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Handwoven Decorative Pillows Providing Love and Care

With mass productions of decorative throw pillows and beddings (and most things we find in our homes, really) taking over consumer palettes, there’s now a shift in the offing. A shift to return to distinctiveness that’s tailored “by hand”. 

This is a feature that Or & Zon decorative pillows are renowned for. Handwoven fabric from nothing less than artisans who have years of experience and artistic passion under their sleeves when it comes to creating and crafting designs. 

These highly skilled weavers bring heart and culture to Or & Zon’s pillow selection because they use traditional wooden looms. Both the tool itself and the practice springs up not by commercial passing-on, but only through heritage. An inheritance of artistry, knowledge, and technique from-of-old to the present. 

It’s the emblem at the very core of Or & Zon. We value uniqueness in our trade. Today, you get to experience this uniqueness through the hand-woven patterns of our decorative couch pillows and designer sheets

Decorative Bed Pillows Made of Superior Quality Fabric

Fabric is a primary component that defines throw pillows, even if you want to utilize them solely for decorative purposes. Or we should say, especially for said purpose. You are going to want materials that exude lavishness. A lavishness that blends easily into any home decor theme and blueprint.

We’ve got that covered. Rather, our pillow sheaths do. Each one is individually wrapped in a range of fabric pieces, according to a specific style and make. 

You can choose a boho pillow cover with 100% cream cotton. Exquisitely breathable so that they don’t attract musty odors and mildew. Add to that how cream cotton drapes fluidly, which raises their softness factor. You also have cactus silk for that grounded, agrestic vibe. Wool, for versatility and the ability of the fabric to retain its shape after wash. 

Take your pick from our designer bedding sets collection and be blown away

Resilience And Longevity 

Instead of replacing your pillows and pillow covers every so often, stick with Or & Zon’s. With reinforced stitching plus quality fabric, you can rest assured that our cushions are meant to age well and well beyond average. 

Loose knits, along with light-weight, low-quality fabrics are susceptible to incurring snags. A few rinses and you’ll find tiny thread pulls sticking out of the pillow sheath. Before you know it, they’ll widen to the point of boring unsightly holes on the covers’ surfaces. 

Our decorative pillows for living room are created with ornate weaves. It doesn’t stop there. There’s no page for snags, loose threads, and patchy weaves in our books. They are constantly and scrupulously checked and triple-checked for quality inspection prior to shipping. 

This way, we know we’re sending nothing but the best, from premium materials to premium hand-made crafting of pillow cushions and covers.

Throw Pillows

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