November 22, 2021 6 min read

Why are people still buying throw pillows? A better question is, why wouldn’t they? These simple yet stunning accents are much more than just fluff pieces. They’re a way to infuse personality into all of your spaces while allowing guests to enjoy your comfortable, welcoming spread.

Don’t write off these throws as drab just because you’ve only owned boring, standard-sized square-shaped pillows that don’t do much for the space. Instead, follow our tips, create your perfect spread, and be the reason other people keep buying throws.

Why Are People Still Buying Throw Pillows?

It’s no secret why people are still buying throw pillows. It’s just not about decor trends — toss pillows add coziness, flair, and a finishing touch to your entire space. They aren’t going out of style any time soon.

Close up of a wool throw Pillow on bed Blue Cotton throw Pillow on bed

But what are throw pillows used for? So many things! From functional comfort to introducing a pop of color to your room, there are endless reasons why people still buy decorative throw pillows.

Benefits of Having Throw Pillows in Your Home

White Mudcloth Pillow Mudcloth pillow with Pom Pom

One thing’s for sure: the benefits of having accent pillows in your home are endless. From enhancing comfort to colorful flair to improved health, throws are must-have items. Ready to hear more? We thought so.

Add a Splash of Color

Committing to a bold paint or furniture color can be a bit intimidating. But that’s not the only way to add a splash of fun into your room! Instead, choose colorful solid pillows  or patterns with gorgeous accent tones. This is an easy, subtle way to breathe life into your space without going all out. Or if multiple bright hues make your heart sing, channel that energy.

Show Off Your Decorative Side

You don’t have to be an expert in interior design to let your creativity shine. Experiment with throw pillow patterns,  neutral colors, and a  wide range of shapes to find what speaks to you. Remember, this is your space. Dress it up with the designs you adore!

Cue into Decor Trends

Are you really feeling boho vibes at the moment? What about cottagecore? Or a gorgeous burnt orange hue? Maybe you want to experiment with Pantone’s color of the year to see how you can incorporate it into your decor.

Whatever it may be, we know that decor trends change, and you should be able to keep up with them easily. That’s the beauty of pillow covers! You can swap them out in a matter of seconds.

You can easily jazz up those  pillow inserts to match current styles without breaking the bank. It’s a win!

Make Your Seating More Comfortable

Everyone agrees that your  living room sofa,  dining room chairs, and just about every  piece of furniture become exponentially more comfortable when decorative pillows are involved. It’s just a fact. Who wants to lean against their hard armrest when fluffy accent pillows exist? Exactly. Case closed.

Complete Your Space

Do you feel like there’s just something missing from your area? The answer: throw pillows. A sectional sofa without a collection of throw pillows just feels wrong. Mix in the shades of your color scheme and let those accent tones pop. Suddenly, your room will feel wonderfully complete!

Functional Design

The only thing better than gorgeous design elements? When those elements are functional too! It’s not just about aesthetics here (though they are fantastic). Practical folks can gain just as much pleasure from these cushions as professional decorators. It’s part of why throws are such staple items! It can’t count as clutter when it’s useable, right?

Change With the Seasons

Any holiday lovers out there? This is for you. Gone are the days where you need to hold onto boxes and boxes of seasonal decorations. Instead, just switch out those pillow covers! Choose different fabric covers or color palettes depending on the time of year. Rich, velvet reds for winter and neutral linens for summer — maybe floral patterns for spring?

Keep your decor on par with the seasons by using these simple swaps. It’s easy, requires minimal storage, and you’ll always be in style.

Honor Your Favorite Things

No one said throws only come in squares, rectangles, or circles. You can find them in a wide variety of shapes, including all of your favorite things. Got a sports team that drives your soul? An unexplainable love for fruit-shaped objects? Whatever it is, you can probably find novelty throw pillow shapes that resemble it.

Pay homage to all the things you love by adding a little self-expression to your space. It’s unique, cute, and sure to bring a smile to your face.

