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What is a Bohemian Lifestyle

by Guillaume DREW on

You have probably heard about the boho lifestyle several times. But what is a bohemian lifestyle? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a bohemian is someone who leads...

Bohemian Style: Give Your Home The Bliss of Boho Chic Decor

by Guillaume DREW on

If you are looking to give your space the carefree mystique of a world traveler, then boho chic decor is exactly what you need. It is a casual...

How to Clean Throw Pillows

by Guillaume DREW on

If you’re someone with a passion for room decoration, you probably know very well how big of a difference the right throw pillows can make to a room’s...

What is a Throw Blanket, Difference Between Throw and Blanket

by Guillaume DREW on

What Is The Difference Between Throw And Blanket? You’ve just bought a new piece of furniture - a couch, sofa, or a bed. One of the most important...

King & Queen Bed Pillow Arrangements

by Guillaume DREW on

We all need a safe place to rest and relax, and our bedrooms serve the very purpose. As crucial as they are, they tend to be the hardest...

How to Arrange Pillows on a Bed

by Guillaume DREW on

Bedrooms are unarguably the most important parts of a home. It is the place for you to relax and sleep at the end of a stressful day of...

Linen vs. Cotton Sheets - What is the best material for bed sheets?

by Linkmillers Collaborator on

There’s a lot that goes into setting up bedrooms. From paint to little pieces of decor, we pay attention to every detail, and when you have everything in...

10 Benefits of Linen Bedding

by Guillaume DREW on

Many people tend to shy away from purchasing linen for their bedrooms or other fabric needs for lounging around the house. The quality of the material far outweighs...

Enhance Your Space with Handmade Things

by Guillaume DREW on

You’ve just moved into your new home and you are looking for items to furnish it with. Although all the home décor on some of the major retailers...