September 25, 2020 4 min read

If you are looking to give your space the carefree mystique of a world traveler, then boho chic decor is exactly what you need. It is a casual style that exudes an eclectic feel of collected treasures. Bohemian style is one of the best ways to create a personal, rule-breaking, and exotic style for your living space. Even though there will be similar features, no two rooms will ever be completely alike with a boho vibe.


Throw Pillows


Boho Chic Style: We’ve Got You Covered

Bohemian style is inspired by the unconventional lifestyle of writers, actors, and constant travelers. You can mirror it by combining objects, colors, and patterns from different areas around the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to travel the world to collect these items. You can easily get them from any neighborhood bohemian home decor store. Here are some of the elements that make up a boho design:

Bohemian colors

One of the best things about boho room decor is that there are no rules. But when it comes to colors, the most common are metallics, jewel tones, and warm earthy colors. Deep brown, gray, and green make for good base colors and you can accessorize with electric blue, saturated purple, and fiery orange. You can combine and layer the colors for a unique style.

Bohemian furniture

You will never find bohemian furniture in a streamlined or straight-backed furniture store. They can only be found in a bohemian home store. You can also explore local vintage shops and collect each piece separately then fit everything right in, or speak with a bohemian stylist to get the right fit for you. The goal of bohemian furniture is to create a welcoming atmosphere in your space. Some of the pieces of furniture you can consider for a boho vibe include butterfly chairs, chaises lounges, and daybeds.

Decorative materials

A bohemian style is usually the opposite of the modern style which is minimalistic and sleek. For boho decor, more is better. The secret is to find a way of mixing and matching decorative materials in a bohemian room. Go for a slightly worn look instead of new and shiny. This, however, does not mean damaged materials. They just need to look vintage, that’s all. Not too difficult to achieve, is it?

Throw Blankets

Lighting and accessories

For boho rooms, use ambient and understated lighting to create a complete calming and welcoming feel around the home. Go with multiple candles and lanterns. You can also try table and floor lamps instead of overhead lighting fixtures. If you visit any bohemian decor store, you will find lighting fixtures in a wide variety of styles and shapes that are perfect for a mix-and-match look. The fixtures can also be part of the wall decor.

What You’ll Need For A Boho Home Design

Free spirits love boho home decor. It is an aesthetic that adds an eclectic look to your home. If you are looking to recreate the bohemian style, here some of the items you should consider getting on your next trip to our boho home decor store:

Throw pillows

Get a stack of throw pillows and poufs in brilliant patterns and solid colors. This will drench your space in color and create a bohemian feel. You can also get a couple of throw blankets while at it. They not only contribute to comfort but also the boho design and feel of your home.

Layers of texture

To add dimensions to your place, consider getting bohemian bedding, soft cotton, plush velvets, and coarse tweeds for your boho home. They are free-spirited, fun, and tell tales of travels. Do not be afraid to mix different textures and patterns for a sense of exoticism. You can add the layers on top of the furniture or get tapestries area rugs for hanging on the walls alongside your wall art. You can also use it to create a backdrop for the richer tones.

Handmade accessories

Handmade accessories have a natural place in any boho interior design. Macrame, stitched, crocheted, hand-woven, or carved - as long as it is handmade, it has a place in your bohemian style. You can make your own DIY handmade accessories or buy some pieces from the local bohemian decor store. If you are a traveler, consider adding your collections from your travels. Do not be afraid to try things out.


Bohemian Bedding



Finally, you need to give your space a breath of life. Nature is central and key to a bohemian lifestyle. There’s only one way to do this- plants. Your space will need a touch from mother nature. Earthy succulents, delicate ivy, or elegant ferns. Plants such as peace lilies and philodendron can withstand different temperatures and light levels. You can use unique planters and hanging pots to display the plants. It will not only bring in vibrancy to your space but also improve the air quality around your home. The more plants you can get, the merrier your space will be. It is not difficult to care for the plants. All you need to do is get them a sunny spot in the house and water them every once in a while.

You can also consider patterns such as patchwork, mosaics, paisley, and Aztec patterns. They will create a harmony of the styles. 

Be as casual as you can but remember to put an emphasis on culture. Bohemian was a term that was used to refer to gypsies and a group of travelers from Bohemia, Czech Republic. It has since evolved to refer to people who live a nomadic lifestyle such as writers, musicians, actors, and artists who traveled through the major cities in Europe. That’s why it is important, for the culture, to give your space a feel of global travel if you are going to go the bohemian decor way. Feel free to experiment with everything as much as you want. It is a bohemian way of life to experiment.