Support Healthy Posture

Our favorite seating positions may be oh-so-comfortable, but that doesn’t mean they’re always healthy for us. Proper posture can feel weird, so we often need tools to help us. Throws can help with that! For example, placing a lumbar pillow behind your back or under your knees can relieve some of that tension. Or, if your feet don’t touch the floor when sitting at your desk, try using floor cushions as footrests.

Increase Coziness

Plain and simple: pillows equal coziness. Create an adorable reading nook in your window seat with oversize pillows in a variety of styles — and don’t forget to add a welcoming pom pom throw blanket to the mix. Are you looking to maximize those inviting vibes? Search for extra fluffy pillow filling and soft fabrics! And as a general decorating rule of thumb, aim for warm, bold colors to optimize those cozy feelings.

Improve Your Naps

Do couches need throw pillows even if you aren’t into the whole design process? In short, yes. And we’ll tell you why in one word: naps. If the aesthetic reasons alone aren’t enough to sell you, let superior sleep quality do it. Come on — it’s just not possible to have a relaxing nap on a leather couch if throws aren’t involved.

Sabra Pillow on a chair

Decorating Tips to Arrange Throw Pillows Like a Designer

Now that you’re sold on throw pillows, let’s get down to the fun part: decorating. From arrangement to choosing fabric covers, now’s the time to embrace your creative side. While your style is uniquely yours, we do have some tips to make your spread look like it belongs in a magazine.

Follow the Rule of Threes

If there’s one decorating tip to follow, it’s this one. For anyone familiar with art or design, the rule of threes likely isn’t new to you. And for those who haven’t heard of it, the rule of threes is precisely how it sounds. Decorate in groups of three!

Whether you’re looking at pieces of the same color, pattern, texture, shape, size, or groups of pillows, just make sure it’s a trio. But if threes just aren’t working, aim for odd numbers instead.

Variety, Variety, Variety…

Don’t be afraid to switch things up for decorative purposes. Play around with different textures, shapes, and sizes. Pillows are a perfect, subtle yet striking way of incorporating bold elements without overdoing them. Experiment with bright color details or busy patterns, faux fur, or plush velvet. Keep that eye moving through your various elements.

...But Incorporate Cohesion

Too many different elements can be a bit overwhelming. There’s a balance needed! While variety is crucial, so is cohesion. The trick to walking the line is choosing a few traits you love and repeating them with variations. For example, select a pattern and use it in varying sizes, hues, or on different fabrics. In the same way, choose a handful of colors and incorporate them across your entire space — not just the pillows.

It’s All About Size

When it comes to throws, size matters. Why? Choosing various dimensions adds depth to your arrangement and engages the eye. For example, mix a larger square pillow with smaller rectangular pillows to enhance the flow of your spread.

And let’s not forget about larger sofas either. In some cases, standard sizes just don’t cut it. Instead, try placing big box pillows in the corner of your sectional, or anywhere you need a little extra bulk.

Choose a Vibe

The best throw pillow spreads create an ambiance within your room. If you want to create a classic, minimalist masterpiece, experiment with symmetry on your couch. On the other hand, if you prefer a more laid-back look, try adding texture with your throws and placing them more randomly.

Let Your Personality Shine

Decorating tips involve tons of “dos” and “don’ts,” but remember: this is your space. It should reflect you! You can always disregard any advice that doesn’t ring true to you. Whether you love a bright color palette with eclectic patterns or neutral-toned solid shades that perfectly match, always follow your heart when choosing which types of pillows to buy.

Anything is Possible

There’s no such thing as a pattern that’s too busy or a shape that doesn’t work. Some throw pillow fabrics, prints, or tones may indeed clash, but anything is possible. If there’s one piece you really love, make it your star. Use this pillow as a starting point and select the rest of your decor based on its compatibility.

Linen Pillow by electric blue sofa

Final Thoughts on Why Are People Still Buying Throw Pillows

Throw pillows aren’t going out of style anytime soon. They add comfort, style, and overall completion to any room. Are they a necessity? Absolutely. Choose different shapes, colors, textures, fabrics, and sizes, then mix and match at your heart’s desire. Let that creativity shine!