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Premium Quality Material and Superior Craftsmanship

Our contemporary quilts are made with top-quality linen that’s derived from 100% French flax with a batting fill. This premium quality material is carefully woven by expert artisans in one of the oldest linen mills in Portugal. This mill is owned and operated by a family which gives you assurance of a high level of quality control.   


Our modern quilts are breathable because of the quality of materials with which they are made. Additionally, the design and type of weave employed enhances the ease of airflow in the quilt and throughout the surface. This means that the quilt will maintain a stable temperature in every season.  It will remain cool during summer and provide adequate warmth for the winter season.


In addition to being breathable, our modern quilts are made from materials that are free of allergy triggers. Chief of these materials is linen which is noted for its suitability to all skin types and hypo-allergenic nature.  Furthermore, we also ensure that there is no inclusion of toxic properties in the process of the manufacture of our quilts.

Adaptable to all Types of Interior Décor

Our quilts come in colors that can fit into any décor while infusing a touch of class and simple elegance to your bedroom.  Additionally, the rich texture of the quilted surface catches one’s attention and makes it pleasant to touch. These quilts can be used all year round without being out of place in any season.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Ultrasoft

Our modern quilts are stonewashed and this gives each piece that ultra-soft feel that elevates the comfort it provides for the user. The naturally rumpled appearance of the quilt removes the burden of straightening it out at all times. It just looks well-worn with a homey attraction that would make you want to sink into the bed.

Quilt Size

Our modern quilts come in two major sizes and they are the King which is 110 inches long x 102 inches wide and the Queen which is 92 inches long x 96 inches wide.

Environmentally Safe and Friendly

Our modern quilts are made of linen which is a highly environmentally friendly material.  Linen is made from the flax plant and it is a renewable material that is biodegradable.  This material and the process of manufacture leave a minimal footprint on our environment which also helps to preserve our ecosystem.

Best of all our modern quilts are Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


A combination of the premium quality materials used and superior craftsmanship employed for making our quilts make them highly durable. Also, consider the fact that linen is twice as strong as cotton and you can rest assured that you have a product that will last you for years to come.

You can wash these quilts in the gentle cycle of your washing machine and ensure that you use only mild laundry soap. Finally, bear in mind that proper care of our modern quilts enhances their durability. So adhere strictly to the instructions for care and maintenance.

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