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Handmade Using Traditional Techniques

Our mudcloth pillows are made in Mali using the traditional African method. They’re entirely handmade, each unique in its own way. The manufacturing process of the mudcloth throw pillow starts with very thin pieces of cotton fabric being hand-sewn together in layers and blocks to create a larger fabric overall. 

Dyed in Plant-Based Colors

The fabric is dyed by soaking it in a mixture of colors extracted from leaves, plants, and tree branches until it turns pale yellow or beige. The good news is that it does not involve the use of artificial colors or chemical treatment. The fabric is laid under the sun to dry. Depending on the particular leaves and plants based colors used, the fabric will stay the same color or become darker. 

Beautiful African Designs

Once the fabric is sun-dried, the artisans use brushes to paint beautiful, traditional African designs on it. Each design pertains to the African tradition and holds deep meaning. Some designs relate to the families that made the fabric and others have simpler meanings like the common concentric circle. 

Comfortable and Visually Appealing

When you first get one, it will seem like a stiffer fabric, but since it’s made entirely out of cotton with totally natural dyes, all it needs are a few uses to break in. The more you use it, the softer it will become. This is a great thing if you’re planning to decorate your living space with African mud cloth throw pillows, as they’ll become very cozy in no time, making lounging even better. You can even pair these with African mudcloth pillow covers to switch up their look whenever you want.

Caring for Your Mudcloth Pillow

Hand-washing these pillows in cold water is the central part of caring for these pillows. If things are past the point of a gentle hand washing, take it to a dry cleaner. These are the only two ways you can clean African mudcloth pillows as throwing them in a regular washing machine can end up damaging the fabric itself and shortening the life of the pillows overall.

Throw Pillows

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