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From food and cosmetics to clothing and bedding, more consumers than ever are focusing on sustainability. When it comes to consumer choices, a McKinsey US consumer sentiment survey found that 60 percent of respondents said they’d pay more to purchase products that are made with sustainable packaging and sustainable methods. This rise in eco-friendly products is especially prudent when it comes to bedding options. More people than ever before are realizing the importance of choosing products made by ethical bedding brands. We’re here to go over a list of some of the top sustainable bedding brands in 2024, so you can find the right option for yourself and your home.

Why Sustainable Bedding Matters

There are several reasons why purchasing products from the best sustainable bedding brands matters. Let’s take a closer look at why sustainable bedding matters to you, the consumer, and the environment as a whole.

The environmental impact of traditional bedding materials

When you purchase traditional bedding items made of materials like conventional cotton, they don’t typically come from organic or sustainable fabrics. This means that the fabric likely comes from a farm where the product is grown using harmful chemicals, toxins, pesticides, and fertilizers. Not only is this terrible for the land, water, and air, but it also harms local communities and the local environment. And, if you’re sleeping on traditional bedding materials, you’re exposing yourself to these chemicals every single night, too. Synthetic materials can be made of plastic, which is inherently bad for the environment in many ways. Whenever possible, look for eco friendly bedding brands that use organic materials and responsibly sourced materials.

Benefits of choosing sustainable bedding for health and well-being

When you purchase products from the best organic bedding brands, you’re not only supporting a healthy environment but also a healthy body.

  • Sleeping on natural materials that are certified organic (like GOTS certified organic cotton) ensures you’re only sleeping on clean, natural, toxin-free materials to support your overall health and well-being.
  • Hot sleepers tend to prefer buying products from organic bedding companies because of the materials’ breathable, temperature regulating properties that help you feel nice and cool while also keeping you warm when you need it.
  • If you have sensitive skin, quality sheets made by the best organic bedding companies will prevent irritation, keeping you comfortable and irritant-free throughout the night.
  • People who suffer from allergies should look for eco friendly bedding companies that only use organic materials. These materials are naturally hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to deal with annoying allergy symptoms.
  • Sustainable bedding is typically some of the softest sheets you’ll ever feel. Natural fabrics tend to be luxuriously soft and much softer than non-organic bedding. For example, organic cotton sheets, bamboo sheets, and linen sheets provide a smooth, crisp feel for a good night's sleep.

Importance of supporting brands with ethical and eco-conscious practices

Supporting sustainable bedding companies that follow ethical and eco-conscious practices is a great way to promote these products over their synthetic counterparts. When you support these companies, you increase the demand which in turn gives them more exposure. Make sure you write a review about your next bed sheets, bedding sets, duvet cover, and other sustainable, organic products so other people can learn about these products and their importance for the environment, health, and the workers who make them.

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Criteria for Selection

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Before we dive into our list of the best sustainable bedding brands in 2024, let’s go over what criteria we used. These criteria are what our team used to assess each brand’s overall sustainability.

  • Materials: The best organic bedding brands only use real organic materials, and they never use synthetic fibers, chemicals, or other treatments and additives.
  • Manufacturing processes: All of the eco friendly bedding brands we chose follow sustainable manufacturing processes that keep the environment at the top of mind. This means that every product is manufactured in a way that protects the environment without adding chemicals into the air, water, or soil and without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Certifications: True ethical bedding brands have the right certifications to verify compliance with things like the Global Organic Textile Standard and others. Anything labeled as fair trade certified cotton is also important, and products can also feature the OEKO Tex Certified label.
  • Social responsibility initiatives: A sustainable, ethical bedding brand should also follow and/or promote some important social responsibility initiatives, including offering fair pay for workers, supporting fair trade, and banning child labor.
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Top Sustainable Bedding Brands of 2024

Now, here are our picks for the top sustainable bedding companies of 2024.

Or & Zon

Or & Zon is fully committed to creating sustainable products by empowering artisans, weavers, and more to provide more humanized context and meaning to everything they sell. Each handcrafted piece comes directly from the studios of the best independent designers and makers, and the company supports small independent studios that make exciting, original products designed with intricate attention to detail and quality.

All materials used by Or & Zon are best-in-class and crafted from natural fabrics like real organic cotton and linen. This luxurious bedding is available to consumers at a reasonable price point for affordable luxury, and everything is OEKO-Tex 100 Standard Certified to ensure the safest and highest quality possible. The brand’s organic sheet sets feature a beautiful, smooth sateen weave. Their most popular bedding line includes their stonewashed linen products including the best linen sheets on the market today.

Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch makes sustainable bedding that originates from the source. All materials come from small organic family-owned farms that put sustainability first. Everything is grown from GMO-free seeds without toxins or hash chemicals. A meticulous weaving and spinning process produces incredibly luxurious bed sheets and other products.

All Boll & Branch sheets and other products adhere to the strictest OEKO-Tex 100 Standard Certified guidelines. Once the fabric is produced, it goes to their team of talented artisans who cut and sew it into sheets to create products of the highest quality. The calming hues used to make each bedding item make Boll & Branch’s sheets, quilts, blankets, and duvet covers some of their most popular products. They also make bath products like towels, robes, bathmats, and more.


Quince chooses premium organic materials that stand the test of time, and everything is crafted from sustainable materials using environmentally conscientious packaging. The company follows ethical business practices while offering affordable new bed sheets to consumers using a factory-direct model. This cuts out the supply chain middlemen to keep costs lower.

Quince sheets and other products are made using eco-friendly dyes and materials like alpaca wool, organic cotton, organic linen, and 100% recycled polyester. The company keeps carbon emissions low by shipping all products from manufacturers directly to your door using recyclable poly bags and recycled plastic mailers. Their core collection includes European flax linen sheet sets, mulberry silk pillowcases, and more. The company also sells organic clothing for kids and adults as well as bath towels and curtains.

Emerging Trends in Sustainable Bedding

New advances in sustainable materials (like organic hemp) and new technologies (like “smart bedding”) have allowed sustainable bedding companies to flourish. These emerging trends include a major shift toward a more circular economy and stronger eco friendly principles in the bedding industry as well as many other industries including clothing, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. A larger influence on customer awareness and higher demand by consumers to find and purchase products made using safe, organic materials and other sustainable ingredients has also positively impacted many company’s sustainability efforts.

Although it’s impossible to predict the future, many industry experts believe that sustainable bedding will continue to become a more common choice for today’s modern consumers. New strides are being made to diversify the types of materials used. For example, hemp sheets, eucalyptus sheets, and products made from recycled materials are quickly becoming a new, popular option for younger customers. Many luxury sheet and other bedding brands are also focusing on overall wellness, creating brands with a focus on customer satisfaction and health. People are much more educated about how their bedding affects health, and they’re also more aware of how using materials like certified organic cotton, linen, and other fabrics can impact their health in a more positive way.

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Final Thoughts on the top sustainable bedding brands in 2024

Making the best, most sustainable bedding choices possible has a positive impact on the world around us. By supporting these organic bedding companies, you can make a difference in what these brands do in the future. Whether you choose the gorgeous bedding from Or & Zon, a new set of Boll & Branch organic cotton sheets, or home goods from Quince, these are some of the best organic bedding companies and best eco friendly bedding companies out there today. When you prioritize sustainable purchases, you’re contributing to a greener future for our world and for generations to come.