August 26, 2020 5 min read

We all need a safe place to rest and relax, and our bedrooms serve the very purpose. As crucial as they are, they tend to be the hardest rooms to decorate. Even if you know your preferences, transforming your bedroom into a beautiful, cozy, and warm place can become confusing at times.

Do you want to incorporate all of your personality into the room? Or do you keep things neutral and straightforward? Where do you even begin?

Your bed and pillows are essential parts of your bedroom, and in this article, we’ll discuss how to arrange pillows on a queen bed and king bed.

Bedroom Styles and Beds

Since a bedroom exists mainly for sleeping and relaxing, it’s always best to start with styling your bed. King and Queen beds are the standard bed sizes and both of these beds are available in many designs. Even if you don’t get a totally bespoke bed, you can still find something that checks all the boxes. When it comes to a standard king or queen bed, you can decorate it quite beautifully.

Sand Linen pillowcases White Mudcloth Pillows

After deciding your bed size and style, you’ll have to determine the size of the headboard suitable for your room. This depends on the look you want to achieve. Generally, a headboard that’s at least two feet is considered ideal because it is comfortable to lean against while you sit and great when you have properly arranged pillows on your bed.

Pillows and the Décor of a Bedroom

Once you’ve got your bed, you have to figure out the general theme for your bedroom. If you’ve gone with a dramatic headboard with tufting or lots of embellishments and design, the rest of your room should stay pretty low-key. If you add too much, the bedroom will be more cluttered and less peaceful.

Allow your bed to be the statement in your room and set the rest of the room as subtle as if all the pieces were to work together to attract eyeballs back to the bed. Since you can’t keep a bed bare, you have to go all out with the pillows, but in a way that compliments the headboard.

How you want to dress a queen- or king-sized bed totally depends on your preferences. You can go for a simpler pillow arrangement and keep the room busier with decor, or you can opt for a more maximalist pillow arrangement and let your bed be the centerpiece of the room!

Pillows come in a few standard sizes in two categories. The first category comprises sleeping pillows, which are obviously meant for you to sleep. The second one is decorative throw pillows, which are intended to add visual interest, warmth, and coziness to your bed and other areas in your home, like the living space.

King and Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

Pillows on bed Wool Throw Pillow and Blue cotton pillow on bed

Let’s go over different ways to dress your bed using pillow arrangements for the standard queen- and king-sized beds.

Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement

The queen size bed is the most common type of bed out there. It can be confusing to decide how many pillows you need on a queen size bed and how to arrange them. Here’re four of our favorite ideas to arrange pillows on a queen bed.

  • If you’re like most people who wonder how many pillows on a queen bed will look good, we’ve got you covered. Take two sleeping pillows and lean them against your headboard. Next, take an additional set of sleeping pillows, insert them in sham pillow covers, and stack them in front of the first two pillows. It is good to give the design a finishing touch by adding a boudoir or neck roll pillow in the front and center of all the pillows to tie it all together.
  • Take the same four pillows you used for the previous arrangement, and instead of leaning them against the headboard, lay them flat, facing up. Take two decorative pillows and lean them against your stack of standard pillows. Add a small accent pillow, and you’re done!
  • If you want a more exciting pillow arrangement that is functional and appealing, take your sleeping pillows and lean them against the headboard. Next, stack two euro pillows on your queen bed, in front of the sleeping pillows, letting the corners of the sleeping pillows peek out from the sides. Complete the look by adding one boudoir pillow in the middle.
  • For those who want to go all out with their pillow arrangements, take the first two steps from the last arrangement, stacking the sleeping pillows behind the euro pillows. Second, take two accent pillows (sleeping pillow in pillow cover or pillow protector) and stack those in front of the euro pillows. Finish the look by using a heavily embellished boudoir or neck roll pillow.

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King Bed Pillow Arrangement

Many people wonder how many pillows on a king bed will be practical and aesthetically welcoming. Well, a king bed has a lot more space than a standard queen, giving you more space to bring in as many pillows as your heart desires, but we still need a method to the madness, depending on how many pillows you want on your king size bed.

Here are four king size bed pillow arrangement ideas to fit your room’s aesthetics and vibe:

  • If you want to keep it relatively simple, place two euro pillows on king bed and lean them against the headboard. And in front of them, stack two or four sleeping pillows for king bed. Complete the arrangement by placing one boudoir pillow set right in the center.
  • Spice up the features of your bed by taking three euro pillows and leaning them against the headboard. Next, add two or four sleeping pillows in front of the euro pillows. Place one small decorative pillow in the middle to bring all the colors together.
  • Start with two sleeping pillows leaning against your headboard. Stack three euro pillows and then stack sleeping pillows in sham covers at the forefront. The answer to how many euro shams on a king bed is suitable depends on many factors, but usually, two standard shams are enough to achieve the design. Complete the arrangement with a larger boudoir pillow.
  • If you want to achieve maximum effect with your king pillow arrangement, start with two sleeping pillows leaning against the headboard. Add three euro shams pillows in front of them, covering the sleeping pillows entirely. Bring in three different mudcloth pillows to use as accent pillows to tie in the whole room together.

Final Thoughts on King & Queen Bed Pillow Arrangements

It might seem like this is a lot to do. But when you take a step back and plan the pillow arrangement to fit your bedroom, you’ll realize how important and useful these arrangement ideas are. You’re free to adapt these ideas to your preferences to make your room visually appealing and cozy.