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Bohemian Quilts with Stylish Designs

Do you hate the thought of your bedroom resembling a clichéd stock photo from a home décor catalog? If you go for boho looks with our boho-chic quilts and bedding comforter, you are not bound by or limited to standard conventions. You can mix and match, take risks, and experiment with different designs from our collection. 

The natural-looking and unique designs of our pillows fully characterize the bohemian vibe and philosophy. Whether you are going for Moroccan looks, tribal patterns, or something more retro, our stylish boho pillows have got you covered! Perhaps you could even pick a few products from each category and create a distinctive boho bedding. 

Vibrant Colors

Bedding must not be seen in isolation; instead, it should blend perfectly into your bedroom’s environment. Or & Zon’s boho bedspreads are available in a wide variety of colors, meaning you can find the one that complements your bedroom’s theme, surroundings, and ambience to bring out the accent colors from around your room. 

You'll find our quilts in milder boho colors, such as Charcoal Grey, Light Grey, Navy Blue, and Sand. Conversely, you could use bohemian coverlets with dashes of electric, ornamental colors like bright orange, sapphire blues, and punchy purples and create an energetic, gypsy-like appeal.

Unmatched Comfort

There is no doubt that your bedding set should have a visual appeal. But, the comfort of your bed is far more critical. After all, your bed serves as a resting spot to refresh and relax your body and mind. Because we have handpicked the most premium textiles and soft fillings for each bohemian quilt, they are super soft, snug, and warm. 

The best part is that these are temperature-regulating boho quilts. That means these quilts will keep you warmer on colder nights and colder on hot nights. Not only that, we offer luxurious quilts and duvet covers in various sizes, ranging from full queen to single bed, double bed, and king size bed, so rest assured that you will find a stylish quilt impeccably suited to your needs.  

Highly Durable Boho Quilts Providing Incredible Quality

All products in Or & Zon’s lineup provide incredible quality, with our range of quilted coverlet and comforter sets being no exception. Each boho quilt has been woven in the oldest, family-run linen mill in Portugal by talented craftsmen using superior, eco-friendly fabrics. You will appreciate the attention to detail put into our products from the first moment you hold them in your hands. You’re sure to find yourselves marveling at the same quality years later, even with minimal maintenance.

Bohemian Bedding

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