February 28, 2022 5 min read

 Calling all maximalists! Are you sick of hearing that there’s such thing as “too much” when it comes to choosing accent pillow decorations for sofasdecorating your living room, or literally anything else? Yeah, we get it — and we have good news. It’s nearly impossible to go overboard on decorating with throw pillows

There are endless ways to make these essential pieces of boho chic decor look incredible, whether you have one single pillow (yawn) or an entire throw pillow arrangement. Do you love bold colors? Maybe you prefer a captivating mix of patterns? Or why not both? Regardless of your design process and preferences, you can let your personality shine through pillow decorations

So if you believe more is more, this one’s for you. Let’s get ready to learn how to decorate a couch with throw pillows 

Why Decorating With Throw Pillows Is Always a Good Idea

Boho Throw Pillow

Before we get into the how, let's talk about why you should decorate a couch with throw pillows. Well, to be honest, the list is pretty long. Thanks to accent pillows’ versatility, there are countless reasons why it’s a great idea to add a couple of pillows to your living space. 

Function and Comfort

Above all else, the thing that separates decorative pillows from other types of home decor accessories is their functionality. Imagine a couch that didn’t have sofa pillows — it just doesn’t make sense. These pieces add comfort to every space, making them practical design elements. Pro tip: use a lumbar pillow to help reduce back pain! 

Subtle Flair

If you’re someone who likes to show off their creative side without going overboard, throws are the way to go. Subtly (or boldly, if that’s more your style), embellish any piece of furniture with pops of colors or a mix of patterns. Solid pillows in neutral colors more your style? Or how about a simple color scheme filled with lots of fun textures? 

Whatever you choose, remember an eye-catching pillow doesn’t have to be loud to be captivating — your throw pillow combination will stand out just because it’s there. 

Show Off Your Personality

People love home decor because it’s an opportunity to show off their personality, which is equally true when choosing a mix of throw pillows. Picking out color palettes that excite you or geometric prints and other throw pillow patterns that speak to your soul are fantastic ways to curate your space. 

It’s essential that you feel at home in your living areas, and adding some personal touches goes a long way. If framed photos or artworks aren’t your jam, some fluffy pillows will do the trick. 

Enhance Coziness

Adding coziness to a room is never a bad idea. Ever. Whether you want to be a gracious “mi casa es su casa” style of host or create welcoming  sectional sofas for you and your dog to curl up on, mixing in some larger pillows always amps up the cozy vibes. 

Better yet, toss in some soft blankets and velvet throw pillows for the ultimate nesting experience. 

Easy to Change It Up

When it comes to decorating with throw pillows for a couch, ideas can spark out of anywhere! You could be inspired by a friend’s layout or see a stylish spread in a home decor magazine. So one of the most incredible things about decorative throw pillows is that you can swap them out at any time.

It’s as easy as removing the pillow covers and choosing new cases to cover the pillow inserts. Go from bold colors to floral patterns in a matter of seconds. It’s also an affordable way to keep up with the latest trends. Win-win. 

Best Throw Pillow Ideas for Couch Decor

Bohemian Throw Pillow

So, what are the best throw pillow ideas for couch decor? Well, it’s going to be different for everyone! Ultimately, our greatest home decor tip is to trust your gut. If you love the way something looks, have at it! But if you need some help getting the ball rolling, here are some foolproof ways to style your throw pillow collection. 

Layer Up to Level Up

Layering your pillows is the simplest way to add depth to your spread. It’s also an easy way to sneak in tons and tons of pillows which maximalist hearts will love. Create dimension by placing bigger pillows at the back, then adding various other throws in front. Don’t forget to play with colors, textures, and prints as well. 

Repetition is King

Every great setup incorporates some sort of repetition. Don’t worry — this doesn’t have to be painfully obvious or anything; you just want to create a sense of cohesion. Do this by staying within your color palette, repeating the same print in various sizes, or using the same textures multiple times. Also, see if you can make anything match other details in the room. For example, can you use the same tones as the ones on your coffee table?  

Let It Flow

Strategically place your pillows so that the eye naturally flows across your spread. Accomplish this by focusing more concentrated pillow clusters on the corners of your couch, then using more low-profile shapes and sizes in between. Rectangular and lumbar pillows work great for this! 

Mirror, Mirror It on the Couch

So you’ve perfectly placed pillows on one side of your couch, and your creative energy is totally depleted. Now what? Here’s an effortless and gorgeous solution: do the same thing on the other side. Take note of your couch’s center point, then just mirror the decor. It’s naturally pleasing and couldn’t be simpler. 

Imperfections Work

Try not to fret too much about the exact placement of every single pillow. Some of the best spreads channel that laid-back boho energy, and it’s a winner. So instead, try casually tossing down your pillows and seeing how they look. Bonus points if you imperfectly drape a throw blanket on your furniture too! 

Play the Odds

Odd numbers always look better. Aesthetically speaking, you’ll find this rule in all styles of art and design. It just works. So when in doubt, aim to have odd numbers in your spread. This goes for uneven numbers of similar shapes, sizes, prints — everything! Bonus points if you can do it in groups of three, too. 

Picking the Best Pillows for Your Room

Throw Pillows

Ready to start flexing your creative muscles? Let’s chat about how to decorate a couch with pillows specifically for your room. Of course, each space is entirely different, but here are some quick and easy tips to keep in mind: 

  • Seating type. The type of furniture you’re decorating impacts the number of pillows you should use. For example, a large sectional looks bare with a single pillow, while a loveseat can quickly get crowded. 
  • Color scheme. Stick to a color scheme to make sure your pillow colors match not only each other but also the room they’re in. Notice the wall colors, flooring, and other statement decors. 
  • Shape and size. Mix in oversized square pillows with smaller rectangular pillows, and toss in a lumbar or round one as well. This contrast in shape and size keeps the eye flowing across your entire spread and through your whole room.
  • Add depth. You can create depth in many ways, including through shape, size, and color, as mentioned above, or by playing with texture, material, and print. This brings dimension to your entire space. 
  • Repeat details. If you can incorporate elements of your room within the pillow spread, do it. Choose throws in the same texture as the other chairs in your room or mix in the pattern from your eclectic picture frame on the wall. It all adds cohesion. 

Final Thoughts on Decorating with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are always a good idea, and one of the best aspects of them is that you can (almost) never have too many. Use layering techniques, repetition, and various shapes and sizes to create the perfect pillow spread for your room. Time to flex those creative muscles!