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You have probably heard about the boho lifestyle several times. But what is a bohemian lifestyle? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a bohemian is someone who leads a free unconventional life that is not particular to the society around him or her. Bohemianism is a way of life that is concerned with living beyond the conventional. It is not a trend that will fade away after a while and give way to a new one. While the modern bohemian lifestyle has evolved and is mostly associated with certain home decor or fashion styles, the bohemian fashion history extends to over 200 years back.

Origin of Bohemian Style

The term bohemian was originally used by the French to refer to Roman gypsies who were believed to come from Bohemia, Czech Republic. With time, it changed from a pejorative undertone to a romantic connotation associated with traveling artists, writers, and poets. It was now seen as a purposeful fashion style and way of life.


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Soon bohemian ideals were easily transferred across countries and adopted among cultures. Bohemianism started being associated with urban, liberal, and creative people who weren’t inhibited by limits.

Modern Bohemian Style

Today, the bohemian lifestyle is about living a free and simple life without the stress that comes with material attachments. It transcends culture, ethnicity, age, or background.

A bohemian lifestyle advocates for free unconventional living without any inhibitions. It is about letting your spirit free.

Elements of Bohemian Style

Bohemian is a way of life. It is not just another fad that will go away after some time. The bohemian lifestyle is guided by the following principles:

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Open-mindedness
  • Finding your own destinations
  • Shunning materialism
  • Embracing self-love and making your own rules
  • Being outspoken and taking pride in being different
  • Embracing art
  • Try new and foreign things

What Is Boho Home Decor?

The bohemian lifestyle goes deeper than just having a bohemian fashion sense. Most people ask for ideas on how to live a bohemian lifestyle. Well, your home is a good place to start. The best way to express the boho spirit in you is by adopting boho home decor.


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It is not difficult to achieve a boho lifestyle. As we have mentioned, anything goes for a boho spirit. It is about living beyond the limits anyway. If you are looking to get started on bohemian decor, here are five key bohemian style elements to consider:

1. Contemporary bohemian furniture

19th-century style furniture is the centerpiece of any bohemian interior decor. A dining table, sideboard, coffee table, side table, or chairs could serve this purpose. You can pair these with comfortable contemporary sofas then add floor cushions, footrests, and rattan stools for a relaxed look. You can get such pieces of furniture in any bohemian store. Anything goes as long as you can achieve a 19th-century vintage look with your furniture.

2. Get the right colors

Bohemian home decor is never complete without colors being introduced into the mix. The traditional boho style dictates for a full-on jumble of colors. But for a modern bohemian style, you might want to go for warm earthy, metallics, and jewel-tone colors then pare them back with varying levels of whites. Green, deep brown, and gray also work great when accessorized with fiery orange, electric blue, and saturated purple. Remember that there are no rules and you are free to combine and layer the colors for a unique style.

3. You will need rugs

Rugs are another essential part of bohemian home decor. They can be in any form but traditional looks with stronger colors and patterns work better. Even textured rugs work just fine. Basically, anything for your floor except the conventional wall to wall carpets if you are looking to achieve a boho look. Feel free to layer up the rugs- a larger simple rug on the bottom and an accented smaller rug on top.

4. Get some plants

Plants color up your home and give it a breath of life. Get some. Your home will look awesome and you will get a few health benefits too. The goal of a bohemian lifestyle is to live a carefree life without stress. Plants have been shown to help in reducing stress and create a feeling of well-being. House plants reduce toxins in the air, increase humidity, and keep the temperatures down. Earthy succulents, delicate ivy, and elegant ferns are some of the plants you can consider.

5. Throw blankets and pillows

For bohemian bedding, consider using throw blankets and throw pillows. They add warmth, layer, and color to your decor. You can also go with stonewashed linen bedding and mud cloth pillows. These are easily available at Or & Zon. The good thing with throw pillows and blankets is that they are not just restricted to your bedroom. You can also use them in your living room. Drape the throw blankets over your living room furniture or hang them on the walls. They also make good curtains. Throw pillows add to layering and comfort on sofas.


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You might also want to consider other items of bohemian lifestyle such as handmade accessories. Go for stitched, carved, crocheted, hand-woven, or macrame accessories and fill up your space. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you can also make your own accessories and give them a personal touch. When it comes to accessorizing, do not be afraid to try things out.


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Not to forget that when it comes to lighting, you should abandon the conventional overhead lighting fixtures for wall, table, or floor lamps instead. You could also simply go opt for candles and lanterns. Bohemian decor stores usually have a wide variety of lighting fixtures in different styles and shapes that can fit a boho lifestyle.

Bohemian Lifestyle Checklist

You now understand the history of the bohemian lifestyle and what it entails. You know how to give your space a bohemian decor and feel. To complete the bohemian look, here’s a checklist of what you’ll need:

  • Oversized clothes such as kaftans, balloon sleeves, tunic-style blouses, long floating skirts, and baggy cardigans.
  • Footwear- Ankle boots, low cowboy boots, platform heels, and sandals, preferably in natural hue colors.
  • Accessories such as embroideries, decorative trims, and ethnic prints.
  • Rattan clutch bags.
  • Chic headwraps and hairbands.
  • Fedora hats
  • Eclectic, layered jewelry


A bohemian lifestyle is the easiest to live. Simple home decor and simple life. Through your space, you can express yourself and your art. You can create a style that is unique to you. Visit any bohemian decor store and get started on your boho lifestyle.