Beige Throw Blankets

The “Perfect” Beige Throw Blanket for Calm and Relaxation

According to the psychology of colours, the neutrality of an excellent beige pigment is immensely relaxing. The delicateness of its colour makes it easy on the eyes without unnecessarily appearing tiresome. 

It is for this purpose that beige is among the pigments we’ve selected for our bed blankets. They encourage restful days and nights. Your eyes can stare at these covers without feeling strained. At the same time, they aren’t distracting, which further implies that your mind will be at ease as you doze off. 

A second reason why our “beige” is among the finest is that it emanates “warmth”. Our dazzling sheets have a beautiful brown undertone. And colours with such a “base” tend to be welcoming and unintimidating. 

Your mind won’t go on-alert when you’re in your bedroom with these fabrics. Instead, our beige blankets’ impact will be one of comfort and homeliness. Like a warm wrap-around in the literal sense, as well as in its visual and emotional appeal. 

Superbly Crafted Through Traditional Weaving 

One of the distinctive features of Or & Zon textured blankets is that they are woven through traditional techniques rarely seen in many mechanically-manufactured beddings these days. For our bed blanket collection, they are by Berber weavers who have gained their skills through the passing on of the Moroccan weaving culture from ages past. 

Every bedding piece is created with much care, creativity, and love for the weaving history of Morocco. This is why the artistry produced through our finished products is above reproach, yet down to earth. They have an “individuality” to them. 

A boho-chic style that’s easy-going yet elegant is what our weaving style is about. Gorgeous. Classic. Traditionally and beautifully Moroccan-influenced, and modestly stunning. 

Hand-Spun For Softness And Warmth 

Just as beige is a colour that’s warm to the eyes, so is our beige throw blanket warm to the skin. 100% hand-spun for that cuddly cosiness, it can definitely keep you toasty throughout the colder seasons. 

Paralleling this is how our throw blankets are extra soft. With locally-sourced fabric whose fibres are kind to the skin in a very temperate manner, said mixture of snugness and softness are not stifling at all. They’re exactly how you want a throw blanket to be. 

And don’t stress about not having all-year bedding accessory. You’re looking at it. These bring in just the right level of thermal coverage without roasting you. You can continue using this Or & Zon article into the greener and sunnier months out of the twelve. 

Prop it on your bed widespread from edge to edge. Fold it neatly and lay it flat on the bed’s base as a bed scarf. Have it adorn your couch by letting it sit on its arm panels, the backrest frame, or cushion seats. Any which way you decide to decorate and use it is up to you, and it will not fail in being that soft, warm, and reliable beige blanket year-round.

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