Accent Pillows

Variety At A Single Stroke 

Apart from refashioning your room’s interior design, our accent pillows for couch are available in a variety of tones and patterns. You can choose one for every day! Because why not? Their unique weaves and ornamentation are one of a kind. They won’t ever bore your eyes whenever you and your family set your sights on them. 

Synchronously, an accent pillow serves precisely that intention--- to lend variety to any piece of furniture and any space. With regards to easy-revamps, decorative pillows are a good call. The best call, in fact, as we like to say.

With a handful of pillow combinations and switches now and again, you’ll be able to create new looks for your living room, bedroom, office, outdoor sitting area, and more. 

Soft And Springy Accent Pillows for Bed

You know how your old pillows lost their fluff so fast, they weren’t even into a few weeks from when you purchased them? They began becoming disheveled and flat, and they were supposedly brand new! 

We’ve been there. And Or & Zon has vowed to never produce accent pillows for bed that lose their quality and spring so abruptly.

Ours contain versatile materials to hold up their shape for the long-term. By the same token, the same materials enable the pillows to bounce back to their original form after you apply pressure and/or weight on them. 

Want fluffiness that doesn’t fizzle out? Or & Zon accent cushions are it. Just be sure to follow their Care Instructions and you will witness first-hand how they astoundingly keep intact.

Sitting Comfort 

Another benefit of Or & Zon cushions is that they’re what elevates mere “sitting” to “sitting comfortably”. Many undervalue how cushions instantly amplify back support. 

There’s a reason why they generally come in specific four-by-four (this varies depending on what you’ll select from our catalog) geometric dimensions are 18″x18″, from corner to corner. This is because this size is ideal in assisting your lower back when you’re seated, specifically in the spinal and pelvic regions. 

The sofa seaters in your living room aren’t ergonomic and that’s normal. In reality, most sofa seaters are made without this variable as a constant. Otherwise, they’d be like office swivel-chairs. 

So, to compensate, a pillow insert will supply the necessary back support to fill in the gap between the curve of your spine and the backrest of the couch. Experts have mentioned that this part of your body carries your weight when you sit. And our pillows are of the optimal sizes to affix behind you as you relax on your couch. 

Accent Pillows For Any Furniture And Home Fixture

If you want a practical approach to home decorating, these accent pillow sets are your ticket. Their Earth tones and weave-embellishments allow for a no-fuss integration onto different items of furniture. 

These pillows’ rare yet harmonious weave layouts make it easy for them to be intermixed with various interior decors. Equally, their mellow hues are amazing on any background, from wood, bamboo, glass, wicker, metal, plastic, concrete, and so on and so forth.

Throw Pillows