maintaining Your Futon Sheets

Once you’ve found the right sheets for your futon, it’s important to know how to keep them clean and well-maintained. These tips for proper care and maintenance will help to prolong their lifespan and protect your investment.

  • Keep your futon out of direct sunlight, as it can discolor your furniture and your stylish new sheets.
  • Consider purchasing a few sets of sheets for your futon so you can rotate them in between uses.
  • Wash futon sheets regularly to keep them clean and fresh.
  • Store the futon sheets in a linen closet and make sure they’re completely dry before you fold them and put them away.
  • Always follow the care instructions carefully to prevent damage to your sheets.

Final Thoughts on what size sheets fit a futon

From a futon featured in a queen bed size to a classic full size, the right size sheets for your futon will ensure you have a comfortable, attractive space for guests. Use the information provided in this guide to help you find the correct size sheets for your futon. If you need help finding high-quality bedding or if you have any feedback, feel free to contact the team at Or & Zon and we’ll be happy to help.