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When we buy new sheets or sheet sets, they often do not seem to sit correctly, resulting in them coming off the mattress when you toss and turn. Sleeping on a fitted sheet is a good experience as long as you're sure the sheet will not come off the bed. Your fitted sheet staying on your bed is essential for having a good night's sleep. Slippage tends to not only result in wrinkles and bumps but also loosens the elastic of your fitted sheet.

Many people are not aware of the methods to prevent fitted sheets from coming off the bed. The good news is that in this post, we'll share with you some tips and tricks to keep sheets from slipping off the bed.

Does it Depend on the Material of the Sheets?

Your sheet's material plays an essential role in determining sheet slipping. Some fabrics are naturally more slippery and more prone to tossing and turning, such as satin sheets or silk sheets. Sure, they are luxurious and smooth, but their tightness is more challenging to maintain. 

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In contrast, fabrics such as cotton and linen are relatively rougher. The friction that comes with their more uneven texture helps the sheets stay in place.

What Can Help You Keep Your Sheets on the Bed?

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Keeping sheets on the bed can be quite a hassle. But with the methods explained below, you can rest assured that your sheets will not come off your bed.

Clip the corners or fasten with sheet suspenders

Sheet suspenders are lifesavers as they ensure silky, smooth, and wrinkle-free sheets. They clip on to your fitted sheet’s corners, enabling them to fall over the mattress’ ends. It holds onto the sheets with pressure, preventing them from coming off.

Some suspenders come with straps as well that you can fasten down your mattress's middle on the underside. Opt for suspenders based on the sheet's fabric.

Note: If you cannot afford suspenders, DIY them using safety pins and elastic.

Use reclining bands

Stretchy bands are much like giant rubber bands. Buckle the bands over your mattress in a way that their locking mechanism faces on the exterior. After you have the bands held in place, put in the sheet and lock it in. If you have poor fitting sheets, this method is highly recommended.

Non-slipping rug corners

Non-slip rug corners are the easiest answer to the question of how to keep sheets on bed. Find non-slip rug underside sections made to latch onto surfaces. Place them underneath your fitted sheet on each mattress’ corner so that the sheet does not move from the position and alignment you set it in. It is also a good idea to put a foam base on the opposite (lower) side The outcome with both is almost similar.

Place an irregular lower-sheet underneath the sheet

This one is not for individuals with skin sensitivity and those who get irritated due to heat. Placing a rough-textured sheet underneath your fitted sheet as a mattress topper helps increase friction, inhibit movement, and minimize fussiness. The only drawback with this is that the extra bottom sheet can raise the heat yield at night, resulting in discomfort.

Pin it in place using safety pins

If you’re wondering how to keep sheets on bed, safety pins have got the answer for you. Secure the sheet in place by pinning it to the mattress. Be certain to affix them with the force of the towing sheet, as it keeps the pins from twisting and wearing out.

Find the right fitting sheet

An often-overlooked reason why your fitted sheet may not be seating well is that it is not the correct size for your bed. Measure your bed dimensions and compare them to your fitted sheet's package to ensure the perfect sheet placement. If your bed sheet is too small, you need to buy a new one. If your sheet is bigger, you can alter it using a sewing machine.

Ensuring you have the right fitted deep pocket sheets helps in preventing those frustrating middle-of-the-night sheet mishaps

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Tips for Keeping Your Fitted Sheets Tight

A foolproof way to keep your sheets on the bed is by ensuring that they are tight. The question has to be asked, how to keep bed sheets tight? Here are some tips that have got your back:

  • Make sure your bed sheets are of the right size. They might be pulling off simply because you may be forcing queen-sized bed sheets over king-sized mattresses.
  • Your mattress may be too thick, which is why your sheet is popping off. This is a frequently reported issue in thick hybrid and coil mattresses instead of a foam mattress. Most fitted sheets fit 7 to 14" thick mattresses. If your mattress has more depth, pick deeper sheets, i.e., for 16 to 22" thickness.
  • Check the fabric of your sheets. Satin, silk, and bamboo sheets tend to be more slippery than cotton sheets or linen sheets.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Fitted Sheets From Coming off the Bed

Fitted sheets are excellent but sometimes keeping them on can be quite challenging. However, there are several easy fixes to make life easier. Use the techniques explained above to keep your fitted sheet from coming off your bed.

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