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A quilt adds a soft, warm layer to your bedding repertoire. This bedding comes in a variety of materials including linen, cotton, just to name a few. So, when it comes to a linen vs cotton quilt, which option is the best choice for you? This guide will examine the difference between linen and cotton quilts and give you some insight into things like the look, feel, lifespan, and more of this bedding. Check out this guide to discover which type of quilt will work best for your bedroom and your unique sleeping needs.

What are Cotton quilts?

As the name implies, cotton quilts are made of cotton, which is an extremely soft and natural material. When it comes to choosing a cotton quilt, organic cotton is best since it’s environmentally friendly and safe. Look for 100% global organic cotton quilts that are soft and breathable. It’s important to research the type of cotton your quilt is made of as thicker cotton like flannel tends to trap body heat and could cause you to sweat in the middle of the night.

Linen vs Cotton Quilts Stonewashed Linen quilts

Cotton blended quilts are a popular choice that features cotton blended with other materials like rayon, linen, or polyester. Always make sure that cotton is listed as the main textile if you want to sleep under true cotton quilts. It’s also important to note that cotton is prone to shrinking, so make sure that you read the care instructions carefully when laundering your cotton quilt.

What are Linen quilts?

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Linen quilts are made from linen, an all-natural material that derives from the flax plant. This material is soft, lightweight, and luxurious and also has breathable, moisture-wicking properties. If you tend to “sleep hot” at night, a linen quilt could be an excellent choice.

And if you’re still deciding between linen or cotton quilts in terms of how they feel, linen quilts tend to be a bit smoother and more comfortable due to the intricate woven construction. Linen quilts are woven thicker and longer than cotton, and they tend to get softer with every wash. These quilts also have a slightly more sophisticated, luxury-like look and feel to them than cotton.

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Look and feel of Linen vs Cotton Quilts

So, are linen quilts better than cotton? It usually comes down to two things: how they look, and how they feel. Here are some characteristics of the look and feel of both cotton and linen quilts to help you decide which option is right for you.

  • Linen quilts are stronger than cotton quilts, which gives them a crisp feel that softens over time while also ensuring that they have a longer lifespan.
  • If you’re comparing linen vs sateen quilts, which is a specific type of cotton weave, sateen has a smooth and silky texture compared to classic linen bedding.
  • As for linen vs percale quilts, percale cotton is somewhat similar to linen in terms of softness and overall looks.
  • Cotton quilts can absorb moisture, but they don’t wick moisture away from the body as well as linen quilts can.
  • You can layer both linen and cotton quilts with other bedding for additional warmth during the winter.
  • Linen tends to look and feel more “lived-in” and has a nice, natural drape, while cotton is usually a bit crisper and “stiffer” in terms of how it looks on the bed.

Linen vs Cotton for cooling

Are linen quilts cooler than cotton quilts? Both types of quilts do an excellent job of keeping you nice and warm at night, but if you tend to overheat, then linen quilts are a better choice. Cotton and linen are both very breathable materials, but linen has moisture-wicking properties that help to move sweat and humidity away from the body.

Linen also tends to dry much faster than cotton. Alternatively, some cotton quilts may absorb moisture, causing you to feel warmer during the night, since heavy cotton quilts may trap your body heat and sweat. Linen is much more breathable than cotton overall, while the breathability of your cotton quilt largely depends on the thread count and the type of weave you choose. Cotton percale is a good choice if you’re looking for a cooling cotton quilt.

Grey Linen Quilt

Styling your bed with Linen or Cotton quilts is the best

You can enjoy sleeping under linen or cotton quilts for warmth, but this bedding also adds a stylish touch to your sleeping space. Consider adding a folded linen or cotton quilt to the foot of your bed in a contrasting color or pattern to add visual interest.

Quilts are made to be layered, so they also look beautiful on top of sheets made of the same material (i.e., pair your beautiful new linen sheets with a matching linen quilt). During warmer months, you can also drape your cotton or linen quilt over a rack or a blanket ladder, so it adds a decorative touch to the room. In most cases, the top layer of your quilt is made to be decorative, so have some fun mixing and matching your quilt with other bedding including your sheets, throw pillows, and your comforter or duvet cover.

The Lifespan of Linen vs Cotton Quilts

Buying new bedding is an important investment, so it’s wise to look at which of these options will last you longer. In general, cotton quilts should last for anywhere from three to five years or longer, while linen quilts can last for decades.

Cotton fibers tend to break down over time, and they can become weaker with every wash. While linen gets softer after every washing, the material is denser and more durable than cotton. Whichever option you choose, always make sure that you read and follow the care instructions as directed. This is the best way to ensure that your beautiful new cotton or linen quilt lasts as long as possible.

Final Thoughts on Linen vs Cotton Quilts: which one is the best for you

When it comes to linen vs cotton quilts, the best choice is ultimately up to you. Both of these materials are soft, attractive, and versatile. In terms of lifespan and cooling properties, linen tends to be the winner. Explore the Or & Zon website to find a variety of beautiful linen quilts and other bedding to help you find the perfect match for your sleeping needs.